Have you ever seen a ghost, maybe a monster? Something that you don’t talk about to others that you don’t trust? BUT you know you saw something that is not the everyday even though you have to question if indeed you did see it? Don’t be afraid, as you are not alone.  Most sightings of ghosts, UFOs and Bigfoot do not get reported and maybe not even mentioned to close friends.

Now have you ever wondered what a call for assistance would sound like after seeing a Bigfoot?  What would you say to a dispatcher after seeing a 7 foot tall, hair covered ape/man in the front yard?  You want their help but don’t want to sound like a crackpot, like someone they would dismiss and not send the police. The following is such a call from the Northwest.  Listen to the confusion and the attempt to dance around exactly what he was seeing and what it could be.  Here is what has come to be called the “911 call”.

BTW, yes, I have seen something strange.  It was back in the middle seventies, and no, I’m not saying it was Bigfoot.  I saw it in Kansas while hunting.  At the time I’d never  heard of Bigfoot and didn’t even tell my best friends, the ones who know more about me then my wife does. It took over a decade and only after I encountered someone else who had seen it did I ever say anything.

And would you like to know what I saw? Here is a link with pictures that somewhat resemble what I saw in the Big Ditch outside of Wichita. I say “somewhat,” as the hair was more form fitting and the body was better defined.  No, I am not crazy and wasn’t drunk at 6:30 on a Sunday morning. I was hunting rabbits and saw doves flying down to the water to drink. Not having any luck with the rabbits I went and sat in the tall weeds along the bank. When I heard water splashing down stream I leaned out and saw it.  Not a bear, not a dog, not a guy wearing a wetsuit or a naked black man bathing. Now I have established what it was not. I just can not establish what it was.

Enjoy and share, you will be in good company!



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  1. frigginloon

    A few years ago we were filming in a remote area of Australia. As there was no accommodation the film crew decided to camp in tents while I chose to sleep in the car (I hate camping). Every time I have camped something spooky always happens. So I told them I will be sleeping with the doors locked and the keys in my pocket and if anything happens “you’re on your own”. They laughed and thought I was just being silly. The tents were pitched near the SUV which I could see clearly from the car window. In the middle of the night I woke up because I felt the car rolling . I lay very still and about 10 minutes later I heard loud footsteps around the car. I looked out the window and couldn’t see anybody. I initially thought one of the guys had got up to go to the toilet. I watched both tents and no movement. Now I was petrified. The footsteps and noises continued for another 10 minutes. Needless to say I didn’t get much sleep. In the morning over the camp fire I asked, who was the clown shaking the car last night. Both looked blankly at me. I said come on I heard somebody walking around. One of the guys went pale and said he had heard it too. In fact he thought someone was urinating on his tent. When he opened the tent flap there were thousands upon thousands of crickets covering his tent. He said he too was petrified to move and swore somebody was walking around outside and figured it was one of us. The other guy had slept like a log (typical). When we eventually arrived at a small town we were chatting with some local Aboriginals and we told them what had happened to us. They burst out laughing and said we had been visited by their ancient spirits. They were so amazed because they had been talking about them the night before. I can’t remember what they call them but they said the spirits like to let people know they are around. About a year latter I bumped into a very good Aboriginal friend of mine and he said out of the blue “did that spirit you saw scare the hell out of ya?” I hadn’t told him a thing, never even mentioned my trip. When I said “how did you know?” He said shhh you must never mention them.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I have been thinking about deleting this one, though it is serious it is not in line with what is meant to be here. Many may not feel comfortable with talking about such things.

    • There isn’t anything that doesn’t belong here! Well, ugliness, profanity that goes beyond acceptable and appropriate, hate would be exceptions.

      I think it’s interesting! I have one I’ll share if I get up enough courage. 😉

      • tosmarttobegop

        Thanks, I have it reported to two Bigfoot sites so it not a great secret.
        And there have been at least two other sighting in the area.

        It did start me out on one big interest and I have been interested ever since. LOL I still remember the ribbing the first person got when they said they saw an Armadillo on So. Seneca! Now you see them dead on the road every year! BTW, I ran over one in OKLA it was like rolling over a large rock!

