Is planting on your weekend agenda?

freshcut penis

I wonder if they come in different colors.
I wonder about the fragrance?
I wonder if they’re cheaper by the dozen.
I wonder if it would help to put those
preservative packets in the water.
I wonder if they come in long-stemmed.
I wonder if they will bloom soon…………………………………


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23 responses to “Is planting on your weekend agenda?

  1. A place I wouldn’t visit!

  2. I’m guessing someone knew how to spell PEONIES and the sign was changed! Hopefully. Although, maybe customers were brought in… or not. 😉

  3. Bad Biker

    I always wondered what happened to Lorena Bobbit – now I know where she’s working.

  4. wicked

    Would Viagra now be considered fertilizer?

    • Bad Biker

      Jeez, do ya’ think it will be available in 20# bags?

      Damn, that would make Limbaugh happy!

      • wicked

        Well, gee, Biker, if ya think about it, Viagra is a fertilizer, of sorts. 😉 Not to mention a lot of b.s. LOL

        (No offense, intended.)

  5. Bad Biker

    (No offense, intended.)

    None taken – don’t need little blue pills JUST yet!

  6. wicked

    What really riles me is that insurance was paying for Viagra long before birth control was covered.

    Not covering birth control always confused me. Wouldn’t spending the $$$ to avoid prenancy be financially wiser than paying for pregnancy and delivery and the later healthcare for the child, especially when a child might need NICU or early surgery or even later childhood disasters.

    There’s something else that boggles my mind. (Now you know why I’m so boggled all the time.) Back in the late 60’s, the price of birth control pills each month was $2-$3 dollars. 40 years later, those same pills cost over $40 a month. I admit to not having kept up with inflation, but I do know that I was earning around $3 an hour (min. wage) at that time, so I know wages haven’t increased X 10. Anybody seen minimum wage near $30 an hour? Picking lettuce, maybe? 🙂

  7. I planted all right. Planted my ass on the couch.
    The bloody holes where my teeth used to live are complaining.

  8. wicked

    Hey, it’s a 3-day holiday weekend. I saw we each take advantage of it in our own way!

    For me it means same-o-same-o. For instance, I seem to be able to jinx every lawnmower I come close to. Two small places in the back left to mow, and we can’t get the (borrowed from daughter) lawnmower to start. I’m ready to scream. Too bad the (damn, whiny, howling) dog (that won’t stay outside without company) isn’t a goat.

  9. wicked

    Sekan, just try to keep thinking of how much better it will be when all is healed. I know, that’s hard to do when in pain and you can’t find anything you can eat. 😦

  10. jammer5

    So, I’m wondering just who those fresh cut penises were cut from. Has there been an explosion of eunuchs? Is Allisonville the home of Amazon warriors? Perspiring (male) minds want to know!

  11. wicked

    Bless you for the chuckle, Jammer!

  12. frigginloon

    Hey guys, you found my new business venture. I was going to tell you about it 🙂 . They all come with a Virgina creeper!

  13. Do they measure the fresh cut penis by the foot, yard, or inch?

  14. Sure are getting some milage on this post.
    Particularly banal mob here, eh?

  15. Loon, I better not reply on the car thing.
    The wife has a nice car, but my regular beast is a 1977 Plymouth Volare’.
    No big deal for sure.