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  1. wicked

    Good morning, PP&Pers!! I hope this second day of June finds you smiling at the new day. Make the most of it!

  2. Here’s an update from our friend 6176. Typing still isn’t easy for him. It sounds like great progress to me even if I can understand completely his desire to have faster and more and complete. I think that goal will be achieved, it will just take a little more time!

    “FYI, my departure from rehab has been delayed until Friday, June 5. Reason? A foul up w/getting the brace. Just was “casted” yesterday afternoon. Hopefully, it will be delivered today, to allow for as much time as possible for tweaking, etc.

    Yesterday I went from trying out canes (4 pronged, traditional one tipped) to putting another gizmo on my shoe which attached to a knee brace resembling those that linemen in college and pro football wear, then walking. The verdict? No cane, no walker; the AFO (ankle foot orthotic) a/k/a brace should be sufficient. Will have a wheelchair at least early so I can safely get around when tired, go out, etc. Major goal for me is to get rid of the wheelchair ASAP.

    Arm continues to return slowly. I’m frustrated with the pace, but take solace in the fact that I’m less than 2 months into recovery.”

  3. tosmarttobegop

    The inner spirit is often what means a recovery even from the worst illnesses or injury. Keep it up 6176!

    Ahh it could be why I hate taking a car to a shop when I needed it to get home! I spent four hours yesterday setting in a waiting room and every other hour that service guy comes up because they found something else that needed replaced. But my automotive karma was still in effect, pulled into the drive and there is my wife’s car setting there with the hood up! It seems a long held tradition that when one car goes down the same day it is fixed another car goes down. Did not get my wife’s car to run but might have fixed the bike.
    I am going to call the local motor cycle mechanic and see it he will check out my work.

    I just love the “safe” reporting! This morning the news broke they may have found some wreckage of the airliner that disappear over the Atlantic. BUT just to be on the safe side the reporter added “but there is no way to tell just how much aircraft wreckage there is floating in the Atlantic!”. OK so how many aircraft have went missing lately? Kind of like the weather man who predicts “there is a chance of sun or rain or snow or windy or claim or dark or light or….”.

  4. Bad Biker

    Keep after it, 6176, God bless!

  5. jammer5

    Anyone ever click on the arrow next to the bog info on the gray bar? You start being transported to some really weird blogs.

  6. wicked

    Good grab, 6176!

    Harlequin sent out a 12-month calendar last year of those early covers. Most of us agreed they were horrid. LOL

    Thankfully, the line I write for is family-story oriented. No “bodice ripper” covers for us. In fact, my first book for this line had the most adorable little boy on the cover. Now the cover for my August book has a very hunky cowboy, fully dressed, complete with chaps. 😉

    60 years of romance. Harlequin is giving away 16 books to download, one from each line, until the end of the year.

    Free book downloads

  7. Pedant

    Things I’ve found at other websites (in the immortal words of Doc Blair in John Carpenter’s The Thing, “There’s nothin’ wrong with me, and if there was I’m all better now.”) (fnord, name your beer 😉 )

    1. Long interesting discussion of the best soccer goal of all time. This was a tongue-in-cheek submission:

    2. Anybody following the best selling item currently on Amazon? Check out the reviews, which are becoming more hilarious (and satirical) by the day. Also, check out the “customers who viewed this item also viewed:” section. I gotta get me one of these babies. 🙂


    • “customers who viewed this item also viewed”

      Now that’s some diversity! 😉

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Thank you, Pedant! The reviews…. let us agree that I’ve not laughed this much and with such vigor for a very long time. The exhibition of hilarity drew many visitors to my room, whereafter they, and each of them, left gasping for air, tears running down their cheeks.

      Again, Pedant, my thanks.

  8. A really nice update:

    “Just a note to let you know that so far Dave is doing OK. He has been walking about 1 mile everyday on his treadmill and his endurance is getting better. He is having a hard time putting the weight back on that he lost through this ordeal, but his appetite is good and he sleeps well at night. He’s going to attempt to go back to work next week, maybe just half days for a while. We’ll know in another month or so if he’ll need a pacemaker. He’s really doing very well considering everything he’s been through.
    He built me a plant holder for my “upside down tomatoes” on the deck last weekend. I think he enjoyed having a project to focus on. He’s also busy judging many of the entries for the Discovery Channel’s Challenge For Young Scientists…he will be in charge of all the challenges this year, the competition will be held in New York City instead of DC in October. He’s motivated to do the project, I’m wishing he’d be a little more conservative in his commitments until he’s fully recovered. We’ll see how it goes.
    Anyway, thank you again for your support and prayers…our friends and family have been our strength and comfort for the last two months. Love, Mary”