Thursday, 06/11/09, Public Square


Are there any new insults the Republicans can throw around, or is this another area where they have nothing new to offer?



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  1. HaPpY bIrThDaY to youuuuu,

    hApPy BiRtHdAy to youuuuuu,

    Happy birthday, dear BadBiker,

    HaPpY bIrThDaY tooooo youuuuuu.

    And many more….

  2. Bad Biker

    Well, thank you, L! I was about to post this…..

    Eli, my two and a half year old grandson, made my day EARLY this morning:

    “Happy Burd Day, Poppa!”


    “How old is Poppa?”



    Apparently, the odometer has rolled over and I’m starting again.

  3. lilacluvr

    Happy Birthday BadBiker…..aren’t grandkids great? They have the knack of keeping us younger, don’t they?

  4. frigginloon

    Happy Birthday from “down under” BadBiker!
    Urgh, for the first time in months I watched Fox News and couldn’t believe how friggin “in your face” right wing they have become. Even Greta Van Susteren has now joined the bandwagon. Her show was once a step removed from all this bias crap but her show is now an extension of the Fox hidden agenda (we are on to you Murdoch!) . There were quite a few WTF’s I can tell you. God forbid someone has a different opinion…short of being waterboarded they just get dissed with those self righteous smirks. Those Republicans must be hurting real bad. Keep up the good work Prairie P&P’s they may still crack under the pressure yet!

    • There are still a few who claim to be republicans and they come on CNN and talk trash on their fellow republicans, obviously they have been run off of Faux News for telling facts instead of fictions.

      • frigginloon

        Yes, I am now watching CNN and BBC more fair and balanced but a tad boring. As you know Sekan I love missing people, murder mayhem, high speed chases late at night. Susteren and Geraldo were good for that…now they just blend in with the usual fodder. It can’t be good when you yell at the TV ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. bTW fnord, I love the cartoon.
    Very truthy.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Happy birthday Biker yeah them grandchildren are a God sent! AND SPEAKING OF…. I just got a surprise text from my daughter-in-law. It seem they got into Kansas last night on a surprise visit, my grand daughters are back!!!!! The last time they came from N.C. the same day they got here I came down with the flu.
    I only got to see them for about twenty minutes and even then did not feel good enough to enjoy it.
    I am thinking of getting the bike out and going over to Wichita to see the three of them.

  7. tosmarttobegop

    I watched the coverage of the shooting at the museum on Fox yesterday. I generally only watch Fox long enough to get fed up with the lies and aptitudes. But Shepherd Smith was honest and foresight.
    He actually attack the dishonesty of the whole Obama is not a U.S. Citizen and said in order to believe that means you have more blind hatred then common sense! What is up with Smith? Has he forgotten he is on Fox and not a actual news program? He has mocked Beck and Oโ€™Reilly and taken issue with the torture.

    • Has he no humanity?
      After BillO claims to be one bold piece (of humanity).

      He’s a piece all right….

      Maybe Shepard Smith will get Beck’s old timeslot on CNN?

  8. tosmarttobegop

    One would hope so, i do long for a moderate voice on the airs. I use think that voice would be Oberman but he changed after the election. Rachel is not bad but too often reverts to midschool humor. ED is a time slot that I often find something else to watch or do.

    But then moderate is not as flashy or feeding of the emotions for either side.

  9. wicked

    I left birthday wishes for Biker on his facebook. I’m sneaky that way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Remember the guy who was so enamored of his own opinions and his love for guns he decided to attempt to take over our blog? He was the one who trembled in fear his guns were being taken away and screamed loudly in protest, but couldn’t bring even one example to support his fear.

    We had our opinions, he had his differing ones, and we were quite patient but he wouldn’t stop, couldn’t accept that our blog wasn’t going to be his. So we kindly asked him to discuss his loves and fears where others were discussing such, then warned him overandover and finally and decisively removed his privilege to post here. You can go back and read all his rants and all our patience — it’s all still there.

    He is now directing traffic to our blog! Every day for the last several days posters have clicked here from his blog. I went there today to see why and found a post where he links our blog as ____ (fill the blank with the usual list of childish criticisms), and as one example among several places he accuses of not being able to win arguments so instead they ban him, and / or delete his comments. Guess we weren’t the only wise and rational adults he’s dealt with. And we weren’t the only blog to recognize him as a troublemaker (remember he listed ‘arguing’ in his interests).

    It’s likely not to be an easy way through life for him if he is so immature it’s always the other guys fault, never his.

    Funny isn’t it? He gets banned, he has comments deleted and then he sends bloggers to those blogs.

    I wouldn’t recommend you click over to read what he has to say and add a ‘hit’ to his blog stats (where I noticed there were no comments). ๐Ÿ˜‰ We got rid of him and his silliness, let him complain at the place that is his microphone and sends people here. Who knows? A reasonable person who wants to conduct them self as an adult may become our blog’s newest friend all due to the little boy gun nut.

    karma — probably another subject the little boy doesn’t understand.

