The Male Advantage is in Violence; Democracy is Female’s Best Chance

GoingUpCheney’s attempts to justify the unjustifiable plus the Republicans screams of “get Nancy,” kept this news hidden or covered only in the middle pages with mere mentions.  Women were elected to Kuwait parliament.

The victory marked the first time women have won parliamentary seats since given the right to vote and run for office in 2005. For the past 50 years Kuwait’s parliament has been the sole preserve of men.

Another article states “Democracy is the best chance for women.”  Men have a natural advantage when it comes to a physical battle and the jackboot of a dictatorship leaves women conceding that there really might be an intractable difference between the genders after all.

Author, Clive James, says, “Men will always monopolise the means of violence if they can. Women can learn to shoot guns, but there are no all-female armies, and even the Amazons were probably a myth. Women, on the whole, would naturally like to do something else, whereas an army, for too many men, is a home away from home, and often their only home.”

And he argues the battles America is fighting to bring democracy are worth it.  He says,

Despair can coarsen one’s judgment. I knew enough about what Saddam Hussein and his talented son Uday were doing to women to want that regime toppled. The price of doing so might have seemed too high, but at least now, six years later, it is no longer official policy to rape a woman in front of her family. There may be unofficial forces still on the loose in Iraq who would like to do that, but the government no longer does it.

Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan still seems worth it when you have read about what the Taliban want to do with any woman who seeks an education, but it’s easy to despair when you think of how hard it is to stop them.

Sometimes despair overwhelms us when we read of just a single so-called honour crime in which the men of a family have ruined the life of a daughter for what seems no reason at all, and the men walk free because that’s the culture, and the culture runs the government.”



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5 responses to “The Male Advantage is in Violence; Democracy is Female’s Best Chance

  1. Although it’s true full equality for women hasn’t been reached in America, we’re arguing over issues of less gravity than our counter parts in other countries. I don’t want to see women stop demanding equality in wages, the recognition that a true compliment doesn’t always have to do with appearance, that there should be no question our minds are equal, but I think we should pause and reflect on how much further we are than many of our sisters.

    Gives us a different perspective on the wars too. I still think there were better ways to tackle the problems, to lend a hand than the costly war in Iraq, but I need to take this issue out again and examine it some more.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    You know I truly enjoy discussing world events and life in general with a female. Our minds truly do operate differently. Not that one is better then the other, it that we perceive things differently.
    Men perceive things one aspect at a time, if looking at a painting we see one part at a time. Notice one aspect at a time. Women perceive thing in a over all manner, they see the big picture as a whole.

    A experiment was done, placed on the side of a street the subject was told to turn their back to the street.
    At the instruction they were to turn for three seconds to see a car passing. Then turn back away from the street.

    Women when asked to describe the car said it was blue and had a male driver.
    Men when asked to describe the car said it was a blue, 76 Chevy, with Craggier mags and a male with long hair driving it.

    LOL in a way yes Democracy is a female best chance, another female trait works well in a democracy.
    Women want to discuss and evaluate any problem in detail and at length. Men want to solve the problem in the simplest manner and move on. Need an example? Husband and wife having an argument.
    The wife see there is a problem and wants to talk about it and discuss it for hours. The husband wants to solve the problem with as little discussion and talk then its over. This can cause a real problem as the husband will walk away rather then continue to argue and discuss it. The wife feeling the Husband is not addressing the problem will follow and not let up. The usual way the husband stops this? He turns and said,
    “when you can claim down and we can discuss this logically and reasonability we can continue!”.
    Does he mean that or does he just know it will make his wife so angry she stops and does not talk to him for hours? Problem solved!

  3. wicked

    The experiment you mentioned rings true, tstbg. It’s been proven that men tend to think linearly, as in from point A to point B, while women tend to go off the line and consider other alternatives men don’t until they’re well done the line.

    Which is why, in most cases (not all!), men do better in science and math and even history, while women, as a rule (not always!) do better in English and art. Of course we all know or know of women scientists, mathmeticians, and historians. And we know and know of men who are artists (many, in fact) and authors. It only goes to show that one brain is different than the next, no matter what gender of body it’s in.

    It’s also been proven that women are much more adept at multi-tasking. There’s more communication between the right and left brain in females than in males.

    Both male and female “brains” have their advantages. Women simply need to have louder voices in the world.

  4. It’ hard to have a loud enough voice when murder, rape and worse are condoned, when being female makes one less valuable.

    I don’t want us to forget the plight of women, just address the problem with much more effective ways than war!

  5. wicked

    I keep re-reading the topic title and can only ask one question. Is violence always the only answer? And if so, why?

    Fnord, I agree with you, obviously. And it could be true that sometimes violence–as in battle, not rape–must be the answer. You and I always agree that war/violence must be the last answer, only after everything else has failed.

    Hasn’t history proven that war solves very little in the long run? It hurts the victor as much as the defeated.