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New Climate Change Report Alarming

imagesA new report from federal scientists does not mince words in demanding action on climate change. Though the info in the report, titled “Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States,” is nothing new, the size of the report, its timing, and the clear language used are all notable, The Washington Post reports. “Climate change over this century will challenge the ability of society and natural systems to adapt,” the report says, which was released as Congress begins to consider a bill that would include drastic measures such as the first national cap on emissions.



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Federal Benefits for Gay Partners

President Obama will extend benefits to the unmarried partners of federal workers tomorrow. The move is a big win for gay rights advocates, who have long requested the change and have expressed disappointment with the President’s handling of other gay issues. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced a similar benefits plan last month for State Department employees.



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No wonder we have too much violence

I seldom watch television, but tonight I watched an episode of House and this commercial was shown. I am outraged! I’m writing letters angry. This is a commercial for a soft drink!? fnord


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I probably listen to this at least five times a week. Just one of the best ‘feel good’ songs of all time, and the best version ever. jammer5


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Palin Accepts Apology, KINDA SORTA I guess.

WHAT A SICK CONTROL FREAK.  Sweet Sarah. Oh, what a noble and brave Don Quixote. Champion of the downtrodden ‘real’ American. What would we do without her taking on such laudable causes as virginity for junior high age girls? Would the country be overrun with perverted and pederastic comedians? Would marriage be a thing of the past due to those evil gays? What about abortions? Would American women line up in droves to have ‘abortions of convenience’?

Most of all, our military! There to protect David’s right to free speech….HOORAY!………FLAGS……FIREWORKS…….VIRGINITY…..APPLE PIE!

NOW WHAT THE….?  That’s right. Sweet Sarah has championed free speech while letting this stupid ‘fire David Letterman’ movement continue. For America’s, and freedom’s sake, sweet Sarah should be shouting those folks down. And to wave the military around and use our heros in her snarky crap is just beyond my HYPOCRIT limit. AND…it seems we are unevolved if we buck Sarah’s jingoism. Damned neandrathal that I am, anyway.

Let’s look at her half-assed, politically motivated, twisted as usual thinking: “Of course it’s accepted on behalf of young women, like my daughters, who hope men who ‘joke’ about public displays of sexual exploitation of girls will soon evolve,”

“Letterman certainly has the right to ‘joke’ about whatever he wants to, and thankfully we have the right to express our reaction. And this is all thanks to our U.S. military women and men putting their lives on the line for us to secure America’s right to free speech – in this case, may that right be used to promote equality and respect.”

“It was a degrading comment about a young woman. I would hope that people really start rising up and deciding it’s not acceptable. No wonder young girls especially have such low self-esteem in America when we think it’s funny for a so-called comedian to get away with being able to make such a remark as he did and to think that that’s acceptable.”


ALL THIS, after a complete and total, geniunely humble personal apololgy on the air that lasted 4 minutes! IS THAT A GRACIOUS ACCEPTANCE? I think not. Instead of taking Dr. Phil’s advice for diagreements, that is, that when one party in a disagreement capiculates and apologizes, you accept it and let them exit graciously. ~sekanblogger


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Socialized Medicine: Can It Really Be as Bad as the Automobile Tag Office?


 I have to hand it to the cons on this one.  My all time favorite con analogy is that if we have socialized medicine, a trip to the Doctor’s office will be like going to the Automobile tag office. 

Is there a more demoralizing and agravating experience than going to the tag office? I have been there all morning and I am not done yet!  When there, I kind of feel like what a super-aware cow would feel like when being shipped off for slaughter.  There can’t be any place as ill prepared to respond to the demands that they have.

The County tag office – if there is a hell, that is what it will be like!

Iggy Donnelly


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Shaun Hill Football Camp in Kansas

Native Kansan - Shaun Hill
Native Kansan – Shaun Hill

 I know, I know. Who in the world thinks Kansas has much of anything to crow about when it comes to NFL football?

 Many people think the Chiefs are a Kansas team. Nope. Don’t Claim them. They must be from the Missourri side of Kansas City. REAL KANSANS cheer for Shaun Hill and the 49er’s!
 But I’m not writing this to change your team loyalties. I’m here to say that good things do come from, and happen in Kansas!
 It’s time again for Shaun’s hometown football camp for youth. Now it seem to me that it’s quite a good deal for aspiring young players, and their has-been or wanna-be fathers! Imagine you and your young man, (or young lady!) both rubbing elbows with an NFL quarterback for three days. All the time learning the basics, tips and essentials from a pro. What do you think a good seat at a 49’ers game goes for? HUNDREDS?
Southeast Kansas has a deal for you! Three days of football with Shaun for a whopping 20 dollars! Does this sound like one of those over-the-top, shouting infommercials yet? Well, NOW IT DOES!….for this season, throw in an extra special treat…..former Parsons native Derrel Gofourth will be a special guest participant on Monday, July 13.  Derrel was outstanding offensive lineman for Oklahoma State from 1974 – 1976, and played a total of 8 years in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers and San Diego Chargers before retiring in 1984.
  My family has known Shaun and his family for many years, as well as knowing Derrel Gofourth. Shaun and family have always been members at our church. ~sekanblogger

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New Earth Creationists are Linking to Our Place


 Why won’t they leave us alone?  Is there a sign on our foreheads?

Check out this dude: 


Dude, the earth is VERY, VERY OLD!!!

We read Richard Dawkins books to our infant children.*  Please go elsewhere!

Iggy Donnelly

* At least, I used to…


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Tuesday, 06/16/09, Public Square

What do you do for a hobby?  I paint rocks, I’ve painted hundreds of rocks.  There’s just no accounting for taste, or lack of (giggle).  It’s relaxing.  I give them away and so far no one has been brave enough to refuse.  😉  Left to right, a few examples of what I paint:  My sis works for ESPN / ABC Sports covering open wheel racing (Indy cars) so she got a rock car, a family of foxes all curled up fit the rock, these are my ‘pocket pals,’ and I try to have an assortment ready so every child who would enjoy one of these critters can leave with one (note the penny in the middle for perspective), and last is a koi pond — again the rock suited itself to what I painted.



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