Fighting the Taliban

149591-sign-showing-distance-to-other-major-cities-from-kala-bagh-kala-bagh-pakistanCNN) — A Taliban spokesman issued threats and ultimatums against Pakistani officials this week, as the country’s military continued its offensive against the militant group in the Swat Valley.

Speaking with CNN on Wednesday, Muslim Khan announced that all national and provincial parliament members from the Malakand Division, the northwestern region where the Swat Valley is located, must resign within three days. “Otherwise, we will arrest all their families,” Khan threatened, “and we will destroy all their buildings.”

As the Pakistani offensive continued against the Taliban, Fareed Zakaria interviewed the nation’s former president, Pervez Musharraf, for his show Sunday. Musharraf is a former chief of the Pakistan Army who took power in a 1999 coup and stepped down as the nation’s president under pressure last summer.

With Pakistan being a nuclear country, and the Taliban still controlling some of the outer provinces, is Obama correct in sending UCAVs into Pakistan and bombing known Taliban positions? It seems to me this is a more dangerous situation than Iran. If the Taliban take over the government, they will have access to nuclear weapons, and that spells nothing but hell for the entire region.

When Obama got the leaders of both Pakistan and Afghanistan together, suddenly Pakistan tore up the treaties it signed with the Taliban, and started attacking in force, with the end goal of wiping them out of the country. My thinking is this is something that should be used front page to bolster Obama’s standing concerning making this country safe, something the Republicans are trying to quash by using Notre Dame and Polosi as spin to deflect it. Any thoughts?



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  1. dawn

    The TAliban is delusional to think that it is spiritual to make ones way in the world putting children at risk and others. Just like other counties have had their own delusions, such as how wonderful of a Country they have or made, how they listen to their people, when they really don’t, on and on. They are another political party that can’t see the truth about themselves. They are locked into a hate view from the really wrong things about America. America has made mistakes big ones and they haven’t become undelusional themselves. But still the TAliban is weak spiritually to think that putting childrens lives in danger, or using nuclear weapons that destroy future generations (so hence they are no better than the Americans) They aren’t winning hearts over there because they can be trusted to be better than America, their nemesis, They are using violence. And somehow they are blind that they are sowing seeds of hate in their heart. If they ever win control,they will not be good for anyone not even themselves. They already sold their soul to evil by hating anyone. Spiritual leaders always teach not to hate, that we are only here to Love, Granted that the Americans have been violently destroying people’s lives too, but right now even America is looking better than the Taliban to the people over there. They didn’t win the people’s hearts and supposably, they are fighting for people? It seems that they are only fighting to win and hate has taken their souls. They need to stop being violent and people need to stop killing them if they stop being violent and figure out a solution. Obviously they felt threatened, obviously they chose a path many countries do as well, violence to resolve issues and it never does, But where would they go even if they had a revelation that they are not following their spiritual leader of love, but following hate; where would they go? The world acts like it isn’t easy to go down the wrong path even though we go down the wrong path every day very easily because the world is creating hate and destruction and we live here. We re effected by everything around us. The pain of others we feel ever so vividly.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    “BUT THE MSM HAS A LIBERAL BIAS TO IT! If that were the case then what you pointed out Jammer would be the case huh? But the results of the meeting is skipped over and glossed over.

    When I became more knowledgeable of the Neo-Conservative agenda and how it was effecting the White House. I was shock at how plain and easy it was to find their own words but they were never reported in what is accused of being a liberal bias media.

  3. kolys

    As things currently stand, Pakistan is absolutely more dangerous than Iran. While there has been (probably legitimate) concerns about Iran’s uranium enrichment program, Pakistan already HAS nuclear weapons.

    Nukes are the ultimate trump card in terms of gauging a nation’s threat level to its enemies. When this card is dealt to an extremist regime that doesn’t give a rat’s rear about the consequences as long as they can wipe their enemy off the map, it becomes a matter of global importance.

    Obama’s efforts toward deTalibanization of the region are not only timely and commendable, but also worthy of the front page of every newspaper worth the name.

    It should, however, be noted that many of the countries possessing nukes possess them as a deterrent to other nations who may have designs on them. All the while any one country has them, others will want to follow suit as a matter of defense policy.

    And, of course, only one nation has ever used a nuclear weapon in wartime, and that nation continues to hold the largest stockpile of nukes anywhere on the globe. Without wholesale domestic efforts to denuclearize, there will inevitably be those who see American denunciations of other regimes’ arsenals as hypocritical in the extreme.

  4. wicked

    Dang, kolys, you said that all so well.

  5. kolys

    Thank you, Wicked. I try.

    You prairie folks are all so nice. Really glad I found you – thanks again to sekanblogger for that.