Do those hopelessly dumb Dimlibs want to import terrorists and terrorism to U.S. Soil?


House minority leader John Boehner (gotta love that surname) thinks that the answer to the above question is a resounding “Yes!”

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3 responses to “Do those hopelessly dumb Dimlibs want to import terrorists and terrorism to U.S. Soil?

  1. g-stir

    Is it true this guy sleeps in a tanning booth?

    For a more complete listing of his many outstanding qualities, look up the word :unctuous”.

    He’s also an oustanding magician; he can go under doors rather than through them!

  2. Boner is an idiot. Period.
    We already house 33 international terrorists in super-max.
    I’d bet you a buck-two-ninety-eight that Boner couldn’t name 4 of them.
    Also I’d bet maybe 5% of the outraged rightwingers even know where they are held. They are far too busy listening to Rush to actually get the facts!

  3. Bad Biker

    John Boehner must think all Americans are stoop-id. This is classic fear mongering for political gain.

    (BTW: Why are warmongering and scaremongering one word, but fear mongering is two?)

    But, back to the topic at hand – the purpose of “terrorism” is to, ah, terrorize – to insight unreasonably fear. Isn’t that what the GOP is doing – trying to insight fear?

    I read the comments posted – the usual “not on American soil.” And “they aren’t Americans they don’t get American rights. (What happens when a foreign national is arrested in the US? Right, a trial in American courts with the rights of an American.)

    My favorite comment from the Boner Wing was wadda ya going to do when one of them busts out and takes over a school?

    Well, considering that even the best and brightest of homegrown criminal minds can’t figure out how to “bust out” what makes you think an uneducated Afghan or Paki is going to?

    What do you think is going to happen to someone that looks like Osama bin Laden, wandering the streets of Florence, CO.? What would be his life-expectancy. Thirty seconds?

    Locked down 23/7, meals in the cell, one hour of solitary exercise a day – yeah I am worried.

    Terrorized, almost.