It’s torture!



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  1. Listening to Richard Bruce Cheney?

  2. Thunderchild

    I was just coming to bring this here. Ya scooped me. I did break it over on the other blog.

    What WILL the cons say now?

    Sean Hannity has said he would do this for charity. Keith Olberman continues to call him out on it.

  3. Thunderchild

    I think I remember this guy “Mancow”.

    I seem to remember a “Mancow” calling in to “Dancin Don Hall”‘s morning show and begging to be put on the air. That would have been like 25 years ago and more I think. Anybody else remember this?

  4. wicked

    No, but I remember Don Hall.

    Does anyone remember “Harvey”? I still have a pic of him from one of the KLEO Moonlight Swims.

    Oh, gawd, that does make me old, doesn’t it?

    • I am old enough to remember that my younger sister scooped me and found out that KLEO (what she listened to) was hipper than KWBI (my station).

      This trip down memory lane is, too funny.

      This was all before drugs and FM stations. I think it was channel 97 – FM where I out-cooled my y0unger sister. By then she was okay with that.

  5. Thunderchild

    I think I am remembering Manny Kalsinsky. Probably a different guy. That was a long time ago.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    OK I am too late was going to post this.
    The con reaction will be they never heard of him. Or he is not a Conservative!

    • lilacluvr

      Isn’t that their usual excuse for anyone that dares to undermine their authority?

      He will be a RINO or CINO.

  7. frigginloon

    Snap Prairie P&P’s, it was only a matter of time before we covered the same story…friggin MAD cow! Hannity being waterboarded…now I would buy tickets to that! Hmm, actually it would be interesting to see who would last longer Hannity or O’Reilly? Oh damn, while I am at it chuck Chaney on a board too!

  8. Bad Biker

    I completely enjoyed TC’s “conversation with the Irregular One on the “other” blog yesterday. Mr. Always Right claimed that waterboarding was “no big deal,” Mancow was a wuss because he only lasted six seconds, etc.

    TC offered to waterboard the Irregular One so that he could prove his point – Mr. Always Right whined and cried like a baby, then resorted to his BM persona.

    Good job, TC. Well done.

  9. I read several stories this morning that say the battle over Gitmo was planned far in advance by the GOP leaders (?) who saw this as a wedge issue.

    After reading those several articles I see this as using the politics of fear successfully again. I truly thought we’d moved past allowing ourselves to be made afraid, but seems we haven’t.

    The GOP is working average Americans into a frenzy of fear that these terrorists will be released on American soil.

    So keep in mind this is a strategy that so far has worked and will continue to work unless we wake up and fight it.

    “For the Republican Party, the road to redemption apparently runs through Gitmo: “Armed with polling data that show a narrow majority of support for keeping the prison open and deep fear about the detainees, Republicans in Congress started laying plans even before the inauguration to make the debate over Guantánamo Bay a question of local community safety instead of one about national character and principles,” writes The New York Times. Striking a similar note, The Wall Street Journal writes “Some Republicans see in events of the past two weeks—the culmination of a carefully developed GOP strategy and missteps by Democrats—the beginning of a political comeback, and they plan to keep pressing the issue.”

  10. Obama’s Terror Policies — and No One Else’s

    President Obama is:

    (a) A disappointing sellout to conservatives, someone who ran promising to reverse the Bush administration’s excesses in the war on terrorism and has now embraced them.

    (b) A dangerous liberal whose naïve views about playing nicely with terrorists threaten national security.

    (c) A kinder, gentler George W. Bush, hewing largely to the previous administration’s terrorism policies while wrapping them in more pleasing rhetoric.

    The president has been accused of all three in the past few days, which suggests that the correct answer is:

    (d) None of the above. Obama inherited a minefield of difficult legal issues entwined in the war on terrorism, and he has picked his way carefully, intelligently and — for the most part — correctly through them.

    continue reading at:

  11. wicked

    Here’s a suggestion. Let’s put the Republicans in Gitmo and the detainees in D.C. Swap them out. The Republicans have done and are doing more harm to this country than a bunch of rabid Muslims have ever dreamed of doing.

  12. The Republicans aren’t going quietly. They have no ideas, no solutions, no plans, no leaders — they have nothing but their silly criticisms and seem not to have realized it yet.

    When will they realize they don’t have numbers adequate to win at the national level, and they’re only stirring a pot of people already in their camp? When will they realize they can’t increase their numbers as long as they remain THE PARTY OF NO?

    Maybe never. They haven’t shown that thinking is their strong suit.

    I think our country can easily move forward without them — there really aren’t enough of them to worry about!