Monday, 06/15/09, Public Square


Don’t let Monday get you down!  It’s only four days ’till Friday!



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  1. Well crap, monday. I better file for unemployment.
    Lifestyles of the unemployed & unmotivated….

  2. davika

    It done online now.. do not hesitate…

  3. annie moose


  4. Your microphone is on and we’ve missed you!

  5. frigginloon

    My Monday is coming to a close. I have remained the whole day in PJ’s. I usually subject myself to Jacobs Ladder, a friggin 440 stair nightmare, but have refrained due to Loon flu. Friggin Jacobs is a set of concrete stairs that sits on a 45 degree incline at our city park. I go up and down this thing 9 times every second day for reasons only my butt understands. If you ever want to find a gathering a sweaty crazies this is the place! Pray tell who the hell invented lycra? Fnord, there needs to be post on the inhumanity of lycra! Why does one feel the urge to exercise in lycra, no people, no…that is what sweats were invented for! Oh and don’t me started on men’s bike pants! Have a great day Prairie P&P’s.

    • My children (bless their little satirical hearts) call anything exercise related in my closet — the sweat pants, the lyrca — naps. They have been known to ask before a gift giving occasion, “Mom, do you need any new naps?” They laugh at this point and tell anyone within hearing distance, “Other people call them ‘sweats,’ but Mom has never sweated in them.” Followed by more laughter.

      • frigginloon

        Ah Fnord, that is so funny. There is a middle aged Mary Tyler Moorish woman on the stairs who must be dating a surgeon, because she has got more plastic in her than the water bottle she carries. I try not to laugh every time I see her because she has on her Mary Kay face, designer lycra and holds her breasts as she walks up and down. I guess she is worried they will pop. She also moves extremely slowly because a) she doesn’t want to sweat b) her skin can’t stretch anymore or c)she is really a lot older than she appears! I often think she would be so much more happier sitting on the couch, munching away at her tub of Ben and Jerrys, with her breasts down near her knees! 🙂 Wouldn’t we all!

      • jammer5

        Speaking of naps: I just woke up from one. Rather nice, I might say. Then there’s speedos: Such a vision, I refuse to elaborate on.

        I did, however, live in the beach community of Pacific beach in San Diego for many years. It was not unusual to go to the store and find a three hundred pounder in leopard skin bikini, or the same type shopping in a speedo. What was that saying? “Oh, the humanity!”

  6. annie moose

    I just created a wordpress account with this login. Does this blog see it or do I need to do something else?

  7. annie moose

    guess not,

  8. I see you! Do you see the fnord?

  9. annie moose

    Yes I do,
    Happy Monday waiting till 9 o’clock so I can fire up the lawn mower. What’s new and exciting in your world?

  10. annie moose

    Is it just me ? I have become somewhat disillusioned with the workings of the political machine in the good ole USA. Other than a few superficial policy shifts what has changed?

    What am I not seeing?

  11. annie moose

    Time to wake up the neighbors later guys

  12. No, it’s not just you, Annie.

    Are our soldiers home, or headed this way — not any faster than they were scheduled to leave Iraq under the agreement bush made before leaving office.

    Are all those singing statements that were to be gone over and reversed taken care of? If so, tell us about them.

    Are we doing something / anything to bring about equality for all people? Didn’t think so.

    Are there revisions to NAFTA like promised during the campaign? Another no? Hmmm.

    Here’s differences I see — it’s a pleasure, rather than a pain, to listen to the POTUS speak. And, we seem back to the moderate cautious days of Clinton (which is better than the abysmal eight years of bush).

    I’m not going to join the gang who are expecting the huge problems President Obama inherited could all be fixed in less than five months, but I’m watching carefully.

  13. We’re still getting hits from wingnuts.
    I’m glad they are fascinated.
    I can’t say I have that problem with their blog.

  14. wicked

    Hi guys!

    I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for the b-day wishes yesterday. I’m now glad it’s over and don’t have to endure another one for a year. Yea!!!!

    sekanblogger on twitter
    does this mean I’m an official TWIT?

  16. davika

    No, yer a Tweeter.

  17. I got the email, don’t have a clue what to do with it. Don’t understand tweets, or twittering and always thought you sent tweets from your phone so now I’m even more confused.

    HELP! Splain it, in real simple words, please.

  18. David B

    You can Tweet from a phone or from a computer. The phone Tweets on Twitter became the rage because you can essentially post your up-to-140-character posts from anywhere, anytime.

    I signed up, but before you know it, some Twit was Twittering Tweets about their Twat.

  19. wicked

    Try this link for some Twitter extras

    Click to access social_networking_handout.pdf

    You’ll have to scroll down a ways to get to it.

  20. lilacluvr

    Moran, Tiahrt poll almost equally
    The Wichita Eagle
    Jerry Moran and Todd Tiahrt are even in the race for the Republican nomination to fill Sen. Sam Brownback’s open Senate seat, according to a new poll.

    The KWCH 12 Eyewitness News scientific survey was conducted June 12 to 14.

    Asked who they would vote for if they were to vote today, 40 percent of Kansans polled said they would vote for Moran and 38 percent said they would vote for Tiahrt.

    Another 22 percent said they were undecided. The election is more than a year away.

    The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.7 percentage points.

    Not surprisingly, Moran, 55, who has represented western Kansas in Congress since 1997, had the strongest support in western Kansas, where 61 percent of respondents supported him compared with 25 percent for Tiahrt.

    Tiahrt, 58, of Goddard, who was elected to Congress in 1994, did the best in southeast Kansas, where he was favored by 58 percent of those polled compared with 30 percent who favored Moran.

    Nearly a third of the voters in northeast Kansas said they were undecided.

    SurveyUSA, which conducted the poll for KWCH, interviewed 1,500 Kansans — 1,295 of whom are registered voters — from June 12 to 14. SurveyUSA determined 453 of the people who were registered voters were likely to vote in the August 2010 Republican primary.

    Found this interesting article in the WE late on Monday night (15th). Thought I would post it here but I’m sure someone else will see it and possibly make it a thread topic for Tuesday (16th)??

    Either way – isn’t it interesting that Tiarht is not the landslide front-runner. One comment to this article was that the person was planning to change their registration to vote against Tiarht but no way would they vote for either one in the general election. And, bottom line, isn’t that how all feel?