Socialized Medicine: Can It Really Be as Bad as the Automobile Tag Office?


 I have to hand it to the cons on this one.  My all time favorite con analogy is that if we have socialized medicine, a trip to the Doctor’s office will be like going to the Automobile tag office. 

Is there a more demoralizing and agravating experience than going to the tag office? I have been there all morning and I am not done yet!  When there, I kind of feel like what a super-aware cow would feel like when being shipped off for slaughter.  There can’t be any place as ill prepared to respond to the demands that they have.

The County tag office – if there is a hell, that is what it will be like!

Iggy Donnelly


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14 responses to “Socialized Medicine: Can It Really Be as Bad as the Automobile Tag Office?

  1. My wife has been disabled for 15 years.
    I can tell you, the tag office is efficient and timely compared to our healthcare non-system.
    Personal nightmare stories upon request!

  2. Speaking of hell.
    Try dealing with tech support from ATT.

  3. I have used AT&T tech support and that fella named “Alex” (probably really – Phaniswar) was a dream compared to the Sedgwick County tag office.

    Instructions at the tag office:
    “Take your number”
    “Sit down”
    “You need your ‘electronic title sales agreement'”
    “We don’t have any of those”

    “Give us a thousand dollars and your first born and we’ll call it good.”

    Ha! as SEKan used to say…

  4. jammer5

    Try stopping dish network service. 1st phase: Call dish network, handed to various operators telling you thank you for you loyal service. Finally convince operator you want to quit dish network. Transferred to Indian taliban who tells you, you don’t have to quit and why, all in crystal clear talibanese. 2nd phase: Transferred to American operator telling you the same thing, but in understandable English. You telling her you still want to cancel service. 3rd phase: Do you have the serial number off the receiver? Can’t cancel service until you do. Put on hold while you get number. Get number, call dropped. Redial and go through the same thing. Finally give serial number, and ticked off at this point. Ask operator why installer can’t pick up receiver. Operator says they don’t do that: only install. Operator asks if you can remove dish from roof. Respond with undignified laugh, and tell her hell no. Operator says shipping box on way and receiver must be received in ten days. Work during the day, so miss delivery. Call UPS and have them hold box. Drive to UPS with receiver, pack in held box and ship back to dish network. Search house for any unused Quaaludes, muscle relaxers, downers or opiates. Find none so beat head against wall.

    I’ll take license plate ordeal anytime over that.

  5. Auuugh! I hate that socialized medicine talking point they keep spewing. Even if it were that, I’m not sure that’s a step down from my health care being managed to suit a corporate profit margin.

    Going to DMV tomorrow with my son and the super aware cow image in my head.

    • After some time and minor investigating, I am fully convinced I was fired at a convenient time, to cover the fact that the company did not want to cover my wifes bloated healthcare bills.

      The HR guy is big on cutting those costs, all the while carrying a bible around.

  6. Thanks for your comment omawarisan. Got out of the DMV without being slaughtered or giving up my oldest kid. Though there are days, I would make them a deal on the latter…

    • lilacluvr

      Doesn’t it just give a warm fuzzy feeling all over when they toss their Bible around the workplace?

      I had a supervisor that was an absolute terror and then would say this ridiculous phrase ‘time for me to put my Christian hat on now”. When I finally quit that job, I went right to her office and told her in no uncertain terms what she could do with that ‘Christian hat’ – and all of this played out in front of the big picture window she had installed in her office so that she could watch everyone working. When I was finished, I turned around and everyone in the office stood up and were clapping.

      Boy, that felt good.

  7. I stopped Dish Network service — Jammer described it to a “T.” Except — I HAD FIVE RECEIVERS! And I was ready to call the doctor for a prescription because beating my head against the brick wall wasn’t getting me there fast enough. The dish is still on the roof and if they want it, they’ll have to come and get it.

  8. My eighty plus year old Mother who just moved here from Missouri breezed through the license tag office but let me tell you getting a Kansas driver’s license isn’t a breeze. I’m sure it’s changed since immigration became an issue but my sisters were all calling Mother to remind her that I am the first born and when they got to that step they didn’t want her to forget.

    Mother started this process on one of the days I was doing my secret government work and she had no one to turn to. She was in tears and the personnel were getting her a chair and a glass of water — AND THAT WAS THE EASY PART OF IT!

  9. MOOO.
    Keep moving.
    For God’s sake stay in the middle of the herd.