Why Do People Add One to Their FaceBook Page?

There was a guy whom I really liked from my General Psych class this semester, who did not get as good a grade as I would have hoped for – who none-the-less added me as a friend to his FaceBook page.

What is the general criteria for this honor [i.e., facebook addition]?

I am middle-aged, and don’t always get these things…

Will George W. add me to his face book page?

I hope not, life is hard enough already…

iggy donnelly


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13 responses to “Why Do People Add One to Their FaceBook Page?

  1. Middle age. sigh

    I found a poll that has me a little concerned. I know people say polls aren’t the end all. But get this, when asked what they are getting too old for, readers at the ONION say:

    18% say they are too old for that line dividing the middle of the bedroom

    12% are too old for Kix

    8% too old for the small plastic bong

    and, (drum roll)

    14% say they’re too old for “Voting Democrat”


    Why am I not your friend on Facebook, Iggy? 😉 Do I only get to be your real-life friend?

  2. frigginloon

    OMG…run Iggy….friggin Facebook friend…you will be owned. Run, run as fast as you can. Facebook is for stalkers who will follow your every move. If you ignore them they will know because they can see who you are conversing with . AHHHHHHH run now I tell you, run….don’t look back.

  3. jammer5

    I’ve visited neither facebook nor twitter. Might be my age showing, but I can seriously think of no reason why I should. My little sister added our family to geni, a genealogical site, and I get mucho emails from them telling me about long lost relatives I neither know nor care about. If I answered every one, I wouldn’t have time to sleep. My sister loves it. Go figure.

  4. Maybe I can talk the wife and daughter into responding to this one. They are the MyFace users.
    For even more ‘red meat’ we could consider the criteria for ‘unfriending’.
    MyFace, SpaceBook, whatever, bah humbug.

  5. I really think being friends in real life is waaaay more important! I can’t imagine why anyone would even go to my Facebook page, including me. I don’t put anything there. But I do go look and see what my kids and grandkids are saying. Two of my grandsons are in schools on the west coast and I miss them.

    I can tell you our QnofHrts grandmother died last week, Mary and Dave got the itemized hospital bill that was thirty pages long and an amount that almost made Dave’s heart stop beating again

    I look at it as one of the many ways we stay connected. Twitter is on my horizon, but I’m dragging my feet and I’m scared of the unknown.

  6. wicked

    Why am I Facebooking? (Is that a word like ‘Google’ that is becoming both noun and verb?)

    Someone sent an invitation, so I halfway considered it. Then I learned a friend from my high school days was having cancer surgery, and I wanted more information. The tip had come 3rd-hand from her son on FB. And then there’s the push from my publisher to take advantage of every “social network” out there. So I’m there.

    I’m happy to connect with friends. Truly. But the ‘promo advantage’ has been forced to the wayside, thanks to friends of some connections to family members who, as Art Linkletter used to say, “say the darnedest things”. There are writer friends (yes, real ones) who I’d like to invite, but dare I? Do they really want to share in someone’s “Which Elvis do you resemble?”?

    Fnord, I dl’ed Twitter, but it means having my browser up all day–at least I think it does–so I’ve hesistated using it. How do people get by with this stuff in the workplace? More importantly, how do people find the time for this stuff?

  7. tosmarttobegop

    I have never looked into facebook, but have spent time on myspace and Yahoo 360.
    Many add for the sole purpose of having a large friend count there is a popularity contest that goes on.
    I tend to only accept or apply to those I truly want to have as a friend. They are interesting or I like to have contact with.

    I tried Twitter a few times, but as you might guess being limited in how many words you can use.
    Is a bother to me I am not short winded! It seems more like speaking cave man to me a grunt here and a utt there. Or like the conversation you have with someone that you do not know. “How ya doing?”, “Oh that is bad!”, “that is good!”.

    That’s why the web cam scene did not work well either, hard to find anyone that is wanting to actually talk.
    Being male only Gays looking for a connection wanted to talk to me at their starting. A general rule is that woman never start the conversation. Unless they want to cybr with you but then it also works the other way for the most part. I tended to be the odd man out there, though I did meet a few people I still consider a friend but the contact has been away from the web cam community.

    All of these sites do have a sense of being exhibitism to them, to be seen and admired.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    Will George W. add me to his face book page?
    I hope not, life is hard enough already…

    LOL I found at a garage sale a old Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign cap and wear it on occasion.
    I love the looks of distant that some give me, my wife has accused me of wanting to be beaten up!
    I wear it sometimes while doing yard work and the dirtier the better. I have thought of getting that stuff to blacken out some of my teeth and carry a can of chewing tobacco. Maybe a pair of bib over-all and maybe smear some dirt on my face. OH would’nt that have been lovely to wear to the Republican Caucus!

    Fnord would you like to have the cap when you change to the dark side?

  9. The oldest daughter says you add anybody and everybody you may know.

  10. wicked

    Oh, I don’t know, sekan. There are people I know that I wouldn’t want as a friend. Take my ex, for instance. Please. 🙂

    Seriously, I think the only people you don’t want to add really are the ones you would avoid if you saw them first in the grocery store aisle. You know, the ones you duck in real life. Other than that, why not add the rest? So your daughter is right.

    I do believe those of us who are a bit older are climbing on the bandwagon. Slowly, yes, but it can be a good thing. Well, if you’re careful, that is.

  11. WMac

    I’m on FB. I admit it… I’m actually addicted to it, I swear… but I have gotten back in touch with people I haven’t seen since HS – and had some people add me who I still can’t figure out WHY because we were never really friends to begin with, but hey, whatever… I like it because it lets my sister and cousin who live in Miami see and get updates about the kiddos…

    on a side note – turns out two kids are about 3,000 times the work of one – hence the reason you have not seen me on here… I’ll try to pop in when possible but the reality is that it probably won’t happen for a while. If I get laid off at the end of the summer like I am anticipating I will of course have much more time on my hands than currently. 🙂 But until then, I’ll probably be sporadic…

  12. We’ll leave the light on! Good to see you.

  13. Iran ‘blocks access to Facebook’

    Iran’s government has blocked access to social networking site Facebook ahead of June’s presidential elections, according to Iran’s ILNA news agency.

    ILNA suggested the move was aimed at stopping supporters of reformist candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi from using the site for his campaign.

    Facebook, which claims to have 175m users worldwide, expressed its disappointment over the reported ban.

    So far there has been no comment from the authorities in Tehran.