        In 1984 I think it was the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s department was getting the reports of a large black cat that was said to be the size of a mountain Lion. I know one of the road officers who went on a call, he swore me to secrecy about his name. But he saw it and it ran away on two legs vaulted over a 4 foot fence and disappeared down a drainage ditch. It shook him to no end!

        Its my understanding it is called the Panther man or so it was called by the first person to have admitted to me he and his friends had seen it. He told me this without me telling him of my sighting only when I told him where I use to hunt.

        “There are more things in Heaven and earth then dreamed of by the mind of man!”.
        OK “The truth is out there!”.

    • frigginloon

      Come on….you guys were talking about cut penis/penii before!!! LOL! I have many an unexplained encounters.

      • Oh, I’d forgotten the plural of penis! Penii. That was from Ann, wasn’t it? Must remember. 😉

      • frigginloon

        Nope I am afraid Ann can’t take credit for that doozie. That was from my good mate Christo who works for the Taxation Dept! Ann, bless her soul is carer to a very sick hubby.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I have found the longer one lives the more likely they will see something they can not explain.
    Not because they are looking its because it just happens, I should be more spooked about my basement.
    Late one night I was setting at the computer desk and had the TV on I turned my head enough to see the TV which put my eye sight where my side view was stronger and I saw a tall figure passing the bottom of the stairwell to the basement. It passed from the side where my daughter’s bedroom was to the side where the washer and dyer was. Other then me the only one that tall was my oldest son and he loved to torment his sister. So I looked directly down stair and started to ask him what he was doing in his sister’s room.
    But before I could get a word out the door that led farther into the basement opened up and my oldest came stumbling out heading for the bathroom. It could not have been him who I had saw since I was looking directly into the basement and he could not have gotten from where the figure disappear to farther into the basement without me seeing him!

    I rushed down stairs to look around by only the kids asleep were in there.
    I did not mention it to anyone as the three kids all slept down there and I did not want to spook them.

    Years later I finally asked if anyone had seen anything in the basement? To my surprise out of five people living here four had seen a figure in the basement! But had never mentioned it, seeing it come out of nowhere and go into nowhere. My daughter was the only one to have never seen it. The figure seemed solid and normal except for not belonging here. The only other strange occurrence was I use to have the computer down there. And one day while in the room where the computer was. Suddenly from another room I heard what sounded like a human being ribbing like a frog? I searched the house and found no one.

  4. OK, this is a true story.

    In May of 1971 my father-in-law died. That summer my widowed mother-in-law wasn’t well. We put it down to grief and didn’t pay enough attention! We knew she’d lost weight, wasn’t eating well, was immensely sad, but she’d been married for over 40 years and since she was 15 years old! I’m ashamed to say how badly we ignored her declining health, it happened so quickly.

    Hubby and I were asleep in our tiny bedroom where one side of the bed had to be against a wall. I slept on the outside because we had two small daughters who could wake me by just standing beside the bed, and their Dad could sleep through everything (typical, huh?).

    I ‘felt’ a person standing beside the bed, opened my eyes and saw my father-in-law. I wasn’t in the least afraid of this man I had loved dearly. It wasn’t a shadowy image — IT WAS HIM! He said, “Take care of Mom, she needs you. I’ll see you soon.” And then he was gone.

    I sat up, turned to the other side of the bed where hubby slept and saw that he was not only awake, but sitting up in bed. I asked what woke him, had he seen or heard anything? He told me he saw his Dad and repeated word for word what Dad had said.

    We got up, he dressed and drove the short seven miles to his Mom’s house in the middle of the night. She was barely breathing, he carried her to the car, took her to the hospital where she was admitted with a life-threatening case of pneumonia, complicated by weakness, dehydration. According to the doctors if we had waited until morning she probably wouldn’t have made it.

    She lived another 20 years!

