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Who knows the names and locations of all 105 counties in the state of Kansas?  Usually at this time of year when there are severe storm warnings I tell myself I’m going to learn that!  That’s because of the scroll across the bottom of the television screen with warnings in ‘such and such’ county.  I wonder where is that county and which direction from here?  I prefer the tiny map that doesn’t make me think to the scroll listing counties by name.  Then summer comes, severe storms aren’t a threat, and I forget all about what I said to myself.

For our out-of-state bloggers, the original group that started Prairie P&P’s are in Sedgwick County (that’s where Wichita, our state’s largest city is located) and we have one in Trego County, another in Labette County.  Did I leave anyone out?  I don’t want to do that!

This is your thread, bloggers.  Take it and run with it, name the topic of discussion, share your thoughts.



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  1. There have been more Indian (meaning idigenous American) artifacts found in Rice County than in any other Kansas County in the state – At least, I so believe.

    There are huge rivers in those counties.

    Prove me wrong, if you can…

  2. wicked

    Kansas? I live in the state of Confusion.