No wonder we have too much violence

I seldom watch television, but tonight I watched an episode of House and this commercial was shown. I am outraged! I’m writing letters angry. This is a commercial for a soft drink!? fnord


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5 responses to “No wonder we have too much violence

  1. I must be really old and cranky. I suppose this is mild compared to what children see in their games. A fight and a need to choose sides over soft drink flavors? Someone tell me, “Sit down and shut up Grandma!”

  2. frigginloon

    Oh Fnord, that’s pretty much how people shop these days…Geez you should see what happens in the carparks! Hmm, that’s what happens if you drink too much Red Bull!

  3. Thanks, Loon! I needed that. Smiles are always the best medicine, unless you get a belly laugh going and that’s even better.

    I’m still writing letters.

    • frigginloon

      One day Fnord I swear I am going to get you rolling around on the floor laughing….it’s just a matter of time!

      • You’ve already had me rolling on the floor laughing! I don’t know where you find the topics for posts at your place, but that’s some weird, and often very funny, stuff! My hubby is a fan too! I think he spends more time at your place than here at Prairie P&Ps — he never says a word at either place, but he’s reading. A day or two ago I heard him laughing and then the next words out of his mouth were, “OK, Ann, what do you have to say?” So he not only enjoys the posts you provide but looks forward to Ann’s ‘take.’ đŸ˜‰