Tursday, 06/04/09 Public Square


Calming the dragon.

Calm the beasts within
that sometimes flare up and threaten the safety of our beings.
Dragons within dragons
highlight our innate ability, and our pure spiritual energy helps to connect to our higher self.



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24 responses to “Tursday, 06/04/09 Public Square

  1. wicked

    wow! fnord is learning about chakras?

  2. Ladies you know I’m a sucker for this eastern mysticism stuff. I love the artwork. I have a small start on collecting buddhist statuary. 3 pieces! 2 in stone, 1 is plastic. Not retiring on their value anytime soon.

    • wicked

      I like meditation, although I never have the chance to do it. I do listen to meditative music, and it’s helpful.

      Yoga is what I want to learn. I have the mat! Now if I only had the time. 😦

  3. One of the best things (for me!) about our open thread is that I do learn! I look around for images and that leads me to study very diverse topics. I got lost yesterday when I found chakras — lost in research. It was a great day!

  4. It all started when tstb posted about his bike ride. I started by wondering what people do to find a calming place. I don’t know enough yet, but this is fascinating!

  5. 6176746f6c6c65

    Good morning, all. Got a surprise yesterday, as I was told I’m being discharged today. So, a busy morning, getting all Rx, discharge paperwork, etc. One last inpatient visit to my favorite women, and, after one last lunch (to leave a lasting memory of the wonderful cuisine offered here, I’m sure), one last set of vitals, I’ll be able to echo the words of Dr. King: “Free at last.”

    Speaking of lunch; yesterday, as a part of OT, I cooked lunch. Not wanting to be a wimp, I did steak; fried potatoes; and sauteed onions and mushrooms to put on the steak. Even though it had been ages since I had done steaks in a pan on top of the stove, I managed to do one rare, one on the rare side of medium rare, and one more to the medium side of medium rare (to comply w/requests and my personal preference). Served me, my PT person, and a student torturer, much to the dismay of all others present (hey, they weren’t going to let me do that many steaks); my OT person, who supervised, declined, stating she doesn’t care for red meat. Add a salad, and all was well. I’ve been invited back to cook for the PT/OT crew whenever I want. Small triumphs; I don’t think most of them believed I could cook, even though I had told them I could on many occasions.

  6. Great news!

    Now please pace yourself! I have the feeling that if you push too much you will meet with frustration and that can’t be productive.

    I think your small triumphs are actually very large ones when added together! I’m so proud of you.

  7. jammer5

    Awesome, 6. Welcome back from the land of the lost.

  8. Imagine this — a man says bush the lesser is acting like he is above the law.


    “A Texan is trying to put a former president under oath and find out what he knew and when he knew it. But the issue isn’t national security, political skullduggery or a sex scandal.

    It’s a property dispute involving George W. Bush’s presidential library at Southern Methodist University.

    Gary Vodicka, who was forced out of his condominium by SMU to make way for the project, contends the university coveted the property as the future site of the library even before Bush ran for the White House, and lied about its intentions.

    On April 17, a Texas district judge ordered the former president to appear at a deposition to answer Vodicka’s questions about the library’s planning stages.

    “I was humbled by the ruling,” said Vodicka, 49, a lawyer who is representing himself in the case against SMU. “No one person is supposed to be above the law. And Bush is trying to act like he is.”

    continue reading at:

  9. jammer5

    Speaking of which: As I was returning from a quick trip to the store this morning, I saw a baby bunny cross the driveway in front of me. My first though was, suicide by auto (No, I didn’t hit him). My second was baby bunny sushi ( And, no I didn’t). Thinking quickly, I ran upstairs and poured myself my first cuppa of the day . . . whew . . . back to normal.

  10. g-stir

    jammer5- The Bunny’s name wasn’t Harvey, was it?

  11. Jammer, don’t go off the coffee!

    The Votemaster does an analysis of Pawlenty’s announcement:

    “In a slightly surprising move, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) has announced that he is not running for a third term in 2010. There are probably two reasons for his decision: (1) he wants to run for President in 2012 and being a sitting governor might take up too much valuable campaigning time, especially dealing with a state legislature in which DFLers (Democrats) have enough votes to override his vetoes, and (2) he barely won election in his first two runs for the governorship and a loss or a tiny win would be more of a hindrance than a help.

    Pawlenty’s withdrawal from the 2010 race undoubtedly has implications for what happens if the Minnesota Supreme Court says Al Franken won the Senate election. If Pawlenty’s next election is a Republican primary, he may want to keep conservatives happy and dawdle about signing Franken’s election certificate. On the other hand, if the court decision is unanimous and the justices really mean it, they could order him to sign the certificate within, say, 48 hours. If he refused point blank to do it, his primary opponents will scream that he has no respect for the law, definitely not a winner with conservatives. So the devil is in the details, as it often is.”

    • lilacluvr

      Conservatives seem to only believe in respect for the law if a Democrat is doing something. If the culprit is one of their own, then they are okay with looking the other way.

      Maybe that is why all these Conservative Christians are so eager and willing to forgive David Vitter, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, and the rest for all their so-called moral values gone astray?

