Puzzled about Jumps in Blog Traffic…

We tend to have increases in our traffic toward the middle of the week.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are our big days.

Anyone have an idea why this might be?  My dear and precious spouse says that people are bored at their j0bs on those days and check in as a result.

Myself:  I have no idea.

Your theories are welcome.  Let us know…

Iggy Donnelly


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5 responses to “Puzzled about Jumps in Blog Traffic…

  1. frigginloon

    It’s those friggin trolls!

  2. g-stir

    The nausea from WEB accumulates and needs a release later in the week? Boredom….?

    • jammer5

      So the “wet dream” syndrome is alive and well in the middle of the week. Awesome, dude.

  3. Who is that adorable baby? Bet he grew up to be a thinker — started pondering the world at a very young age!

    • Well, maybe, or his puzzled look could have come from the sensation of filling his diapers. I do appreciate emotion as it appears on faces, especially on young faces.