    Oh, and for a long time I kinda worried about that last sentence Dad said, “I’ll see you soon.” Today I realize more about the passing of time, but ‘soon’ didn’t have nuances back then. 😉

    • frigginloon

      That gave me a nice case of the hairs on the back of the neck…thanks Fnord. It’s OK for you Prairie P&P’s it’s morning your way. I am half an hour to midnight and closer to Kim Jong Il than any of you! 🙂

  5. frigginloon

    I was house sitting for a friend of a friend. The woman had gone to Europe and I was suppose to stay in her house for a month. The first night I slept there I noticed strange shadows moving in the hallway. I kept getting up and they would disappear. The next day when I came home from work I had a strange feeling someone had been in the house. My things seemed to have been moved and it was down right creepy. That night in my sleep I was attacked with what I would have sworn was a spirit. It was far too real to have been just a nightmare. When I went to work the next day one of the guys was really upset because he had been kicked out of home. I said perfect, here are the keys to this house you can stay there for a few weeks. I went back to my house happy I didn’t have to spend another friggin night in the creepy house. The next day at work the guy handed me back the keys with the most frighten face I have ever seen and said he never,ever wanted to stay in that house again. I hadn’t said a word about my experiences. He wouldn’t tell me all that happened, but he said things were moving around the house, he was attacked in his sleep and when he woke up after a frightful night all the blinds in the house were up after he had pulled them down the night before. No one could get him to talk about it .

  6. lilacluvr

    I am about to tell you all something that I don’t usually share with everyone but since we are talking about myterious, unexplained things happening; here goes.

    My great grandmother (on my mother’s side) was the 7th daughter of the 7th son. She supposedly had special powers. When I was 5 yrs old, I was having my tonsils taken out. The surgeon’s nurse came out to the waiting room and told my anxious parents that I was severely bleeding and the surgeon could not get the bleeding to stop. My mother who was frantic (as you can imagine) immediately called ‘Granny’ and she said some chant immediately. The surgeon’s nurse came back out to the waiting room and told the story of how the bleeding had just stopped and how baffled the surgeon was over what should have been just a routine tonsillectomy.

    When my brother (living in Illinois) was dealing with his liver cancer, I would come home from work late at night and I swear I saw my deceased grandfather (Granny’s son) sitting on my front porch waiting for me and he would tell me ‘it’s okay’. My brother lived for 3 years.

    When I was undergoing my own chemotherapy here in Kansas, my brother passed. The next night I could not sleep. I went out to the kitchen for something to drink. I turned around and my brother’s face was staring right at me and he told me ‘I’m okay, I’m not tired anymore’. The last conversation we had just 3 days prior to his death was about him being tired all the time. Within seconds, my brother was gone but a peace came over me. I went back to sleep and have not seen him since.

    I come from a family with what some people might call a psychic sense but I think it is more than that.

    I think it is the power of love. If God is love and we are to be like God, then doesn’t it just make sense that love will endure even if our physical bodies are no longer with our loved ones?

    So – that’s just one of many stories on my mother’s side.

    Now for my father’s side – my grandmother told the family about the time she saw a UFO. She described it in detail and no one could challenge her belief in what she saw. And she was never the type to express anything like that before that incident. She also said she was not afraid – she felt a sense of calm and was just curious.

    I have also learned to never question anyone telling me anything they might have seen or experienced. For all the wonders in this world, isn’t it just possible the truth is still out there to explore?

  7. tosmarttobegop

    OK Fnord touched on a couple of things that have happened, I was a newly wed and my brother-in-law who was 30 it was discovered he had brain cancer and he was going fast. Two kids and a lovely wife who he meant the world to her. The night he died we finally all went home and as I laid in bed I was so upset and it seemed so unfair. I thought it should have been me who died, Paul had so much to live for and two children to be a dad too. Suddenly from the darkness I heard Paul’s voice, he told me it was his time and I should live my own time.

    Another with a witness, my oldest son for his second birthday we got him his own cat. The cat acted more like a dog, came when called by my son and the two was hardly a part. The kids were staying with relatives and a neighbor came to the door. He asked if we had a black and gray tiger stripped cat? He had seen another neighbor’s 18 y.o. son shoot our cat. It was my son’s cat and I buried him in the yard.

