Wednesday, 05/13/09 Public Square


Do come in!  What’s on your mind?  Introduce yourself and tell us what you’re thinking, how you are.



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19 responses to “Wednesday, 05/13/09 Public Square

  1. jammer5

    Mornin’ sek, mornin’ fnord. Now for some coffee . . . .

  2. Good morning, gentlemen. Looks like the storms will hold off until later in the day, after the heat builds and fuels them. Have you checked to make sure you aren’t growing webbed feet?

    Thunderchild emptied out a large flower bed at my house about two weeks ago. It was massively hard work — involved a large chain tied to a big truck’s bumper. The plan was to move plants from another bed to the newly cleaned out planting area. It’s been raining, or too muddy, ever since!

    When summer comes and we see no rain I might miss these days…

  3. QnofHrts

    Good Morning Sunshines!
    Just checking in! Don’t have anything of great importance or terribly witty. It’s still too early and I’m still contemplating selling a 15 year old. Tell me again when they grow out of this stage? I sure hope I last without going to prison.

    • tosmarttobegop

      25, then you suddenly become the smartist person they know and you will become right most of the time.
      BTW, the word is out and there is no market for 15 y.o’s

  4. wicked

    Qn, you have my deepest sympathies on the 15-year-old. Not having had boys, I’ll defer to Fnord for an answer on the growing-out-of-it.

    And because I’m in a super foul mood today, I’ll try to stay away and leave you all in peace.

  5. It is hard! It’s hard not only for the parents, but also the teenager. They’re trying to do what our mutual goal is — become independent, productive adults. They want to do it their way, we want them to find the way that is safe, within the law, doesn’t involve choices that we recognize as not the best…

    Big hug, Qn! Love him (love is a given, it’s the liking him part that is difficult!), guide him, let him know you’re there with rules and limits (that would be those things he says he doesn’t want!) because he does want them and he does need them.

    • wicked

      Fnord, you should write a book on child-raising. You’ve done a wonderful job with your own! And you always have such great advice.

    • I have about two sentences of intelligent advice in me. You think it would sell? 😉

      Thanks for the nice pat on the back, they’re always needed and appreciated.

      • wicked

        I managed to b.s. my way through high school English with only a couple of intelligent sentences. 🙂

        No, I guess it’s the credentialed that are able to sell books on child-rearing. Nobody believes hands-on experience is better than textbook drivel. Sorry, but I had a shelf full of those psycho books, and none of them gave an answer that worked. Sometimes a couple of sentences makes more sense.

    • tosmarttobegop

      When I was a middle school custodian I tried to explain to the kids that very point.
      when you ( a 13 y.o.) sees yourself it is not the same way that your parent does.
      You see yourself as becoming an adult and no longer a child, when you parent see you they still see that five y.o. who would climb in bed with them during a thunder storm. You have to understand that neither of you have a true image of you. Do not be in such a hurry to be an adult, it will come sooner then you think and you will miss these days of being just a child.

  6. Hugs to you too, wicked! Never, not even ever, will you be in such a mood that we won’t enjoy your company! 😉

    • wicked

      I’ll bounce back, I’m sure. Maybe I should blame too many rainy days. 🙂 I thought yesterday morning was a disaster, but this one is topping it by a wide margin. LOL

      Slipping the g-kids and the puppy a mickey is very tempting…

  7. Could they do more damage to your psyche if YOU took the mickey and let them have at it? 😉

    Cloudy weather has a negative effect on me too! Some people (and you might be one of them) experience a greater and more serious effect.

  8. wicked

    Tell ya what, Fnord, a stout screwdriver sounds divine right now!

    That’s a maybe on the cloudy weather thing. I do enjoy a rainy day now and then. Flowers and plants need it for survival, and it’s good for the soul too. But weeks of it? No, thank you. Sunshine is needed for survival too.

    The driver of the car who tried to make a left turn in front of me into the drop-off at the school this a.m. did get a surprise from me when I turned right, cutting her off. This ignorance of driving laws is driving me insane.

    What I need is a vacation, and we know that isn’t going to happen, so I’d best suck it up and get on with it.

  9. jammer5

    At The other blog, way over there, kolys and I are doing a little story about a two hundred sixty three year old man. We’re trading chapters, with Koyls doing an outside POV and me doing it from the old guys POV. Title is “One more morning”, and so far jells nicely. You all might give it a read.

    kolys became an American May 8, and has a sweet blog going. I hope he stops by and drops off some posts here (Hint).

  10. Jammers, way cool. I will check it out.
    In the meantime you weird libs went over 15k views today. Or is that wierd?
    Some shit I jsut nevr splk write.

  11. jammer5

    That evil line of thunderstorms missed Wichita by THAT much.