Reverse Discrimination: A Talking Point the Right Cannot Give Up

cagle00The BTSNBN served as an important inspiration for me today.  On a thread at that place there was a discussion about how “racist” Rev. Wright, Obama’s former pastor, is/was.  My point to the many intellectual giants that frequent that blog was that it seemed to me that the damages done unto whites because of racism were pretty minor compared to the results of racism practiced (and codified in law) against black people in this country over our history.

Needless to say my position did not match up with the conservative talking points.  One conservative blogger who, before today, I did not necessarily consider stupid, argued that racism against whites resulted in them being denied entrance into college in California.  My first thought was the expression made famous by P-mom – “boo-fucking-hoo!”  Slavery and Genocide vs. having to apply to a community college or a private college – I was, and still am, having a hard time seeing the moral equivalency.

Does anyone understand why those dudes over there and white dudes like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh, want to hold on to the argument that white men are victims of minority racism and discrimination?  It honestly bewilders me.

This is how I relate to the conservative position (not very well, actually):  where I work we have a pretty ardent feminist CEO.  I think it is empirically true that if you are a woman, you have a better chance of being promoted than if you are a male.  Do I go around griping about that?  I’d  be too embarrassed to, quite frankly.  Who cannot argue that the tables were tilted in the opposite direction for far too long in this culture?

I’ll conclude by saying:  conservatism – it’s better than thinking… (for some people any way).

Iggy Donnelly


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22 responses to “Reverse Discrimination: A Talking Point the Right Cannot Give Up

  1. jammer5

    One poster at TBTSNBN said something about liberals wouldn’t shoot anything. Like that was an insult? I replied Words do have meaning, well, except when spoken by right wingers of course. And you are correct in that the Liberals don’t go around shooting people: We’re doing just fine voting the right wingers out of office, which seems to me to be more in tune with the Constitution of this great nation. Why use bullets when we’ve got brains on our side.

  2. frigginloon

    Oh a long time ago when I got my “Bachelor of Bugger All”…yes the Loon has a degree…I remember a wise lecturer said to me. In order to have equilibrium the pendulum must swing both ways!

  3. Bad Biker

    Yes, I am heartbroken that white Christian males are being discriminated against. They are such a mistreated minority and have been for centuries. White folks have endured a long history of persecution and social injustice.

    Dang, and now there is a BLACK! man in the Oval Office!

    Just how much more can this poor, mistreated minority take?


  4. There were times in the past that I suspected reverse discrimination on the job. I don’t know if it was real or my own paranoia. In any case, I’ve also changed since then. In the workplace it is usually not that ‘black and white’, no pun intended.
    There are many factors on personnel issues. If and when racial background becomes a factor, I’m not sure.
    I’ve also learned to see things from an employer’s point of view. He has only one cause, profit.
    If he’s racist, and refuses to hire a minority who can and will make him more money, isn’t that his right?
    I mean, if he wants to hire me for six figures a year and give me nothing to do, that’s his call….
    I’m just saying….
    You know I’ve always been a champion of the little guy, but this is a sticky wicket.

  5. And what is the acceptable racial blend, if we strive to legislate the mix?
    Are there guidlines, like 3 mexicans, 2 blacks and 1 native american per hundred?
    I’d hate to be 86’d at a job because they needed to keep at least one asian.

    I know, terrible bigot.
    Looking out for #1 only.
    Once again, I’m just saying……

    (I never have understood the purpose of saying ‘I’m just saying….’ , like it’s supposed to change the harshness of differing opinions?) I dunno, the wife used to use that until I picked it up.

    • Bad Biker

      It’s all good, Sekan, I’m just saying…………………

      You are correct regarding a legislated blend – a sticky wicket at best. How do you count a mixed race person. If they are bi-racial – black and white – do they only count as half a black person? Can you fire the white half and keep the black half?

      What about someone like me that is a complete mutt? Can a company hire me and claim credit for employing a Jew, African and Native American as well as a white dude?

      It’s all very tricky, but I have to say that we, as a nation, have improved greatly in the last fifty years. This boy, never even went to school with a non-white until I went to college in 1970.

      Who knows, in another fifty years we may well see the end of all discrimination and wouldn’t that be great?

      • When I was in high school I wrote an essay about race mixing, and how the future would bring a sort of tan mono-race.
        Hmmm….if I remember right, the english teacher was a really hot young black woman.
        Just hot for teacher?

      • tosmarttobegop

        How do you count a mixed race person.

        As one person….

