Sunday, 06/07/09, Public Square

Super Sunday

What’s happening?  Do you have everything ready for a relaxing Sunday?  Is this a working day for you?



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  1. Well the grandson had a good birhtday. That’s important.
    If you like Will Ferrel, you will love ‘Land Of The Lost’.

    • jammer5

      Been thinking about seeing it. I’m not a big fan of Will; a bit over the top for me, but this one might be okay.

      Speaking of over the top: Saw Hangover. Don’t take the kids 🙂

  2. Blog traffic dropped yesterday, good weather on a weekend.

  3. Sounds like Al Franken will finally be a U.S. Senator. Politico has a good story about the case that was presented to the Minnesota Supreme Court last Monday. They sum up with this opinion:

    “Other legal experts said that the court’s ruling may even foreclose the possibility that Coleman could appeal the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    Raleigh Levine, a professor at William Mitchell College of Law, watched Monday’s oral argument with her colleague, Professor Knapp. Like other observers of the Coleman-Franken fight, she said that the justices seemed to be sending a clear message that the Coleman team had failed to present enough facts to back up their claims about the handling of absentee ballots.

    “If that is the basis on which the court makes its decision, to a large extent it insulates the case from the U.S. Supreme Court,” Levine said. “If the factual premise is accepted then you have to wrestle with the Constitutional argument, but if he hasn’t even established that, there’s nothing really for the U.S. Supreme Court to do.”

  4. The Votemaster has written about President Obama adding to his full plate —

    Obama May Take on Immigration This Year

    In addition to the economy, banking regulation, global warming, and health care, President Obama is seriously considering taking on yet another massive challenge this year: immigration. Although never stated explicitly by anyone, immigration has political benefits for the Democrats as it is an explosive issue within the Republican Party. The Tancredo wing of the party is violently opposed to amnesty–providing a path to citizenship to the estimated 12 million illegals already in the country–and will not be ashamed to trumpet its opposition loudly. While the expected onslaught will be against illegal immigrants, most of them have friends and family who are legal immigrants who won’t like attacks on their friends and family. However, the business wing of the Republican Party wants lots of immigrants, legal or otherwise, to depress wages, in the form of a “guest worker” program. These two factions will be at loggerheads during the debate, but the anti-immigrant group is much noiser. In addition, if the illegal immigrants do eventually become citizens and can thus vote, most of them will probably remember which party fought for them and which one fought against them. Getting an immigration bill through the Senate won’t be easy, since there are regional as well as ideological issues in play, but even a serious attempt to pass a bill could make the GOP even less popular in the Latino community than it already is. For certain, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod are keenly aware of this. On the Democratic side, the only institutional opposition to an immigration bill would come from the unions, which are mostly focusing on the card check bill now.”

  5. The Mudflats has an interesting story about Palin. The question I have is when will Palin finally be nationally recognized as much ado about nothing?

    “Palin is Pallin’ Around With Plagiarists?

    Todd Palin, that is. That’s because the plagiarist is none other than the Governor, herself.

    Geoffrey Dunn over at Huffington Post read my transcript of Palin’s 17 minute introduction of Michael Reagan, and a little bell went off in his head. He had a strange feeling he’d heard all this somewhere before…..(except in English)…..”

    continue reading here:

  6. tosmarttobegop

    Will do dishes and then who knows? Wife is mad at me but it is more mad at herself. She missed our son’s call from Iraq for a third time. Since calling the home phone for some reason he get that the number is no working. So he calls her cell phone, we knew that he would call yesterday but she was on her phone with a niece that had found out she is expecting again. Only to find out afterwards that the son called, he can not have a set time or day to call.

    LOL I had written a story I called “grow angry at the wind” it concerned being angry at something you can not control. So that anger falls out on that which you can control, she accused me of writing it with her in mind. Smart woman she is!

  7. Bad Biker

    Random thoughts and general weirdness……..

    Happy hot and sweaty Sunday Pop Bloggers. Here’s what bouncing around inside my head this morning.

    I did a little rabble-rousing on the nameless blog yesterday, but my heart just isn’t in it like it used to be. I have grown very weary of extreme partisanship and Dr. Tiller’s assassination was the perhaps the final straw. I won’t give up the fight, but civility seems to be in order.

    Detroit Red Wings 5, Pittsburgh Penguins ZIP last night – Wings lead best of seven series, 3-2. Game six and the Cup clincher coming up mid-week.

    ICE hockey – a pleasant thought on a NINETY degree day!

    Did you know: The surface of a hockey rink is actually multi-layers of ice and one of the first layers is painted white so the puck can be seen? The logo, etc and painted on in subsequent layers, the whole thing is layered with more ice.

    Most of you know that I am a talentless music lover, but you know what my latest kick is? Dang, this may be embarrassing – the Beach Boys from the Sixties. Help Me Rhonda, Surfer Girl, Don’t Worry Baby, etc. What up with that? I just love the vocal harmonies. You know how a song sticks in your head? “Help me Rhonda, yeah, git her outta my heart!”

    My stepson (he’s not really my stepson, but he is my ex-wife’s son from a subsequent relationship) moved in with us this weekend. He’s going to work and go to school here in Wichita. He graduated from HS last month in eastern KS. More on that later.

    Gotta go for now! Later Pop Bloggers!

