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It’s true, without you it’s a boring blog.  Hope everyone got rested up, caught up, untied, rejuvenated by the weekend.  It was a lonely (YES! and boring) place around here last weekend. It’s a new week, let’s blog!



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  1. Noisy storms last evening! Our rain gauge only had about half an inch of rain in it, but it came with enough wind that the little sticks, the leaves blown around all make my yard look like it needs a good tidying up. On today’s agenda!

    I was ready for a rain — I like thinking that the tops of the trees got a shower and all the growing things are refreshed.

  2. I noticed the Femi-Nazis from kate harding’s bitchfest are still checking back here occasionally.
    They really are itchin’ for a fight.

  3. I saw that blog was an incoming link and thought, “Ah, someone from Kansas or someone interested in a Kansas slant on this topic has found our blog there at kate’s place.” Never did it enter my mind that the ladies who administer the kate blog are the ones still coming here. Even if they are the ones clicking our blog from their blog, it’s to see what info we might have on something that happened in our state. In the visits you and Iggy made you said our blog was a Kansas blog, etc. So I figure anyone really interested in the topic of Dr. Tiller and / or Roeder would check to see what info a Kansas blog had on the subjects.

  4. Are you allowing someone else to control your attitude? Isn’t our very own attitude something we each individually should control? Everything I’ve read says one of Dr. Tiller’s favorite ‘sayings’ was ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING.

  5. This is a very interesting video presentation on “Remaking Manufacturing With Robotics.”

  6. tosmarttobegop

    A favor cop joke to explain what I am seeing and what is maddening to me:
    The cop pulls over a car and walks up to the driver’s window and taps on it. The driver rolls the window down and the cop punches the driver in the face!
    “WHAT WAS THAT FOR?”, said the driver.
    “That was for calling me a Fing pig when you saw me turn on the lights” said the cop.
    The Cop wrote out a ticket and handed it to the driver to sign, then handed the ticket back and punched the driver again.

    “That is for when you drive off and again call me a Fing pig!”.
    The cop walks around to the passenger side window and taps on the window.
    After the passenger rolls down the window the cop punches the passenger in the face.

    “WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” asked the passenger.
    The cop said, “that is for after getting down the road about five mile you turning to the driver and saying.
    “I wish that SOB had done that to me!”.
    I know that this is a different times, the Democrats have a majority and can effect thing better then before.
    But it is still madding to me the taking of the tactic of “we will show this President Obama we are not
    pushover and will stand up against him! And it is not republicans saying it the Democrats, where were these macho men and women during the Bush administration?

    I did on rare occasion seen some minor voices standing up to Bush. But these have been strong and known names saying they would willfully oppose Obama on things and are seeming to oppose not on their opinion of what He wants. But simply to be in opposition for the sake of being in opposition, trying to prove something that was not in question with President Obama.

    i.e. turning to the driver after the fact and saying “I wish that SOB had done that to me!”.
    Things need to be done and this is not the time to be showing intestinal fortitude for the sake of showing long gone pass need for intestinal fortitude.

    • Too many of those we elect today to “represent” us see politics as a career. They’re not interested in the next generation, they’re not interested in what is best for our country, they’re interested in the next election. If their constituents are worried about the amounts of money that needed to be spent to keep to keep the bush recession from becoming a depression, they don’t explain or defend. They see only a need to criticize so they may appear to be against what is worrying those who vote. In fact, too many of today’s politicians who we elect to “represent” us don’t have a clue, they couldn’t explain the real issues to anyone because they don’t understand them. These are not the brightest and best, they are just people who see the power and money in getting reelected.

      • djr4488

        Fnord, maybe you and I should run? But I think I’d back out… I don’t want that big of a soap box. LOL

      • I’m not qualified. And recognizing that I’m not makes me either smarter or more honest than most of them. Does that tell you something?

  7. Bad Biker

    Last week, I monopolized a music trivia thread and made an ass of myself. Today, I’ll post ALL my trivia in one single post – scroll over if you must.

    Beach Boys trivia…………………………………….

    The Beach Boys were brothers Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson, cousin Mike Love and high school buddy Al Jardine. Dennis (drowning) and Carl (cancer) have passed away.

    Others to have played with the BB include Glen Campbell, Bruce Johnston (Rip Chords) and actor John Stamos (Full House/ER.)

    Brian Wilson is the father of Wendy and Carnie Wilson of Wilson Phillips, the girl group.

    Mike Love is the uncle of Kevin Love, former UCLA star and NBA first round pick.

