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Just kidding, don’t jump Rush. You might land on our next GAY LATINO WOMAN LIBERAL PRESIDENT.  ~sekanblogger


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Rove Trashing the Lib, the GOP Loves to Hate

Maureen Dowd was Rove’s target after she wrote an editorial critical of his former boss.  Did Rove counter Dowd’s points?  No.  He went straight for the ad hominem – typical Repuke strategy.  Watch this video.

I still think the problem revolves around repressed Republicans having the hots for a single and pretty Irish woman…

See the Politico story here.


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Thursday, 06/11/09, Public Square


Are there any new insults the Republicans can throw around, or is this another area where they have nothing new to offer?



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Complete Health Care – $49 a month

This Time, We Won’t Scare    By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF

Perhaps you’ve seen those television commercials denouncing health care reform as a plot to create a Canadian-style totalitarian nightmare, and you feel a wee bit scared.

Back in the election campaign, some people spread rumors that Barack Obama might be a secret Muslim conspiring to impose Sharia law on us. That seems unlikely now, but what if he’s a covert Canadian plotting to impose … health care?

Rick Scott, a former hospital company chief executive, leads a group called Conservatives for Patients’ Rights. He was forced to resign as C.E.O. after his company defrauded the government through overbilling and is now spending his time trying to block meaningful health care reform by terrifying us with commercials of “real-life stories of the victims of government-run health care.”

So here’s a far more representative “real-life story.”

Diane Tucker, 59, is an American lawyer who moved to Vancouver, Canada, in 2006. Like everyone else there, she now pays the equivalent of just $49 a month for health care.  continued….


Now that I am temporarily unemployed, I have a razor’s edge to walk. First of all, I need to collect unemployment and accept any work I find, even though it probably will not provide insurance or health care. My wife has been disabled for years, and the daughter barely qualified for state health benefits. The delimma is that I could be required by the state to look for and accept work, with or without insurance.

 If I accept work, as required by law, and accidently make enough money to feed my family, my daughter will be disqualified for state health benefits. That will cause her to have pre-existing conditions, and we will never be able to afford insurance.

 The article from the NY Times is enlightening about government healthcare and the insanity of the ‘anti-healthcare’ groups from the right.  ~sekanblogger


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