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A commitment to all who blog here:  at Prairie P & P’s we find the above cartoon sad beyond description.  If you found it funny or identified with it, this blog won’t be a place you’ll enjoy.

Tell us what you’re thinking, what you’re wondering about.



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  1. jammer5

    Fat, rich, white Republicans, sitting at an empty table, pondering how they’re going to screw even more poor people.

  2. jammer5

    Okay, now that’s done, the rally important stuff: TV shows!
    Life on Mars: Best damn short, complete series done . . . ever.

    Castle: Just plain fun. Great characters, great plot lines.

    Burn Notice: One of the best casts on TV. Plus Fiona is hot (hey, I’m an old fart. Gotta have my fantasies 🙂 )

    In Plain Sight: Lose the mom and sister. Otherwise, great show.

    NCIS: Best season ending. Great characters. Will Zeva and Tony ever get it on? After the season ending, questions arise.

    Do I sound like a retired old geezer? Favorites anyone?

  3. jammer5

    Oh, for those following: Two more chapters at the other blog, way over there. Getting interesting 🙂

  4. This is from The Anchorage Daily News. Seems up there in Alaska Governor Palin has her very own “Rush-like” right wing talk show host Eddie Burke who is the unofficial mouthpiece for her administration. They are bff!

    Grace Jang, a Korean-American journalist, was invited to this conservative radio talk show to get behind-the-scenes video of a debate on a divisive issue.

    It’s time to say “enough” to all of it; all the narrow-minded put-downs, and the reasons people use to cut others down based on who they are; the smug superiority that makes anyone think they are worth more, and another worth less.

    “Ethnic insult poses dilemma for Anchorage TV reporter”

    • jammer5

      And an individual, who wants any emails between Palin’s office and this Burke dude, was told by the Alaska government it will cost her $65,000 to get them.

  5. lilacluvr

    I have asked several Conservative Christian Republicans this simple question and they never answer.

    When did Jesus live in the Palace while people were suffering?

    Politicians who support policies that only benefit the wealthiest is one thing but when Christians are supporting those same policies, I find that really hypocritical.

  6. jammer5

    Four more posts at the other blog, way over there, if anyone’s interested . . . . hint . . . hint.

  7. I have it opened in my browser and will enjoy the read after I get out there and mow! In fact, I won’t have the energy for much but sitting and reading. 😉 It’s hell to get old.

  8. For your viewing DISpleasure. The ugly, hateful Republicans and the ads they’ve trotted out, swinging at everyone in sight — Sonia Sotomayor, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Guantanamo, and even one of their own in Charlie Crist. .

    • Someone has to go to the link above and watch the video titled, “The Gathering Storm.” And then come back here and tell me if that is a joke, satire? It can’t be a real ad made by people who oppose gay marriage! There is no one that stupid, is there!?

      • Stupid seems to be the natural human condition, that is accepted wisdom I believe.

      • That’s really scary, unstranger. Let’s just stick together and avoid what stupidity we can.

      • 6176746f6c6c65

        fnord, the video itself says it’s a parody (not to mention the name of the production company). OK, you almost had me there; your cheek must be bruised, with your tongue so firmly planted there.:-)

      • You know me too well, 6! Actually, I watched the original and it was pretty stupid too.

  9. Just have to keep up with things and smile when necessary with fingers crossed.

  10. jammer5

    Here is a piece by that stalwart bastion of American truth, G Gordon Liddy:

    A major conservative radio host, G. Gordon Liddy, attacked President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Thursday in perhaps one of the most grotesque politically-oriented tirades in recent times.

    “Let’s hope that the key conferences aren’t when she’s menstruating or something, or just before she’s going to menstruate,” Liddy said. “That would really be bad. Lord knows what we would get then.”

    Liddy is no stranger to controversy — in fact, he spent four years in jail for his role in the Nixon-era Watergate burglaries. His radio show is syndicated in 160 markets and on the Sirius Radio network.

    Liddy also attacked Sotomayor for her affiliation with La Raza, a Hispanic civil rights group (which was also maligned Thursday by former GOP Rep. Tom Tancredo, who called it the Latino KKK). Liddy referred to the Spanish language as “illegal alien.”

    “I understand that they found out today that Miss Sotomayor is a member of La Raza, which means in illegal alien, ‘the race,'” Liddy quipped. “And that should not surprise anyone because she’s already on record with a number of racist comments.”

    “And everybody is cheering because Hispanics and females have been, quote, underrepresented, unquote,” Liddy added later. “And as you pointed out, which I thought was quite insightful, the Supreme Court is not designed to be and should not be a representative body.”

  11. Hello out there in blogland. I’m back from meatspace.

    Dd y knw tht t n tme, nglsh ws wrttn wtht ……..


  12. Hello, Sekan! I missed you and I’m glad you’re back. Do you have to travel again next week?

  13. David B

    The idea of the fanatics, I guess, is to throw all the mud you can find to see if anything resonates with public opinion. Or maybe it is just to stimulate themselves.

    So far we have Sotomayor is:
    A Marxist
    A woman who menstruates and is thus unreliable
    Undeserving of her education because “affirmative action” provided it for her, not her own efforts
    A racist
    A member of a Ku Klux Klan-like organization
    A bully on the bench
    The “most activist judge in the country”
    A bigot

    What have I missed in this list?
    No claim of lesbianism… yet…

  14. Well, you left off her poor and volatile temperament (a bully on the bench probably covered this one!), and the fact that she is an intellectual lightweight.