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  1. I know very little about Appeals Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor, although I’m positive information (some even true!) will be flying over the next few days. When I heard Hispanic woman this morning all I could think was 6176 saying (paraphrase) — when you try to balance the court by race or gender you get Clarence Thomas. That’s scary!

    Is this nominee (both woman and hispanic) a good choice? Who knows what — that is fact, not spin?

  2. lilacluvr

    From what I’ve read on Huffington blog, she was first picked by George H.W. Bush and then Bill Clinton tapped her for another judgeship.

    Politically, Obama has put the Republicans in a tight spot. If they oppose her – they will be alienating Hispanics and women even further than they already have.

    From the Huffington blog reading, I learned she was instrumental in the baseball strike and she sided with the players.

    She also sided with that city in Connecticut in which the promotional exams were all thrown out because not enough minorities scored high enough and the white firefighters filed a lawsuit. Ironically, that same lawsuit is now to be heard at the Supreme Court.

    She has had a rags to riches life, it seems. She lived in the projects with her Puerto Rico parents and worked her way up to being a judge.

    I am going to be watching to see exactly who opposes her and the reasons they give.

    It was mentioned in the blog reading that Republican Jeff Sessions opposed her at the time because she did not have enough credentials – but now since she has had several more years experience – can he use the same reason if he opposes her?

    All in all, I think her addition to the Supreme Court will not rock the boat too much. Probably just refilling the Souter spot. It was mentioned, also, that there have been no abortion rulings from this woman – so that issue may still be thorny?

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Would you condemn some one that judges someone by the color of their skin or their gender?
    Sadly there is that element to wanting someone as a judge on the supreme court based on the color of their skin or gender. In a real sense thinking just because someone is of a certain color of skin that they will bring a view for that color of skin is ridicules. Just because someone is male or female does not mean that they will solely base all views on their gender.

    A supreme court judge is not to decide on emotion, feeling, race or gender they are to decide based on the Constitution. That is the function and purpose of the supreme court as the Constitution is the supreme law.

  4. David B

    This nominee is a solid, professional, accomplished jurist. That should be enough of a description.

  5. lilacluvr

    I ventured over into the ‘other blog’ and some of the Cons were ridiculing her looks – so is it safe to assume they have nothing else to use as ammunition against since they are stooping to this lowest level of mud being thrown?

    Just let Rush and his army of dittoheads do their worst against this nominee and we’ll see Rush’s popularity ratings go from 30% to 3%?

  6. Trip to the Outhouse

    I hope I’m not too late in the day for this, but my question seems to match up with the political cartoon.

    On the walk with my dog to the park this early evening, I saw a car with this bumper sticker:

    “Celebrate Diversity; Stop Socialism”

    I couldn’t decide what this really implies, so I wasn’t sure whether to get riled up or feel supported. It was the only thing pasted onto the bumper, so there was no way to figure out any other leanings or affiliations of the car’s owner. I even tried to do a google search to see into what category or whose promotions it might fall, but to no avail.

    Any ideas?

  7. I think it’s another person who has no idea what the term socialism means. I’ve heard many compare it to Hitler, where government is in total control telling you what you may be, think, do, become… And, of course, these people see this as taking away all free will. That’s my take anyway — that the idiot driving that car thinks everything will be controlled and decided by a Socialistic government thus diversity would end.

    Did you stay safely on the sidewalk — and most especially protect that precious Annie from such idiots??

    • Trip to the Outhouse

      Oh, we were fine as far as safety goes. The car was parked, actually, near this very amazing kids’ play area–huge-acious, jungle-gym type–constructed especially so that it can even be used by kids with disabilities and which sits adjacent to this Catholic church that feels like it is in the park, but is not, and just on the other side inside the 3-mile long running trail is a very pretty public golf course whose laid-back clubhouse houses one of the best hamburger joints with a great patio where you can sit with your dog for hours shooting the breeze, and enjoying the breeze, watching the sun set on the other side of the trees with nobody trying to get you to move.

      So, yeah, nobody bothered us.

  8. Oh, and we must continue to always protect the most wealthy because we strive to be that (it’ll happen any day now!) and then we would expect to be protected too. /sarcasm

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Celebrate Diversity; Stop Socialism”

    Kiss a rich person?

  10. lilacluvr

    Usually when I see the phrase Celebrate Diversity – it means accepting everyone regardless of their economic status, ethnic background or their sexual orientation.

    Somehow, that does not sound like a Republican – does it?