  6. Bad Biker

    “There were times in the past that I suspected reverse discrimination on the job.”

    Back in the Seventies, I had a “cousin” that was a VP of Personnel for Ford Motors. I applied for a job with Ford (directly to him) as a test driver at their proving grounds in SE MI.

    He told me flat out that he couldn’t hire me because I was white – he had a quota to meet.

    So be it. I didn’t take offense, nor did it change my attitude about minorities. It was what it was.

    • I haven’t seen or heard it first hand, quite so blatantly.
      But once again, the VP did not get there by bucking the system.
      You understood that already.

  7. On the other hand, if forced to actually answer the point of the post, NO. They right does not want to solve issues that will rally the troops.

    I suspect the left may have some of the same.

  8. There have definately been social changes towards blacks.
    As a poor white trash redneck, I could write and carry on talking about;
    kikes, limies, gooks, towel heads, camel jockeys, trailer park trash, wetbacks, tards, dot-heads, chinks, whops, taco benders, and pederastic politicians,
    but let me say nigger one time, and I’m a racist forever.

    FYI, my grandkids are black. Not a prejudice bone in my body.

    • Bad Biker

      “FYI, my grandkids are black. Not a prejudice bone in my body.”

      Five black nieces and nephews, one NA granddaughter, personally a mutt.

      I can’t be prejudiced about anyone cuz I am probably related to one or I is one.

  9. Before I became a bum, I filed an annual “diversity” report with the government — showing how many women, males, people of each race were employed.

  10. I suppose I should put a link to unstranger here….
    with the bad news.
    I am the type of idiot redneck you get when your ancestors immigrate from Ireland.

    Which reminds me of the politically incorrect and very funny “Blazing Saddles” line;
    Alright, we’ll keep the niggers and the chinks, but we AIN’T TAKING THE IRISH! (my ancestors)

    Then again, unstranger just may not think that’s funny.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    Racism is racism, like the question of reparations for slavery there really is not attuning for it.
    I will try not to get long winded but two examples come to mind of the effects of a attempt to be racially equal and its failings.

    Two candidates for the road patrol, one white male and scored a perfect score on every test for the first time since the tests were used. The other a Black woman who score three points above the minim to pass and only managed to pass every test. The selection went to the Black woman over the White male which outraged the rest of us. The explanation given to the White male was he would have been surprised at the caliber of those applying. He response was “what they got extra credit for getting their name right?”.

    My friend at Wal-Mart was the only Black at the store, yet even I recognized that his only asset was the color of his skin. He was a bad worker and totally undependable for most of the time he worked there.
    What ever his job assignment it always took two people, one being him and the other to actually do the job.
    But the store had to reflect the ethnic break down of the community it is in. Which was less then one percent Black. The management was afraid to say anything to him about his work that he might play the race card. THIS was totally in their minds and not his though he did take advantage of it.
    AS a friend will often do I spoke truly to him, he agreed and saw his faults changing into a dependable and good worker for the sake of his co-workers and himself

    You will not correct racism either that of hundreds of years ago or yesterday by not having a fair system for all. Today is a clean and new page it can not be used to write and inflict payback as if they ever could be a paying back for racism.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    Current mood: betrayed
    Category: Life
    My youngest son married a woman whom already has twin daughters and as such I have two of the most wonderful and innocent granddaughters a man could have. Their love is unconditional, their brightness fills the room. They do not view the world as Black or White but only the color of love’s hue.
    They do not judge one by their color or another by theirs, but as all small children do they only judge on nice or mean, as you would be to them. Their color is sweetness and light gentle to the sight it is not dark or white for neither is as important in their sight. As I too see them and not another color or mixture of two into one.
    If you are troubled by their sight and reject them for having a hue, then my dear loved one it is you who have a bad hue. For to judge them as not worthy then it is your content that is the issue and not their.
    For their content is of a small child and warm and welcome as the sun on a cold winter day.
    To judge them on their hue leaves your content as cold as an icy night and equally dark and rejecting.
    My granddaughters are of a mixture of two people whose color was not the same.
    It was not a choice they had as to whom would be their father or mother and it not the deciding factor of their value. If choose to judge them by that factor than the loser is not them but you. You will forsake something that is better in life than to win the lottery it is to forsake the visible gift of the love of God.
    If you forsake them because of their hue than maybe God has a reason to forsake someone like you.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I had not read this in awhile and can not finish it without tears. The guts shot I took on learning that some members of the family I dearly love finded distain at the very sight of my granddaughters pictures.