  12. Was Susan Boyle’s Britain’s Got Talent dream scuppered by wrong phone numbers on YouTube?

    Fans revealed that the last two digits of Miss Boyle’s voting number on YouTube had been changed from the correct ’08’ to either ’07’ or ’09’ which were the numbers for dance group Diversity and singer Shaun Smith.

    • frigginloon

      Rigged Fnord, rigged. They didn’t want Boyle or Lambert winning because it ties them into contracts. They know they can make more money from them if they aren’t bound to any deals. Oh alright color me cynical! I still don’t believe they landed on the moon. Please there should be at least one condominium or golf course built on it by now! For goodness sakes people, we supposedly landed there 40 odd years ago and we haven’t ruined it with ugly concrete highrises yet! There is more technology in my ipod than those old rattle bucket space shuttles! LOL!

    • wicked


      I know that’s all pretty much true with Lambert. (He’s the one who took 2nd in AI, right?) I’m not an AI watcher. I think it’s sad what they do to those people. But it’s right that an AI win means a contract through AI which keeps the performer pretty much to one–and only one–type of music, instead of that person using his/her talent where it should be used. Musicwise, of course. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard.

      Susan Boyle will do much better out of the BGT spotlight and will be able to reach stardom (if that’s what she wants) at her own speed.

      Hey, it’s all rigged.

  13. frigginloon

    Sad news actor David Carradine (aka Little grasshopper) dead. Urgh, found naked and hanging in a wardrobe in Thailand. What an awful way to go!

  14. tosmarttobegop

    Hey why not claim to understand the Moslem world by using your full name and saying you had lived in a Moslem country so you understand their faith. After all I worked pretty well for President Kennedy to proclaim in Berlin that he was a creamed filled Danish!

    • wicked

      TSTB, I heard similar some time ago. According to comedian Eddie Izzard, JFK said he was a doughnut. Same difference and just as funny.

      If you have cable, watch for Eddie’s comedy hours. “Dress To Kill” is his best. I know PrairiePond is familiar with him.

  15. Isn’t understanding the first step to acceptance?

  16. tosmarttobegop

    Wow about David Carradine! “Kung-fu” was my beginning understanding of a martial arts core belief.
    Peace and reverence but when unavoidable minimal effort for maxim effect of stopping a threat.
    I am not sure what to say about how he was found, I could speculate from what I do know of other found in such a condition. But that is meaningless and tabloid and I would not disgrace his life and what he meant to many by doing so. In many respects he impacted martial arts in America as much as Bruce Lee.

    Farewell teacher…

  17. tosmarttobegop

    That is what I left on the blog that shall not be named, the cons were going off on the President making those points in his speech. In case anyone is not familiar with the Kennedy reference.

    President Kennedy wanting to state America solidarity with the people of East Germany made the statement. “Ich bin beriliner” he thought he was saying I am also a citizen of Berlin.
    When in Germany the word beriliner is the name of a specialty cream filled Danish!
    They knew what he meant and said that were glad for his support.

  18. jammer5

    Koko Taylor dies at 80; singer was Chicago blues icon. She opened doors for other female blues singers. Among her hits were ‘Wang Dang Doodle’ and ‘I’m a Woman.’

    We’ve lost another original. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of hearing her sing, has heard blues the way it was meant to be. She’s up there entertaining her friends now. Miss you, Koko.

  19. Bad Biker

    Ah, this has been a brutal week……………………….

    After the assassination of Dr. Tiller on Sunday, I was so distraught, that by Tuesday, I was SMOKING again. Reading the flaming from the right on the other blog damned near pushed me over the edge. No excuse, but it is an addiction. (Not that blog – smoking.)

    I have been fighting with the idiot lawyers for Earl’s estate. Pain in the ass. After months of pointing out that he had a money-market account with an investment firm – and them denying it – I finally called the firm myself and (wonders!) yes he did have an account. It took me FIVE minutes on the phone.

    The most troubling part of the issue is that they claim that he only had $5K in life insurance and that was left to his church. I know better, but I can’t prove it. Hell, because I pushed them, they discovered another $2,500 in stock – that would have been lost if I had not been so pushy. It all just pisses me off.

    I got up today at the crack of dawn (5:45 AM) to help my daughter with her garage sale. My girl has already made over $600. She has always been a pack-rat, and now it has paid off.

    I am dog sitting for her Spaniel. When I came home about eleven to let the dogs out, she had pushed out a screen and jump out the window. I am not happy. Fortunately, my cats did not escape.

    I am worried about my Grrl-friend and pray that she is well.

    My Red Wings lost on Tuesday, 4-2 to Pittsburgh. Hockey is a 51-49 sport; even bad teams beat great teams on any given night, so we’ll go again tonight. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be televised, so I’ll be ESPN’ing.

    Hey, I did make a great batch of chicken-fried steak last night! Awesome! That was my first attempt with steak – I usually make chicken fried chicken with saltines for coating. This time, traditional with eggs, milk and flour.

    Oh, well – gotta do the chores – later, Pop Bloggers!