    • djr4488

      Comment on ICE Hockey,

      The Penguins(yes my favorite team) don’t deserve to win the cup after Game 5’s showing. Lost composure and for what? One possibly bad call?!?!(Goalie interference)

      Sheesh. Do I think Detroit can win at the Igloo, I hope not, want to see a game seven.

      Beyond that, I grilled some cheap steaks, and invited friends over, and watched Mystery Science Theater 3000. 😀

  8. Every Kansan should read this letter from The Wichita Eagle Letters to the Editor section of today’s newspaper, and demand Senator Roberts answer the question posed!

    “Why hold hearing?

    Imagine you show up for jury duty and state that you “have witnessed the news” and you already have made your decision on how you will vote. Do you think the judge would allow you to be on the jury? Of course not. One needs to hear a case and listen to the facts in order to make an honest judgment.

    Unfortunately, Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., was the first senator to publicly oppose U.S. Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor before the Senate Judiciary Committee formally questions her. He clearly stated that she will not get his vote.

    We have a senator who has decided there is no need to look at her record or her past cases or to ask her direct questions. So I ask our senator: Why even have these hearings if you already have made up your mind on how you will vote?

    This is a sad day for me as a Kansan, and I don’t think I am alone on this.


  9. tosmarttobegop

    Its because Rush told Roberts he did not need to wait!

  10. tosmarttobegop

    Bill Ayers is on CSPAN book TV, he was asked why he had turned to using violent actions in the name of his cause? In his explanation there were several points that the extreme of the Pro-life movement would use.
    Facing what they saw as a just and moral cause failing to achieve the goal and even when the time came that it looked to be ending. Then suddenly the cause was reversed and there seemed only one way to bring an end. They turned to violence since the legal means had no effect.

    This is not a justification for either using bombs or a handgun. You end up not just fighting the other side but also those who agree with the cause.

  11. Bad Biker

    I received a small present from someone (not going to name them, since this is still a public blog) close to me – they attend College Hill UMC.

    I have a white flower from the funeral service yesterday for Dr. Tiller, as well as a “Attitude is Everything” pin from the church.

    I am honored to have a flower from the service for Dr. Tiller. I will wear the pin proudly.

    As mentioned, I am not pro-abortion, but I am pro-choice.

    May you rest in peace, Dr. Tiller.

  12. jammer5

    Hokay, all you new parents out there. Tired of hearing that little tyke screaming his/her fool head off and not wanting to go to prison again for shaking the ungrateful bastid? Well, the answer to all your troubles is here:

  13. The man charged with killing abortion provider Dr. George Tiller claimed Sunday that more violence is possible while the medical procedure is allowed to continue, giving his warning in calls that also focused on complaints about his treatment in jail.

    “I know there are many other similar events planned around the country as long as abortion remains legal,” Roeder said.

    He would not elaborate.

    In two separate calls to AP on Sunday morning, Roeder was far more talkative about his treatment at the Sedgwick County jail, complaining about “deplorable conditions in solitary” where he was kept during his first three days there.

    Roeder said it was freezing in his cell. “I started having a bad cough. I thought I was going to have pneumonia,” he said.

    He said he called AP because he wanted to emphasize the conditions in the jail so that in the future suspects would not have to endure the same conditions.

    Roeder also said also wanted the public to know he has been denied phone privileges for the past two days, and needed his sleep apnea machine.

    • He’s got an evil penis. Let him freeze it off…….HA!

    • Do you think waterboarding is in order?
      We do have a ‘ticking-bomb’ scenario!

    • djr4488

      No more violence! It doesn’t matter what side of an issue anybody is on, violence only begets more violence and it isn’t needed! Brings up a saying… who needs enemies when…

      Sheesh, why is this not seen?!?!

      Are we, as a country, simply doomed to this course?

      People can talk but it seems are choosing not to. Talk and listen and find out something in common somewhere, someplace, but come on no more violence please.

  14. lilacluvr

    He has a sleep apnea machine and he made only $1,100 a month, had $10 on him and a 16yr old Taurus car?

    If he is talking about a C-pap machine, I know those things are not cheap. But yet he has stated he has never taken any money from the government.

    Something just does not smell right, does it?

  15. lilacluvr

    I wonder what the FBI investigation will turn up about this guy and his known friends within his social circle.

    I read today somewhere that the people in the clinic knew him as Mr Prom because he would bring flowers when he was protesting.

    Sounds kinda creepy, doesn’t it?

  16. WmacW

    Hey fellow bloggers – I’m on a new computer and can’t remember how to log in so sorry for that… :). I am NOT enjoying these storms tonight. My 4 year old has decided he is afraid of thundestorms, and my dog barks every time it thunders… I swear if she wakes up the baby she can spend the night outside in the storm (not really but that is kind of how I feel right now)… Things have been pretty stressful around our house so I haven’t been online much lately, and what little time I am online is usually dedicated to paying the bills (joy) so sorry I haven’t talked to anyone in a while… Hope you all are doing well!

  17. WmacW

    Okay, this stupid site kept telling me that my last post was something I already said? Yeah, since I haven’t posted here in weeks I don’t think that is the case… oh well. HI!

  18. WmacW

    so it wouldn’t let me post what I typed before, which was basically a rant about the weather LOL and dogs that bark every time it thunders and wake up sleeping infants… 🙂 But I am too lazy to type it again. Oh well!

  19. WmacW

    And now my post has magically shown up… I’m losing my mind!

  20. Hi Wendy! Wish we could visit more often. I like hearing from you whenever you have a minute. Hope the kiddos are doing good!