A Banned Clown: Makes Ya Feel Sorry For Him

The one blogger we banned, has less than positive opinions about us – imagine that!  This dude makes Nathan P. from the other place look like a master debater or a masturbator – well, maybe, they both share that honor.

He still links to us.  We’ve forgotten about him, the reverse direction, maybe not.

iggy donnelly


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23 responses to “A Banned Clown: Makes Ya Feel Sorry For Him

  1. Angry people with guns and without the ability to control themselves! These people are looking for ways to cause trouble and recently some high profile angry people with guns have proven successful at finding targets to murder with their anger. With this poster we now know (from his words at his blog) he surfed the net and made himself and his hate unwelcome at several blogs — blogs he now links to as some twisted and perverse proof they were showing intolerance. WOW! He is unable to recognize his inability to conduct himself in an adult manner, instead disturbing the peace at multiple blogs. Isn’t that an indication of mental instability?

    Every blogger here at PP&Ps asked this particular angry person what in the world he had to be so angry about, so afraid of, and he couldn’t bring even one tiny fact — just his anger, his fears, his made-up obsessions. Must be a sad way to live a life!

    The post at his site talks about the blogS where he has either been banned or his comments deleted. Should someone here alert authorities to this reactionary angry person who goes around the internet looking to cause trouble? Could that save an innocent persons life?

  2. We have ‘arrived’ in the blog world!
    In this case, I believe it’s an honor to be linked to for no other reason than to be hated.

  3. They are on ‘blogger’, and say we are intellectually deficient? Puh-leeze.
    Blogger is for amatuers.
    Never could stand their formats.

    In any case, why don’t they just go pro-gun as opposed to anti-iggy?

  4. I believe it’s an honor to be linked to for no other reason than to be hated.

    If we are to be hated, but shouldn’t we be concerned about the person capable of hating because he was banned for his inability to behave as an adult and communicate in a reasonable manner? Adult people who are rational don’t savor causing trouble and don’t want to be where they’ve made themselves unwelcome.

  5. I really don’t live in worry. Not that I’m Billy bad-ass or anything.
    The way I see it, we are not mean-sprited and carry on inter-blog fueds, do we? I’ve seen that go on and get ugly……probably generated a ton of views huh?

    From what they say we are way two stewpud to bother with.
    I’m sure the non-violent stuff I post is ‘liberal who wets-your-gay panties’ type comment worthy, though.
    Lyrics, poetry, zen, dopehead stories….sheesh.

    • We do NOT carry on any kind of feud and won’t allow such to continue at our microphone — thus the banning of one individual. Iggy paid for this microphone and reserves the right to decide who uses it and what is discussed.

      And since many — most! — of the bloggers here love that ‘liberal who wets-your-gay panties’ stuff, it makes a great deal of sense for bloggers who enjoy other pursuits to find their very own places to post.

      (whispering) won’t they just love your suggested criticism? wonder how many blogs those words will show up on? 😉

  6. Bad Biker

    Jeez, I was hoping that Mike W. would ACTUALLY answer my question on his blog – you know – where do YOU draw the line?

    But, providing an answer might require that he actually THINK, which is apparently beyond his capabilities.

    Well, on a blog, just as at home, you need to take the trash to the curb once in a while.

  7. WWJS

  8. tosmarttobegop

    It is maddening, I am one who is a foursquare supporter of the 2nd amendment but it is the likes of the poster who got himself banned. They are their worst enemy and will end up being the one who will cause the banning or serious restricting of firearms. They will put responsible gun owners in the position of
    having no choice of having to allow such restrictions to safe guard the country from itself.

    Their phobic, unwarranted fear and over the top speech feeds the likes seen of late.
    I know how easy it is to be caught up in that over the top speech, I was in the 90’s.
    I was listening to all the unfounded crap about Clinton without ever checking to see if it was true.
    When I did finally years later look into it, I found that President Reagan and President G.H. Bush were responsible for more restrictive laws than President Clinton was.

    The poster was engaging in the tactic of both posing a question then answering his own question as he thought we would answer it. Then stating he knew we would answer it that way! Not reading the responses as they were different then he already just knew it would be. if you already have your mind set then every answer sounds like it supports your mind set. He is trumpeting his war and success when the reality was he was setting in a corner and only arguing with himself.

    I would have advised him if he truly feels this strongly, he need to research for himself and not simply go off some report or information that is not fact based. I asked the associate in Sporting goods why the shortage of ammo? Was it because it was not coming in quickly or because so many are buying it as fast as it comes in? He said both, they have not been getting much in and the bricks of 22 rounds are not staying on the shelves.

    He said it was because of Obama so I asked why because of Obama? He has not done anything that would have caused it so far. He is not supporting any drive to bring back the assault weapons ban and so far no other actions. He said it was because of something he said before he ran for President. I asked what he said?
    The associate said he did not know but that is what he was told. He might have said he did not think that people had any need for a Bazooka. And that is turned into he is anti 2nd amendment!
    I am pro 2nd amendment and I do not see any need for Bazookas or 105 Howitzers in the private section.
    I guess that means I am really anti-2nd amendment? Does that mean I need to get rid of the six firearms I have I guess.

    • There’s money to be made by encouraging the ‘shortages.’ If there was ample ammo available would so many people buy more than they need? No, of course not. So would those manufacturers want to make an adequate supply to keep the shelves stocked? No, of course not.

      Gun nuts being played, being used, and fortunes being made from their gullibility!

      • lilacluvr

        Gun nuts are no different than the anti-abortionists who have been used and duped by the Republicans for years.

        Republicans need the wedge issues like guns and abortion – without them, a majority of their base would be nothing but toothpicks trying to hold up that fat cat elephant.

      • jammer5

        Let’s not forget the FDA will now be able to control nicotine in tobacco products. Will we be seeing smokers, snorters and chewers buying up all tobacco products because “That damn Obama is denying us our right to kill ourselves?”

      • Maybe. If their tobacco defines them as guns seem to define gun nuts. Could be we’ll see smokers, snorters and chewers name their blogs after their habits and go around the net to stir up trouble in the attempt to convince others of their made-up fears?

  9. Bad Biker

    I find the whole “gun debate” to be largely ridiculous. To hear the pro-gunners yap, you would think that President Obama has a TOP SECRET task force ready to spring into action and confiscate each and every gun in private hands in America.

    If you like guns, buy one, but just shut up about it. No one is coming to take your peashooter away from you.

    • Amen brother.
      Nearly every adult on the planet enjoys playing with their privates at one time or another, do we have to carry on about it in public?
      The chances of Obama legislating wanking is just about as much.

      What weirds me out is the ‘what-if’ fantasies that many of them talk out. Like, “I live in city X in neighborhood Y in house type Z, what kind of gun and bullets should I have ready when they break in?”

      • Bad Biker

        Or ………………………. I’ve got a CC permit and a flip holster, so if I need to, I can just turn my peashooter and shoot you through my shirt before you even know I have a gun.

        Great. That’s a super way to impress the girls.

        Whoops! That’s right, you don’t “do” girls, just guns.

  10. frigginloon

    AHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAH.If If I had a gun…why I would??? You must have made a real impression for him to take time to write. Why, he shoots his mouth off too…multi tasking..who knew? At least he now knows the pen is mightier than the sword…whoops I mean gun!