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In my never-ending search for under-rated ‘common man’ blogs, I got stuck commenting here and that’s not a bad thing. They also are BLOGGING FOR CHANGE.

Kiersten and her guests there have been fun and courteous. Even sheriff Joe and I kinda’ accepted each other. Their blog, although from Rhode Island, is surprisingly parallel to ours. (Rhode Island is 1/2 way to Ireland from here isn’t it). They do have regular local content, which I have no idea about those issues, but for the most part many of our posts echo each others. In any case, I find it comfortable commenting there. You may too. Iggy and Kiersten may have psychology discussions….

I found this little list on the blogroll page:

What are Worthy Blogs?

My concept of a worthy blog is one that:
1. Contains meaningful writing, not just propaganda;
2. Uses potty talk sparingly and effectively;
3. Is designed for ease of use;
4. Is not overrun with advertising;
5. Is thoughtful and timely;
6. Is careful in its use of language, showing appreciation for grammar and spelling;
7. Is accepting of diversity;
8. Recognizes and responds to new voices participating in the blog;
9. Contains original writing, along with posts to other people’s writing.

Want your blog listed on this page? Send me an email at and I will be happy to consider your inclusion.

I like the list! I thought about ‘borrowing’ it for our humble little blog. But then again, maybe I’ll just do the right thing and write this post for Kiersten. The list above did appear to describe PrariePopulistsAndProgressives!


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6 responses to “ARE WE WORTHY? ~sekanblogger

  1. The list makes sense and was clearly thought out before hand.

  2. jammer5

    I like it. I expect I’ll be visiting Kiersten soon.

  3. Kiersten Marek

    Thanks, Sekanblogger! Your support and props are much appreciated. Hopefully I will get back to blogging more regularly again, once the rest of my life calms down (will that day ever come?)….

  4. ninjanurse

    thank you sekanblogger for the kind words, and for all your comments on kmareka. you’ve helped to keep diversity in the discussion. rhode islanders pack an overnight bag if we drive anywhere more than 1/2 hour away but your blog is worth visiting. how’s the weather on the prairie? here it’s rain, followed by rain, turning into more rain.

  5. Gosh nurse…..I completely left you out of the post.
    Shame on me!
    Well, these folks are smart enough to figure it out.

  6. Here in ICT, Wichita’s FAA abbreviation, it has been rainy, followed by sunshine, followed by rain. This is a problem, because the wheat is ripe enough to get out of the fields. Has anyone else ever wondered why some smart person has not developed a variety of wheat that ripens later in KS when it never rains?