    In the Sixties and early Seventies, Brian Wilson was largely crazy, did not tour with the group and had a “sandbox” room in his house, featuring a piano and sand four inches deep.

    Although their early music was called “surf music” none of the members of the band except Dennis surfed.

    Most rock critics consider the Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s” to be rock’s seminal recording, but the inspiration for Sgt. Pepper’s came from the BB album “Pet Sounds” considered to be Brian Wilson’s masterpiece. It was released in 1966.

    The BB are indirectly responsible to the Sharon Tate murders. Dennis Wilson befriended Charles Manson and introduced him to the late Terry Melcher, record producer (the Byrds, etc.) and son of Doris Day. Manson wanted to be a recording star. Melcher though he was horrible and declined to give him a contract. Sharon Tate and friends lived in a rented house that had formerly been the home of Melcher. Manson thought the record producer still lived there and targeted him for death.

    The BB actually recorded a song with uncredited lyrics by Manson in 1969.

    The BB last recording was in 1996, Stars and Stripes which is actually a series of country music stars, Lorrie Morgan, Toby Keith, Sawyer Brown, etc, performing covers of BB tunes with the BB singing background vocals.

    • I like your trivia! I don’t know any of that stuff so I count on you to monopolize the conversation on the topic YOU DO KNOW!

    • wicked

      The Captain (Daryl Dragon of Captain & Tenille) played keyboards for a while with the BB.

      Mike Love’s mother was from somewhere in Kansas and has relatives here. He announced it at one of the 4 concerts I attended, but I’ll be darned if I can remember which one. State Fair in Hutch in the early 80’s maybe.

      Brian Wilson wrote a book titled, Wouldn’t It Be Nice: My Own Story in which he wrote about the early days and especially the drug days. Unfortunately it’s out of print now. The man is still a genius.

      • wicked

        I agree with iggy and am not agreeing. ::grin:: I was going to comment on it, but got sidetracked. I’m always interested in trivia, especially music trivia from the best of times (50’s & 60’s). It’s the best part of getting old. LOL

    • “Last week, I monopolized a music trivia thread and made an ass of myself.”

      Sorry, not agreeing with this angst, Biker. Learned stuff from that trivia.

  8. jammer5

    Went and saw Land of the Lost last night. Wish I hadn’t. What was once a fun series was turned into an over the top, don’t take the kids, series of toilet humor, suggestive and ridiculous blurbs, geared more toward drunk college dropouts then someone looking for a good movie. My Will Ferrell days are over. A waste of time and money.

  9. Biker,

    I like the way you do recipes! A story and a guide to something good to eat — two greats! 😉

  10. djr4488

    Fnord, yes, it tells me that I’d be even more willing to vote for you.

    I’m actually in the same boat, I’m not qualified either but I also wouldn’t really want that particular job.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    One day the Beach boys parents left them alone with money for food till the parents returned.
    Instead of buying food they rented instruments and did a recording. They went from on radio station to another till finally a station played it on air. That is about all I knew of the story of the Beach boys.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    Fnord you have at least two votes count on me!

  13. Bad Biker

    What? Is there something in the water in Wichita?

    “Man arrested after witnesses report seeing him having sex with dog”

    Now, I love Rufus, but boinking him? Never occurred to me.

  14. A new baby girl named Rebbecca Judith came into the world this morning at 7:15 a.m. Someday this tiny girl who weighed in at 6 lbs. 11 ozs. and is 19 1/4″ long will call 6176 Grandfather (or a variation of)! Oh, forgot to add Mother and child are doing very well! The old Grandfather sounded good too!

  15. QnofHrts

    Congrats to 6176 and family!!!

  16. davika

    mmm, do the Femi-Nazis have jackboots and a riding crop??? (DavidB here.. this is my new WordPress ID)

    • Give me a few days, OK? I’m old and need time to learn new things and names… 😉 The WordPress account makes it all easier tho so I’m glad you did that — now you need a nifty spiffy gravatar. 😉

    • jammer5

      Only Credenza Tatertots, George “Chicken Wing” Bushes, right hand gal, wore them.

  17. davika

    I propose an anti-Sam Brownback organization… Any suggestions?? Seriously, I’ll register a web domain…

    Let’s trash this mo-fo

  18. What are our options? Seriously, I know how bad Brownback would be, but is someone else equally bad. Could someone be worse? Maybe we’d be best getting Brownback and then impeaching — you KNOW there will be impeachable offenses!

