Newspapers vs. the Internets

grouchoI am a huge fan of Mark Fiore.  Check out his animation from Mother Jones.  I am sure on hot and humid days like these, Mark needs a “huge fan” – my apologies to Groucho for always stealing his best stuff…

If this doesn’t work, let me know, and I will figure out something else.

iggy donnelly


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7 responses to “Newspapers vs. the Internets

  1. jammer5

    Pretty funny stuff. While there I browsed the site and found the following about an FBI whistle blower. Pretty much shows intelligence (An oxymoron) is more interested in office politics than in protecting the country:

  2. great laugh — thanks for the link

  3. wicked

    I love Mark Fiore’s stuff, too! Him and JibJab keep me laughing, and laughter is something we all need a lot of.

  4. wicked

    Hey Jammer,

    Do you happen to watch Criminal Minds? My favorite and only must-see show. The end of last night’s episode gave one pause to think.

    How much bio-terrorism (even the home-grown kind) do you think is out there?

    • jammer5

      We know there’s some. The recent biological attack on Senators, business, etc., that supposedly came from our own stock. I’m sure there’s more out there.

      I haven’t got into Criminal Minds yet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. NCIS, Fringe, CSI . . . I like those.

  5. iggydonnelly

    I r r e g ular reminds me of Walter from the show Fringe. If you ask me, Walter is the whole show and the rest of the people are just props for him.