    Now the cat had one bad habit, he would jump up on the kitchen table then jump down onto the tiles floor.
    You could hear his claws hit the floor and make a scratching noise every time. My wife and I went to bed that night. Suddenly I hear the familiar sound of the cat jumping off the table and its claws scratching on the floor. It was pitch black and I laid there silent thinking that is not possible!
    Then my wife finally asked, “Did you hear that?”
    We compared notes and yes we had both heard it!

  8. QnofHrts

    I’m a believer of spirits and such.

    My father-in-law passed away before I met my husband. He’s ‘visited’ us several times. I’ll tell you about a couple. I’ve been in 2 near miss fatal car accidents in the past 5 years. Both times out of nowhere my car has been inexplicably removed from the path of destruction/impact and my car is flooded with the odor of pipe tobacco and Brut (my FIL smoked pipe and always wore Brut).
    I often wondered what Slim (FIL’s nickname) would have thought of me and of the grandchildren born after his passing. I had a dream about a year ago. Hubby and I had gone on vacation just the two of us. We checked in and went to our room. MM left to go get ice and I was in the room alone. The phone rang. I picked up and the hotel operator said “I have a phone call for Roy” and connected the other line. I said “I’m sorry Roy’s not here, can I take a message and have him call you back.” The voice on the other line said “Julie Sweetie!” the cadance and tone of the words was EXACTLY like my oldest brother-in-law but the pitch of the voice was just not the same. “I called for you. I wanted to let you know that I picked you specifically for Roy. I love you.” and the line went dead.
    I told family members about it and they all say it was Slim.

    I’ve had other dealings with other spirits/ghosts so I’m very convinced on that topic.

    I’m not completely convinced about ‘bigfoot’. (Over 7 foot and hairy? Sounds like my husband!) My main thing is why have there been no bodies or skeletons found? Seems like with all the ‘bigfoot’ hunters out there that we’d get a clear photo shot. I’ll remain open to the idea but I’m not completely sold on it yet.

    UFO’s. Come on people! We can’t be the smartest bunch out of the solar system! There’s gotta be something else out there.

    • tosmarttobegop

      “I’m not completely convinced about ‘bigfoot’. (Over 7 foot and hairy? Sounds like my husband!)
      My main thing is why have there been no bodies or skeletons found?”

      Granted answers are more speculation than fact, hunters have said that it is only rarely that they find bodies or bones. Nature does have a very effective clean-up system.
      Did you know that Porcupines eat bones? I did not until it was said in a documentary.
      By their displayed tendencies Bigfoot is not too fawned of being in a well traveled area.
      Sighting are more when a human happens into the same area as the Bigfoot.
      Grizzlies are seen as often as Bigfoot for the most part and we do not know exactly how intelligent a Bigfoot is? Imagine if they are close to human intelligences and having the senses of an animal? Human’s are not the quietist creatures in the woods and because of our diets we have a body odor that would stand out in the woods.

      On Grizzlies, we know they exist and yet seldom is a complete skeleton of a Grizzly found in the woods.

      “ Seems like with all the ‘bigfoot’ hunters out there that we’d get a clear photo shot“.

      The first problem with a photo is just what would a picture of a real Bigfoot look like?
      How can you tell its a real Bigfoot unless you can establish just what a real one looks like? Its kind of like if you took a picture of something that is invisible what would it look like?

      You go to youtube and enter the keyword “bigfoot” you find several hundred videos claimed to be Bigfoot. Most are quite easy to tell its someone in a Gorilla suit.
      The only video that has stood the test of time and exam has been the Patterson film.
      Several have tried to disprove it and even claimed to have. One of the latest claimed to have found the metal zipper. Later he conceded that what he thought was a metal zipper was just a glint of sun on the hair.

      As to pictures there are thought to be a may-be the one I linked to has not been truly explain. The Department of fish and game in Pen said its a mangy bear though comparing them to a known picture of a mangy bear there is no comparison.
      Even when compared to photos of known great apes in the same stance there is a good difference between the two.

      The use of trail cameras what thought to be the best hope and true the photos in Pen were gotten with a trail cam. Yet so far ever organized attempt has not gotten any photos.
      My thoughts go back to what I touched on up post, what if they are intelligent enough to know that these rectangle boxes attached to a tree is something to be avoided as they are not natural?