Friday, 06/05/09 Public Square

42-16472297June 5th is World Environment Day.  The day’s agenda is to:

  1. Give a human face to environmental issues;
  2. Empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable development;
  3. Promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues;
  4. Advocate partnership which will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer and more prosperous future.



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  1. Morning Ms fnord.
    Very nice weather.
    There’s a million and one responsible things I should be doing, that’s why I’m here blogging.
    Environment day huh? I like it.
    I see it auto linked an oldie but goody, WHY BLOGGING IS LIKE ALCOHOL.

  2. OKAY, who’s been surfing the Russian porn sites?
    I noticed we keep getting all of this Viagra spam in Russian.

    • jammer5

      Быть тот высшая отметка за классную работу банан в ваш карман , или быть ты справедливый счастливый к видеть меня?

  3. Is that Russian? I’ve seen several too but sure didn’t know what language it was. Maybe its YOU that’s been to Russian sites since you seem to have knowledge…

    And why do you think blogging might not be among those responsible things? You brighten my day here. Isn’t that a worthy accomplishment? 😉

    Our cool weather didn’t last as long as I would have preferred, but it’s Kansas so I know if we don’t like today’s weather we just need to wait a day. I would prefer long springs and falls with very short summers and winters.

  4. djr4488


    I believe there are ways to combat said spam. A forced authentication method would be one of those ways, but then by doing that some legitimate users would feel alienated.

  5. When Iggy made his blog he purchased a ‘spam blocker thingy’ which seems to do an excellent job of putting spam into a spam folder where it sits safely until we come along to delete it. It has a time or two put something there that wasn’t spam, but I don’t remember any time that spam got through it.

    We have a few of us on the look out for such things, and looking to see if legit posters are awaiting approval (everyone has to be approved the first post!) so I might have missed what someone else handled. It seems to flow so nicely here, and everyone, including all those who post, do their part which ends up making a really nice place to hang out.

  6. djr4488

    Whether you are like me or not: environmental issues are interesting. I think we can all do something to help it, even if those such as myself do not believe man can change it’s course, the harm in trying to correct some of our own behavior and usage patterns is negligible and does go a long way in helping reduce some of the culprit emissions that cause GW.

    So with that said, I’ve done several things to help out that which I don’t entirely agree with(because I think there are some short comings in the science still, but it is improving):
    + I run a client called BOINC, it has a climate predication distributed client. Uses the computers spare time to help predict climate issues.
    – I also use this to look for aliens as well(SETI@HOME)
    – Oh and find cures for cancer and other nasty diseases(FOLDING@HOME), but this one is a separate client program.

    + I think we can agree to try other inexpensive ideas: drive less when possible? Use different lighting(CFLs, LED bulbs), maybe less lighting(turn lights off when not in the room), maybe improve some insulation(safely please) around say hot water heaters?

    I’d like to see, and I don’t entirely disagree with Obama idea if he expands on it a little more, a high investment in alternative fuels that either inexpensively or through no cost at all are investigated and found to replace fossil fuel and be compatible with today’s cars. Is that a tall order to ask for?

    I’m not an expert on this, I read the science, but it does seem to still contain a few holes in it, but as I qualified above, it is getting better. I’m weird I know, I don’t exactly think man is completely responsible for GW, and yet I try to do things to try to stop it. I’m a dork.

  7. I know nothing about the science because it seems to me no matter what that science might be there are things each of us can do to help protect our home, the planet. Why wouldn’t we? What purpose does arguing about why accomplish?

  8. djr4488


    That is my thought, I don’t really argue about it. I think there are simple things we as a group of people of this planet can do and those things aren’t terribly expensive or difficult.

    I just think that those who do believe that it is going to cost them lots and lots of money, and ok for me it was true on the lighting expense. Florescent bulbs cause headaches for me, so I had to actually pay significantly more and get LED bulbs, on the plus side those bulbs will probably last 20+ years and use like half a watt of electricity an hour. 😀

  9. OKIE DOKIE. Got my little pot post done, in conjunction with the environmental theme, of course.

    • Your little pot post has been linked to “google reader,” and some other kind of reader I can’t remember the name of…. It’s a great post, Sekan! Pot class 101 was informative, snark was snarky and funny. And, it looks like others agree with me. I told you NO ONE can compare to you! Looks like blog world agrees. 😉

      Do you remember when our blog-experienced friend, Loon, told us our individual strengths would be our blog’s cumulative strength?