  11. David B

    who the heck are you talking about and where are these posts????? I am sooo out of the looooooopy loop

  12. Here’s some of the threads. And why isn’t your wonderful gravatar showing up? Ah, I see — because you’re here as David B. I can see the gravatar in the stats pages. You need to sign in as your WordPress nic and see if it shows up for everyone! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. davika

    Grrrrr.. Graven Avatars……

  14. Bad Biker

    My dear friends,

    Thank you all so much for the kind burd day wishes, however, I am writing tonight about a very sad situation weighing heavily on my heart and I am going to ask for your help.

    I am not asking for money or even your time, just information.

    The stepfather of my granddaughter’s best friend was critically injured in a dirt bike accident four weeks ago. He and his wife, son and stepdaughter live across the street from my kids.

    Jason suffered a blow to the head in his accident. For the most part of the last month, he has been in a medically induced coma. In the terminology that they use, he is at less than a “1” He has yet to speak and has a little movement with one arm. He has already had numerous operations to relieve swelling on the brain, insert a tracheotomy and to relieve intestinal blockages. From what I have heard, he has been “coded” twice already, but he is still alive.

    At some point soon, they will want to move him to some sort of rehab facility – maybe Omaha, St. Louis or Denver.

    What I need from my friends is some information that can help this family. They are getting food stamps, but Cheryl has to go back to work to pay the rent, etc.

    They need resources that can help them work through the rehab situation – isn’t there anything NEAR Wichita?

    They need help with products not covered by food stamps – again, not looking for donations, but looking for resources for paper products, diapers, soap, laundry, etc.

    I know you folks – some have been on the end of receiving assistance, some have provided assistance and many have done both.


    Names, addresses, phone numbers, contacts, please.

    Jason is only twenty-three. This young family has everything to gain and nothing to lose at this point.

    Your kindness and best wishes are appreciated. I know the love that all of you share – I need you to help me direct some of that love to a young family that is facing the test of their lives.

    Thank you,


  15. Bad Biker

    Friends, I am sorry to be a downer this evening.

    I have had a wonderful birthday today, starting with my grandson’s wish of “Happy Burd Day” and L’s sing song first thing this morning.

    I went to my kids house this afternoon, grilled some freakin’ awesome burgers and dogs, had a great time with the kids, my son and his girlfriend and my stepson.

    It has been a truly wonderful day – I got three dollars from Riley with a handmade birthday card, a cake and (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) a four DVD set of Woodstock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great stuff!!!!

    My joy and happiness today was tempered when we stopped to talk to the parents of Jason and Cheryl. The contrast was striking – I was having one of my best days in recent memory and these folks are hurting so badly.

    I need to reach out – as any good citizen would – and help those that have fallen on hard times.

    As usual, thanks for putting up with me, but do await your assistance.

    All my love,


    • Wouldn’t want this to be any kind of place except where we all can be up and down safely, ’cause life is both.

      Very sad and moving thinking about that young family. I wish I could help. I’m thinking, but drawing a blank right now.

      • Bad Biker

        It’s all good, L. I just wish I had ANY kind of answer for these kids – anything. The family is basically as poor as church mice and their parents are hurting, mentally, emotionally and financially.

        As someone that loves to ride – even though I don’t dirt bike – I feel for his situation.

        They had made a deal with their landlord – $100 off the rent per month if they would repaint the house. After Jason’s accident, about ten of his co-workers showed up to do the job.

        What a show of support and love for a friend!

  16. This is really OLD NEWS, since it was published two days ago and the millionth English word was to be unveiled YESTERDAY. Anyone know which one it was?

    “One millionth English word to be unveiled

    The milestone will be passed on Wednesday according to the Global Language Monitor, an association of academics that tracks the use of new words.

    The widespread popularity of English as a second language in Asia has brought about the most fertile period of word generation since William Shakespeare’s time with new terms coined on average every 98 minutes, the Texas-based group claims.

    It acknowledges new words once they have been used 25,000 times by media outlets, on social networking websites and in other sources.

    The terms it is currently monitoring which could take English to the one million threshold include “defollow” and “defriend”, words describing what users of websites like Twitter and Facebook to do contacts with whom they do not wish to stay in touch.

    Another internet word “noob” โ€“ a derogatory name for someone new to a particular task or community โ€“ is also in the running, along with “greenwashing” (what companies do to appear environmentally friendly) and “chiconomics” (recession fashion).

    “The average persons vocabulary is fewer than 14,000 words out of these million that are available. A person who is linguistically gifted would only use 70,000 words.”

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  18. prairiepond

    Hee hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Good one!