Conservatives Map Strategies on Court Fight

bush_supreme_court_nomineeIf President Obama nominates Judge Diane P. Wood to the Supreme Court, conservatives plan to attack her as an “outspoken” supporter of “abortion, including partial-birth abortion.”

If he nominates Judge Sonia Sotomayor, they plan to accuse her of trying to “expand constitutional rights beyond the text of the Constitution.”

And if he nominates Kathleen M. Sullivan, a law professor at Stanford, they plan to decry her as a “prominent supporter of homosexual marriage.”

Preparing to oppose the confirmation of Mr. Obama’s eventual choice to succeed Justice David H. Souter, who is retiring, conservative groups are working together to stockpile ammunition. Ten memorandums summarizing their research, obtained by The New York Times, provide a window onto how they hope to frame the coming debate.

The memorandums dissect possible nominees’ records, noting statements they find objectionable on issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, the separation of church and state and the propriety of citing foreign law in interpreting the Constitution.

While conservatives say they know they have little chance of defeating Mr. Obama’s choice because Democrats control the Senate, they say they hope to mount a fight that could help refill depleted coffers and galvanize a movement demoralized by Republican electoral defeats.

The movement is much diminished from four years ago under President George W. Bush, when Supreme Court vacancies last arose and conservatives marshaled their forces to champion his nominee. (Judge Richard Posner, a prominent Reagan appointee, wrote recently that the conservative movement suffers from “intellectual deterioration.”) Republicans have lost control of the White House and Congress, have no clear party leader and have received low approval ratings.

So they will fight, they will hope to raise lots of money no matter what!  Aren’t we impressed!?  Do they have any ideas or plans yet?  Are they still just The Party of No?



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9 responses to “Conservatives Map Strategies on Court Fight

  1. Zippy

    No, no, and yes.

  2. You guys are no fun! 😉

    Guess I have to go back to the drawing board and look for something that might elicit interest…

  3. At least the picture was fun.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Here’s one out of left field, Obama nominates Newt ! Can you imagine the stumbling around and the number of times “Ahh” would be said? “Ahhh, he cheated on his wife! Ahhh, He been married three times!
    Ahh, he is a fake Catholic! Ahh he wants to pay teen girls to have sex! And finally Ahhh he is a Conservative and you can not believe a word he said! oh wait a minute, that last one is a secret did I say that one out loud?

  5. jammer5

    It’s my understanding he’s throwing Wanda Sykes into the mix. Hell, he’d have all bases covered. The Republicans would go into meltdown mode—info overload. Mass suicide to follow.

  6. lilacluvr

    No matter who Obama nominates, the Social Conservative Republicans will go into overdrive for the kill and we can count on that fact.

    But I expect Obama already knows this and is weighing the political consequences of each possible candidate.

    But what if Obama nominates a moderate, pro-choice Republican for the vacancy? Then when these Social Conservative Republicans show their true colors and fight against a member of their own party – will that be the offical beginning of the end of the GOP?

    Either way – if Obama nominates a minority, woman, pro-choice, pro-same-sex marriage or a moderate Republican – the defacto GOP leader Rush Limbaugh is bound to cause a big stink – which can only help the Democrats.

  7. I just want to stop all the he said-she said crap about some stewpud meeting with Pelosi.
    Who gives a shit?
    Let’s get on with prosecuting crimes from the Bush era.

  8. Morning Lila.
    Just as I used to read somebody else’s screen-name incorrectly as Ms. Inks, I enjoy twisting your screen-name too.
    In my mind, I pronounce the nic as Lila Kloover.

  9. wicked

    It’s all about The Party, isn’t it?

    ::shaking head and walking away::