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Many may have seen the parts going down the highway, the staff that will hold them and the giant blades passing by. I know I had seen them going through town and wondered just where they were heading.

The windmills that are to provide power, but I did not know where they would be erected.

We made our annual trip to Parsons, Kansas yesterday, on the way back I glanced toward the South as we traveled back West. At first I thought it was a tall high line power tower. Then I noticed what I was taking for the Y shape of the top was moving! One large blades followed by another, then I saw there were more.

Rows of them all turning in the wind and stretching Southward.

I finally looked for a land mark that would give a point of reference as to where they were. I read the sign saying the Butler county fishing lake and pointing down a dirt road. I was amazed, I would look over my shoulder out the back window and it seemed every time the field of windmills had grown! How was it that I did not noticed them on our way East I wondered? They were so large and covering so much land it seem impossible to not have notice.

I knew they would be somewhere but actually seeing them was a moment of amazement!

The windmills of Kansas, the promise of a future of green energy and maybe just a future.

I know the day will come when such sights are common place and the likes will bring no more thought then we do at seeing a Microwave in the kitchen. But for now it was a meaningful sight for me, kind of like when I will see my first whale swimming free in the Ocean.



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Vonnegut’s Blues for America

Time for a cacophony of thought, sight and sound. I must be gone today, but hope this leaves you thinking and talking with each other. Kurt wrote this during Bush’s reign of idiocracy. I’m throwing in the video because it seems to fit somehow. I think Kurt would approve….

Kurt Vonnegut being a WW II veteran, I thought about him today. D-Day, the beginning of the modern world political era. The beginning of something we would all like to restore and preserve, America’s standing as a world leader, not only in business, but as a moral beacon. If America were anything like what men of Vonnegut’s era envisioned, I’d be a proud conservative, as it would be a better place, something worthy of conservation. ~sekanblogger


No matter how corrupt, greedy, and heartless our government, our corporations, our media, and our religious and charitable institutions may become, the music will still be wonderful.

If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:




read Kurt’s “Blues For America” here: Continue reading


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Saturday, 06/06/09, Public Square


It’s the weekend — hope it brings you peace, love and happiness!  What are you thinking about today?  What would you like to share?



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