    • They’re bringing up your posts by ‘author.’ Take a look at the stats! Take a well-deserved bow.

    • All is good — but stay away from the Kate site. They don’t appreciate you AT ALL. Don’t even try to make amends!!

    • I’m just thinking they’re wanting to stay ON SUBJECT, and they’re a mite touchy, and they don’t know you and don’t react to your cheerfulness because they aren’t finished being sad. My best advice is don’t go there, let them heal in their own way, you can’t help. You help here!

    • Women can’t be understood! As soon as you think you’ve figured out something we change the rules. It’s in the rules that the rules must be changed. Sorry. It’s just the way it is.

      • You know me, if I stop somewhere to say howdy, that’s just what I mean.

        Same whacko was going off about me having a complex or something because I have a penis?

        Whoa, nelly.
        Cue Twilight Zone music!

      • Yeah, it was bad. I’d have to say that I only thought Iggy got handed his ass, they did a number on you. No, they don’t know you and what’s more they have NO DESIRE to know you. Their loss!

      • It’s their playground, if they don’t wanna be bothered no problem. I’ll take my penis and go home.

      • I wasn’t proud of the way they behaved. Goes to show ya — you cannot put any group into a box and every member of that group be expected to fit. All men are not alike! All women are not alike! All members of one political party aren’t, all members of anything aren’t. We are individuals and we will celebrate that because we truly are each special.

        Don’t make it worse by attempting to explain, it will fall on deaf ears. Trust me on this one, please.

      • Your wife is gonna love that one! And, I got another great laugh! Thanks!

      • Yep, I was just there to charm them out of their gold-lined panties….right.
        I admit, I’m an evil penis owner for many years now!

      • I guess you could say they are on a “leave my reproductive organs alone” mission. They want NO ONE to have a say about their uterus, even while they have a say about your penis. 😉

        But honestly, it’s been a long and difficult battle that isn’t won yet and I do understand why they are touchy even tho I don’t approve.

      • Put your happy face and positive attitude back on! I know, you live with females and that’s hard enough, you sure don’t need more grief from female bloggers you don’t know, who don’t know you, and all that was a bad misunderstanding. Shake it off! It’s done and gone.

        Now back to your great pot post! 😉

      • I’m cool with it. I think they must be what Rush calls Femi-Nazis?

      • I can’t agree that Rush ever said anything worth repeating or agreeing with, and have never found any humor in his put downs.

        It is their microphone and just as we monitor our microphone here, they do there also. They are discussing a topic near and dear, emotions run high. Perhaps if you had stopped in a different thread your good natured friendliness would have been recognized.

        In my youth we burned our bras. Sadly, we then went home and said, “Yes, dear.” My generation wanted to be equal and allowed ourselves not to be. We didn’t do the next generation any favors or help the battle along. I still wish it could be done in a more gentle way — but who in the world am I to say! I have granddaughters who are still forced to fight for equality. Maybe if I had been less gentle the fight would have progressed.

        My Grandmother said, “sugar attracts more flies than vinegar.” She was a woman I’ll always admire so I’m going with her advice.

  10. lilacluvr

    I just saw this on the WE website and thought I would share….. One question: Just exactly how did Phill Kline end up with $200,000 personal debt? If he was acting as the KS Attorney General, then wouldn’t he be protected under the professional umbrella for any legal fees? Or is there more the story that we don’t know?

    Wichita Eagle….June 5, 2009

    TOPEKA – A spokesman for former state Attorney General Phill Kline called it unfortunate that a solicitation that arrived Thursday in thousands of Kansas mailboxes mentioned slain Wichita abortion provider George Tiller.

    The Topeka Capital-Journal reported on its Web site that the five-page brochure asked Kline’s supporters for donations to help him eliminate $200,000 in personal legal debt and to fight abortion.

    Kline focused much attention on the issue, including an investigation of Tiller, while serving as attorney general from 2003 through 2006.

    Kline spokesman Brian Burgess told the Capital-Journal that the brochures were mailed May 27, four days before Tiller was shot and killed.

    “There was no way to foresee what was going to happen,” Burgess said. “I think it’s fair to say the timing is unfortunate.”

    Kline began investigating Tiller’s clinic as well as a Planned Parenthood clinic in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park in 2003. The investigation led to criminal charges against Tiller, alleging he performed illegal abortions.

    Those charges were dropped after Kline lost a re-election bid and left office in 2007.