  19. davika

    I spiffed up my Gravatar.. I dunno why it has not appeared…

    I am kind of in awe of FilmFan on the Dark Side Blog… she seems like a hoot to know… has she haunted these pages??

  20. No, but how I would enjoy enticing her to share here! I don’t know how to do that and keep away the undesirables. There are actually several posters I miss and would enjoy blogging with, but alas, I also know some I don’t miss at all and blogging with them isn’t anything good.

  21. wicked

    I was wondering who davika was. Good to see you! 🙂

  22. davika

    On FilmFan: I will contact her to seduce her in here.. if you give the go ahead..

    On an Anti-Brownback site: here is a site a student of political science at the University of Kansas had going while Sammy was running for the position of Republican Presidential candidate:

    Lots of juicy stuff that could be recycled and updated… I will try to contact the blog author…

  23. Absolutely! FilmFan would find other writers here too. If you know how to contact her please give her the blog addy. Let her know that every poster’s first post needs to be approved, but she won’t face censorship after that.

    We would never exclude any reasonable adults no matter their opinions or political persuasions. You know the ones we wouldn’t want around!

  24. tosmarttobegop

    Posted June 8, 2009 at 9:09 pm | Permalink
    Linda is a thinking and aware person, she goes after those who would post here not because they are Cons or Christian. But when they post something that she finds morality reprehensible or an out and out lie.
    Her post up thread about who protested Dr. Tiller’s funeral is based on her being there and reinforced by the fact that the media also said that the only anti-group who protested was Phelps. It is certainly a good thing the Phelps were not alive at the time else Jesus would have been hearing them outside the tomb!

    As to why they were the only one is speculation but not out of reasonable assumption. Knowing an investigation would be coming the pro-life groups at the time would not want to be visible. I am proud of the response of the Christian community in Wichita. In supporting the Church who’s home was so violated and the family of Dr. Tiller. That was certainly more a Christian act then those who take the name of the Lord in vain by rapping themselves in the cloak of God to justify their actions.

    • Thank you tstb, for your support. I didn’t say anything that deserved what I got, but I guess I have more fans than I was aware of at BTSNBN. I’ll stay away again as it’s really not a good place and those people aren’t people I want to be around.

      YOU people are who I want to be around! 😉

  25. tosmarttobegop

    Yes Filmfan is way cool! Want to hear something funny? I at time suspect that she is Pond! Dr. Jeckal and Mr. Hyde kind of thing. Something about the way she writes?

    But then something soooo juicy would be something she will be biting her lip off trying to not tell us about.

  26. That’s funny! I think it was Pond who guessed at one time that FilmFan was JMWalker (jammer). It was back when FilmFan was another nic (what was that one?) and Pond told me a story about a poster who took on a persona of a very naughty lady. Mother I think was the nic of this person and if I remember how it was told (jammer can tell it!) Mother was remembering her youth in vivid detail. When they found out who it was they all cracked up together.

  27. wicked

    Sorry I pop in and out at odd times. I’ve been dealing with some asthma for the past 3 weeks or so. Add to it that I’m trying to stop smoking, which makes me sleepy, so even if I do post, it won’t make much sense. 🙂 Half the time I can’t even pull together a coherent thought…and that’s normal! Will do better in the future…may be far future, at this rate. 😦

  28. I am for Pond’s theory. I used to have an unrequited love for “mother” (one of Jammer’s creations). Mike, another blogger on the BTSNBN, emailed me and told me he knew “mother”. I had no idea that this knowledge was that “mother” was a male, and I was sure, if Mike knew “her”, she was all that she seemed to be. Little did I know that “she” was one of Jammer’s (who also knew Mike) creations.

    I was totally fooled.

    One of the too few good laughs I had on the BTSNBN.

  29. prairiepond

    Heheheheh. I did relay the story of Jammer’s most excellent nom de plume, aka “Mother” but I’m not the one who speculated he was FilmFan. I do, however, think FilmFan is a regular using an alternate nic. I’m starting to suspect Wichi. I wish she would come here and blog with us.

    Heheheheheheheheh. And no, I’m not FilmFan. I dont have the energy to post under one nic, much less an alter ego.

  30. prairiepond

    Congrats to 617 and his family. It must be a day of mixed emotions, but I’m sure that sheer joy will dominate.

    And congrats to you too, my friend Wicked. It’s damn tough to quit the cigs, and I hope you succeed and dont think the cure is worse than the disease! I’m in awe of your strength in doing this.