Will The GOP Survive?

gop.elephant.deadA new Gallup poll shows 63% of the Republican Party are white conservatives, with another 26% saying they are white but not conservative.  Only 11 % represent Hispanics, Black, Asians, or members of other races.

By contrast, only 12% of Democrats are white conservatives, while about half are white moderates or liberals and a third are nonwhite.  Democrats have a significantly more diverse party composition. Well over a third (36%) of Democrats are nonwhite (Hispanic, or black or some other race) and the 64% of Democrats who are white are strongly skewed — by more than a 4-to-1 ratio — toward an ideological position that is moderate or liberal rather than conservative.

Independents, as would be expected, are somewhere between Republicans and Democrats in terms of their racial, ethnic, and ideological composition. Twenty-seven percent of independents are Hispanic, or are black or identify with another race, and, by about a 2-to-1 ratio, white independents split toward the nonconservative ideological position.

Republicans have a clear monopoly on the allegiance of white conservative Americans.

Does the Republican Party cling to its core conservative principles? Or should the Republicans make an effort to expand their base?  The decision the party makes in response to this question could be pivotal in helping determine its future.



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9 responses to “Will The GOP Survive?

  1. That’s eighty nine percent of Republicans who are white! WOW! Now I’ve got to go see if I find demographics on race of the U.S. population.

  2. lilacluvr

    I remember seeing the statistics during the GOP convention and the majority were white AND classified as upper middle class – I don’t remember the exact amount but around $250,000/yr.

    We know they have the conservative, gun-toting white males – hand downs – but what about the white women?

    I still think the next election hangs on how well or bad the economy does in the next 3 1/2 years. If people are working and supporting their families, then Obama and Democrats will have no problems.

  3. Do you know what I just realized?

    I am one of these! I can hardly quit laughing, ever since I realized this.

    Now, of course, I just became one of these (card came in the weekend mail!), and I wasn’t part of this poll. What would I say if they did call me? 😉 I would do this all again, as unsavory as it feels, just to help Tiahrt lose!

    How many registered as Democrats for the Democratic primaries last spring and haven’t reregistered? Just how skewed is the whole deal?

  4. lilacluvr

    Just curious – how many times have you been called to participate in a poll? I’ve been called once in my voting life. I am 56 years old and have been voting since I was 18.

    And with people now having cell phones instead of land phones – I wonder what effect that has on these polls?

  5. I’ve been called a couple of times recently — last year leading up to the 2008 elections. Before that I can’t remember ever being called. I’ve voted in every election since I was 21 (age allowed to vote when I was young).

  6. 6176746f6c6c65

    I’ve been polled by telephone 5 times, beginning with the 2004 election. I too have voted in every general election since I turned 21 (federal, state, county, municipal and BOE). I’ve missed a few primaries, but won’t miss the one for Senate in 2010.

  7. jammer5

    With their concerted attack on Sonamayor, the Republicans are disenfranchising just about every racial segment of our society, as well as insulting every woman. I would not like to see them down in flames, but I’m also not going to stand in their way if they do.

    I watched a bit of O’Reilly tonight, as that’s all I can stand. He was interviewing Beck about his “humor” tour. I about laughed my substantial derriere when Beck claimed large audiences that totally agreed with him. My response would be, who the hell would go see him if they didn’t agree with him?

    It’s like Milken reporting on how Republicans are being targeted for dealership closings without reporting the political breakdown of the dealerships. I mean, if there are 70% repub and 30% dem owners, and 60% of the republican dealerships are being closed, then it would turn out just the opposite. But you’ll never get her to do that study: it would show how stupid she really is.

    Nope, if the republican party wants to self destruct because of their own stupidity, let em.

  8. lilacluvr

    But they are playing the victim card when they whine and moan about the dealerships closing. But I noticed, these very same people didn’t seem to care when it was the blue collar auto workers losing their jobs – now did they? In fact, they all cried ‘let the Detroit automakers go bankrupt’. Now that one has – they have a problem with it?

    It is only when they are hit in their own wallets is when they begin to squeal.

    Republicans – especially the self-righteous Social Conservative Christians love to play the victim card. I guess it makes them feel that they have no responsibility if they can point the fingers at someone else?

  9. I don’t suppose the recently released discovery that former vice president Dick Cheney personally oversaw at least four briefings on the matter of “enhanced interrogation techniques” to senior members of Congress in 2005, will help the party be more credible or more attractive to new voters and Independents.

    According to an official who attended the briefings, Cheney defended the program but did not outline specific interrogation techniques. The briefings were held at a time when congressional committees had threatened to investigate and possibly end the program. Last month, the CIA delivered documents to Congress purporting to list every lawmaker briefed on the tactics. Yet, as WaPo writes, “For meetings that were overseen by Cheney, the agency told the intelligence committees that information about who oversaw these briefings was ‘not available.’