BLOGS In summary: The blogosphere is now 70 million weblogs wide. About 120,000 new weblogs are created each day, or…1.5 million posts per day.

1.4 new blogs are created every second, 17 posts are made every second.

Spam-3000-7000 new splogs (fake, or spam blogs) are created every day, with a peak of 11,000 splogs per day last December.

Facebook – More than 200 million active users, with 100 million users logging on to Facebook at least once each day. The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older, and the average user has 120 friends.

More than 4 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide).

Okay, I know I sound like an old guy, but what’s up with Facebook? Facebook schmacebook. MyFace, SpaceBook, whatever….bah humbug. Yeah, yeah. I do have a Facebook page. Don’t ask about it. I don’t remember what it looks like. I understand kids using the hell out of it, but the fastest growing demographic is ‘over 35’? I don’t get it. What’s the draw?

I understand if you’re a commercial venture you want all the exposure you can get. Facebook, blogs, twitter, and a never-ending roll out of the newest networking gimmicks for sale. You want to put it all out there like a billboard in that case. But Facebook? An average of 120 friends? Sheesh, how in the world could I possibly keep up with all the different cliques, gossip, and gigs of family photos that I’m supposed to care about? I know, they ARE my grandkids. I should love it. I don’t. Bah humbug.

Maybe I’m just crabby and don’t want to be too available there? I dunno…I do think it takes different types of people for the different venues. I don’t know that Facebook users would remain friends with someone who posted their own short stories and news interests, would they? My wife and kids could care less about blogging. Even though it’s also a networking activity. And vice versa for me! Now could someone please shed some light on my Facebook phobia?


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9 responses to “BLOGGING vs FACEBOOK

  1. frigginloon

    It is simple… you can’t choose your family. Facebook is just another way of stalking, finding out what the family and friends are up to (without you). You don’t have deep and meaningfuls like a blog. God forbid, I would never say penis or penii on my Facebook but in the safety of my blog I will even go so far as saying WTF. I vote we defriend everyone off Facebook and see what happens at our next family gatherings… when they are all again in the dark about where you have been and with whom! Blogging is sharing ideas and thoughts, Facebook is the safest distance one should be from family and friends ,short of taking the phone off the hook!

  2. I too have a Facebook but use it minimally because the people I really want to keep up with, I do — via phone, email, personal visits.

    The part of Facebook that drives me absolutely bananas and I can’t even fathom the appeal are the Mafia Wars. Granted I don’t know anything about them except some of my “friends” seem to really like whatever they are.

    How many quizzes are there? Is there any end to the way everything can be ‘evaluated,’ compared…? Do I really want to know what kind of Disney princess would fit me? If I know someone really well or just very casually why would I care whether or not everyone else knows this?

    Some of it just literally escapes my understanding. (shrugs) To each his own.

    The part of Facebook I appreciate and keeps me coming back are the personal notes that tell me something about the person and how they are, what they’re thinking. Those could be done via email, but I still like getting those little notes.

    Now blogging is where you actually discuss and keep informed of issues, interesting topics in the world, funny goings on. I understand this and it’s what fits for me.

  3. I think I used it twice to connect with people I’ve lost track of. After I did that, all I wanted to do is leave them a link to this blog and tell them to find me here!

    And foodfights….what a waste of time.
    MY waste of time (blogging) is much more sophisticated, HA!

  4. I have my security settings so tight I doubt anyone who might look for me would be able to find me there. I did find two women (sisters) I went to high school with and have enjoyed finding out where they are, how they are…

    My funniest Facebook story — I saw my brother’s name on my daughters friends list. I hadn’t known of his Facebook page and immediately sent a request to be his friend. He lives out of state and travels and is always so busy I was excited about another way to keep in touch with him. 😉

    In a couple of days I was approved as his friend, went to his page and thought how much of what he posted I had no idea of. Why this guy had interests and thoughts I had never heard! And there were pictures of places I didn’t know my brother went. I didn’t recognize (outside my daughter) any of his friends.

    Well, of course, you guessed it. This man and my brother have the same name. I confirmed this with my daughter and then I posted to this man’s page.

    “This won’t surprise you as much as it did me, but you aren’t my brother.”

    He asked if that meant I didn’t want to be his friend and if so did I know how to undo that? We admitted we had no idea how to do or undo much of this. Then we just visited and got to know one another.

    He and I have become casual friends! He teaches at our local state university, and is a truly interesting guy!

    • The ex-hag had a sister with bleach blonde hair. One day we were walking through Penney’s and she sees her sis (from behind) thumbing through a clothes rack. She walks up, taps her on the shoulder and says “Hey bitch, what are you doing here?”.

      Of course it was some girl we never saw before, but damn, from behind she was a dead-ringer!

  5. wicked

    I thought the Mafia Wars were on MySpace? Just goes to show what I know, huh?

    I think the older crowd IS using FB, when they tended to steer clear of MS mostly. FWIW for me, FB is easier to deal with. MS looks like a mess within 5 minutes of the first visitor posting. I have FB for several reasons, one being to connect with old HS classmates, since our reunion is this year…if I get something started.

    FB, MS, even blogs are basically nothing but time-wasters. But then I have little to do except waste time…

  6. QnofHrts

    I love my Facebook. The majority of my friends are high school classmates. But I can keep in touch and up to date with friends and relatives that live out of state – so I’m on there a lot!

  7. Hallelujah!

    I have a post devoted to the same topic. And mine, I fear, is much crabbier! I don’t mind people having to share their most intimate details with 120 of their ‘closest friends’ (Yikes). If they want to cancel out the notion of privacy (priva-what?) – let them! The problem is unsuspecting individuals often find themselves accosted by people who want to have their fish fed or their toes kissed (or whatever crazy things these kids are doing on facebook these days). Every day we receive emails inviting us to join our friends on this or that social networking website. So what do we do? Do we give up and start to tend to our own virtual aquariums or do we make a stand and offend people by saying no thanks? I’m stumped! (and I’m 34, so I figure I have at least another year before I have to join that growing demographic..)