Saturday, 06/13/09, Public Square


What makes a fun Saturday around your house?  Hope whatever is most pleasant is part of your day today!  This is your thread — decide the topics and discuss what’s on your mind.



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  1. Morning Ladies…..beautiful day!
    Nice to have a place to come and say this.

    Hard to believe that some blogging ladies thought those were facetious, troll-type comments, with only my covert intentions in mind.

    I have hubby duties today. Wife’s family reunioning in the metropolis of Buffalo KS.

  2. Pedant

    Condolences to Bad Biker on the Red Wings’ loss last night. It’s not often you see a team score two goals to the opponent’s one and still lose (in the 1st period Brad Stuart of the Red Wings tried to clear the puck from behind his own net but instead it struck a Penguin’s shin and ricocheted into the Red Wings own goal).

    It was a great game, though. JLA was rockin’. The Red Wings had some more bad luck with what, 5 or 6 minutes left? Some Red Wing’s shot hit the top crossbar, the puck passing over Fleury’s right shoulder, and it bounced out. That goal would have tied it, and then who knows?

    I can’t believe the Red Wings didn’t score more, they were all over the Penguin’s goal for long stretches in the 2nd and 3rd periods.

    Great game, high entertainment.

  3. Trip to the Outhouse

    Fun on a Saturday morning is a slow process, when a little dog decides to make use of your back for a trampoline at 5:30 and continues off and on, until about 6, when you decide it’s not worth fighting it and get up. Then when you’re awake enough to get a shower and take the 5-pound furball to the dog park, she decides she’s such a daddy’s girl that she’s glued to your leg. Anyway, the air was still “un-muggy” and the early morning dog people very pleasant and I get some other chores out of the way before the heat starts cooking everything.

    Everyone, have a great Saturday!

  4. Bad Biker

    I am in mourning today……………………………

  5. Bad Biker

    Note to self: Will stop feeling sorry for yourself, it was just a hockey game.

    (No it wasn’t, idiot, it was THE hockey game!!!)

    Will, are you gonna slash yer wrists over a hockey game?

    (No, you bastard, I’m gonna slash YER wrists!!!!)

    I am schizo and so am I.

    But anyway, back in the day (okay, wwwwaaaayyyyy back) I went to HS in SE MI. Being a rocker type guy, I had a few local acts appear at my HS as part of fund raising for the school newspaper. (I was an editor.)

    One was Ted Nugent, which is why I know that currently far right wing Ted wasn’t ALWAYS anti-drug.

    The other was this cat from Ann Arbor. You may have heard of him.

    This is Bob Seger’s first single, first recording.

    Give a listen!

  6. Bad Biker

    BTW: Play it………………….. LOUD!

    Er I’ll be slashing yer wrists, too.

  7. Pedant

    More rock stuff.

    I had a Sophie’s choice for July 25. First up: Dylan, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp here in Norfolk at the minor league ballpark. On deck: Kid Rock (another famous Michigan rocker, ranking ahead of Jack White in record sales but behind Jack White among the critics) and Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Virginia Beach.

    Now, I have a weakness for Kid Rock. You ask me, he’s right in the white trash wheelhouse from which the very best rock music emerges. He isn’t all that yet, but I have heard his shows are not to be missed. And to have the remnants of Lynyrd Skynyrd open — no matter how decrepit, and they are decrepit, believe me they’re little more than a tribute band — guarantees the old South will show up. The old South is hugely entertaining to me. Lots of very long hair, mountain-appearin’ folk, rebel yells and flags, tons of fist pumps and general Attitude. It will be a people watcher’s jackpot, a Mega Jackpot, of high summer fashion hereabouts. Guaranteed.

    Choices, choices.

    I chose Dylan, of course. And Willie Nelson. Damn.

    No wonder Sophie was bonkers, that’s all I can say. 😀

  8. Bad Biker

    “I chose Dylan, of course.”

    Well, yeah?!?!?

    I have seen Dylan is concert more than dang near any other artist. The man puts on a Hell of a show.

    I am a bit of a Bob Dylan fan – you may have noticed – my son is named………………………… Dylan.

    Jeez, I wonder why?

  9. Prairie Ps,

    6176 called this evening — it was soooo good to hear his voice. He misses us and I promised him we miss him as much. He has set the wheels in motion for internet connection at home so maybe we can hear from him sooner rather than later.

    He began out-patient physical therapy last week and is making great progress. He is, of course, impatient and anything less than being capable of what he was before the stroke on April 20th is not enough. It was a massive stroke and his very quick call to 911 was what made complete recovery possible.

    He walks with aid of a leg brace, but his right arm is progressing much slower, and frustrating him. He said he tried to do some work (ya know that legal stuff he does) this past week, then he admitted he isn’t ready to return to work. So he’s gonna concentrate on the work of getting better and his lawyer friend will continue to cover his practice.

    He bragged a bit about his beautiful granddaughter, promised pictures as soon as he has internet access.

    I think he doesn’t credit his efforts nearly enough — the progress he has made in less than two months is nothing less than miraculous!

  10. David B

    If you have a few minute read Frank Rich on the right wing media, the overheated rhetoric and the recent right wing assasinations: