Saturday, 05/30/09 Public Square

washington st

This beautiful picture was taken in Washington State.  Isn’t it cooling?  It’s HOT here in Kansas!  And humid, and kinda miserable.

What have you been doing?   How are keeping cool?



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  1. frigginloon

    Morning Prairie P&P’s…it’s freezing down under..oh and in Australia too 🙂 . As you probably have figured I am a “the more I know people…the more I like my dog” type person or if you are into Myer Briggs a INTP. So anywho I thought I would share some tips on keeping your animals cool during the heat of summer. For dogs…place a small piece of cooked chicken or beef in a very small container of water and freeze it (keeps them amused and cool at the same time…plus they get their little chicken treat at the end). Ooh never hose a dog with water when it is hot as it could lead to shock and organ failure..who told me. Ice blocks in goldfish bowl. I use a little hand water sprayer to keep my weerios/cockatiels cool. Does it get that hot in Kansas? We have temperatures during summer of over 104 degrees . Bummer really…you can literally fry eggs on your car. Now for doesn’t matter, they manage to always find the coolest place no matter what!

    • jammer5

      If you have a big dog, you can place the whole chicken, minus bones, in a quart pan, add water, freeze, and watch the dog go bonkers. If you have a REALLY big dog, freeze a whole cow (bone in). I’d pay to watch that 🙂

  2. I should tell you Loon that I’m an equal opportunity weather complainer so I complain both when I’ve decided it’s too hot and again when I’ve decided it’s too cold. Oh, and windy — too windy is another complaint. There are probably others! 😉

    I think it was in the 80s much of last week. The wind is Kansas only stops blowing when the temps get high enough that a nice breeze would feel good. Humidity! Do you know what humidity can do to a reasonable temperature? Make it downright unreasonable!

    Is that enough weather complaining?

    Being around some people is just plain awful! But the P&Ps are a really good bunch and never fail to reaffirm my faith in humankind. My dog will remain my favorite and constant companion. She always lets me be right. My cats remind me I have much to learn! They try, they really try to train me.

  3. David B

    fnord, do you remember that day the wind stopped blowing in Kansas? Everybody fell down.

    • That’s a good one! When I’m leaning into the wind I’m going to chuckle now that I understand the purpose! 😉

  4. Bad Biker

    Kansas wind, it’s what we’re known for.

    When riding a motorcycle in heavy crosswinds, ya gotta LEAN into the wind to remain upright – not a lot of fun, but it’s manageable. The funny part comes when you go under an overpass – no wind – and you’re still leaning! Whoops!

    Ah, it’s all good. There has to be a bit of a challenge to it or everyone would be doing it.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    LOL Biker I so relate! I only had about 22 miles to go to and come from work and 20 of that is open highway. I only remember one day I did not have a cross wind! It felt so odd and then I had a tail wind to boot.

    The best wind story has to be one evening in Okla, I was going to visit my brother-in-law at the other end of town. I stopped for gas and when I came out the sky was aqua-marine and the clouds were boiling!
    Changed my mind and decided to go back home, By the time I was heading back home the wind was on my back and pushing the 650 Yamaha I was riding at between 45 and 50 miles an hour without me giving any gas.

    I dreaded the thought that in order to get back home would mean having to turn cross wind.
    Yeah leaning is a polite way of putting it. More like I laid down into the wind! I felt like I could have put my hand down and touch the road after turning cross wind. The thought occurred to me, was the gate to the garage open or closed? Then I started begging into the wind that my wife would have thought to open the gate.

    SHE HAD!!! I rode into the driveway and then the garage by then the trees were leaning with the wind and the shingles were flapping on the roof. It had been a down burst and afterwards I walked out to see if the shed had survived? It was gone, everything that was in it was still setting on the base but no shed .
    I suddenly hear the neighbor from across the street asking. “Ya all look’n ford ya’re shed?”.
    I said I was and she said, “Damn’s thing! I were watch’n and it did not move then sud’nly “BOOM!” it just exploded and wrapped a round mine tree!”.

    I was use to riding in wind from living in Kansas but had never rode in such wind before! I had thought Kansas had bad weather and winds, it does not compare to living in OKLA.

  6. Bad Biker

    “Rookie defenseman Jonathan Ericsson also will return to the lineup after having an emergency appendectomy Wednesday prior to Game 5 of the Western Conference finals against the Chicago Blackhawks.”

    Say what?!? He was in surgery Wednesday afternoon and is going to play in the Stanley Cup finals opening game tonight.

    Hockey players are such sissies.


    Go Wings!

  7. jammer5

    You gotta watch this. It is some funny shit:
    Young con anthem and MCRove