    Kline was appointed Johnson County district attorney after leaving the attorney general’s office and continued to pursue a case against the Planned Parenthood clinic. That case has not come to trial, and Kline lost a Republican primary for district attorney in 2008.

    He is now a visiting professor of law at Liberty University in Virginia.

    Kline is seeking help from political supporters with $200,000 in personal legal debt that accumulated during the past six years.

    Money raised also would help the Life Issues Institute in Cincinnati “launch more aggressive battles on the national front.”

    “I need your support,” Kline said in the brochure. “Your contributions will help us continue this fight and defray our legal expenses.”

    “I have acted in faith consistent with my duty and oath of office,” Kline wrote. “When you think about it, the battle is understandable. They must silence the truth by silencing the messenger; and to date, I am the only one who has been willing to speak the truth.”

    Kline did not comment Thursday on the brochure.

  11. jammer5

    Man can do whatever it takes to clean up the environment. I was born and raised in the los Angeles area in the mid 40’s. By the time I graduated from High school, you couldn’t see the Santa Monica mountains, less than twenty miles, on a smoggy day.

    The last time I was there, in the late 90’s, you could see them on any day of the year. Smog control worked.

    The Cuyahoga River, at one time the most polluted river in this country, caught fire at least thirteen time. The largest in 1952 and caused over a million dollars damage; a huge amount at the time. One of the last times in 1968, which lead Time magazine to do an article on it and helped spark the current environmental movement.

    The river is now listed as an American heritage site, and has water meeting aquatic standards. An amazing accomplishment for a river that was said to ooze rather than flow, and where humans didn’t drown, but decayed.

    One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is the Republicans penchant for fighting everything associated with improving the environment. From smog controls to seat belts to manufacturing plant emissions, they have fought tooth and nail to discredit them. One look at what Bush did during his eight years confirms that.

    All which means we cannot let our guard down for one minute, as the Republicans are sitting back waiting for the chance to revert to the business orientated side of environmental homicide.

    (okay . . .rant done!)

  12. lilacluvr

    Republicans have always been for profits at all cost. They have used their power in Washington to make anyone who is remotely concerned about the environment or safety out to be some fanatic or treehugger.

    I want to see some common sense in dealing with these serious issues.

    What really irks me is when Evangelical Christians mock global warming or any environment issue when their own Bible says that God created the world and then made man. Well, wouldn’t they think that God expected man to keep his world clean and safe?

  13. Feds launch probe into abortion doctor killing

    WASHINGTON – The Justice Department has launched an investigation into the killing of Kansas abortion provider George Tiller.

    The department’s civil rights division will probe possible federal crimes in connection with Dr. Tiller’s slaying at his church last Sunday in Wichita.

    Specifically, government lawyers will seek to determine if the killing violated a federal law passed in 1994 creating criminal penalties for violent or damaging conduct toward abortion providers and their patients.

    Police have charged Scott Roeder with Tiller’s death. After the killing, U.S. Marshals were sent to provide security to some abortion providers and clinics.

  14. djr4488


    I think the answer is yes. Like Jammer said, man does affect his environment(I don’t know how much man actually contributes to GW). But I also think that I can affect my use of things that do contribute to GW by just some simple changes. Walk to the grocery store when I need only a gallon of milk. Doesn’t bother me to do that. My doesn’t like it when I do that, but hey.

    Really I don’t know why people are completely against things that would help the environment. At the same time, I don’t think there needs to be huge tax increases either. Why can’t a business develop solutions and sell those solutions? I am a believer in capitalist markets. Yet, I criticize them equally well.

  15. David B

    Music Night all over Old Town

  16. David B

    Wow.. Abortion services provided offshore in international waters off the shore of countries where abortions are illegal..

    Dr. Rebecca Gomperts is a Dutch abortion provider, and an activist on the global front lines, fighting to liberalize law for providers and women of countries that do not yet have the law on their side.

    She does so by providing direct services to women in the public eye. Her organization, Women On Waves, sails to countries where abortion is illegal, providing abortions on a ship in international waters. The public controversy that follows is the cornerstone of her strategy to ignite debate and, ideally, to change the laws that force women to take extreme measures to terminate pregnancy.

    Last October, she sailed to Spain, where abortion was criminalized in 1985 except in cases of rape, malformation of the fetus, or if a psychologist deems the woman unfit to carry the pregnancy to term. Working with 33 Spanish activist groups, Women on Waves established a local hotline to communicate with women seeking abortions and, when possible, transported them 17 miles offshore outside of Spanish jurisdiction.