Monday, 05/11/09 Public Square


An abandoned schoolhouse in northeastern Kansas.  PrairiePond attended a school much like this one, did anyone else?

What’s on your mind today?



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  1. Just when I thought I was done with this temp job, I get assigned some ‘loose ends’.
    Looks like I’ll be gone after awhile.

  2. Goes to prove that when they found things that still needed to be done, they turned to the person who gets things done. You know how much we miss you, and how happy we always are to see you. So do what needs to be done and we’ll be here when you have time.

    Wish PrairiePond could find a few spare minutes. I miss her!

  3. frigginloon

    Psst Fnord…WTF is going up there on the other post. Friggin assault rifles etc no wonder the rest of the world thinks you’ve gone mad. Oooh I am whispering this by the way….just in case he hears 🙂 .

  4. All things in moderation. Obsessions are just too obsessive for me. When a person says the same thing in different words more than once without being understood, chances are good there will be no understanding.

    I am (holds fingers up indicating a tiny space) this close to shutting down the thread and banning Mike W. from our peaceful blog. It would be for all our good — arguments aren’t welcome here, or anywhere you will find me. 😉

    • lilacluvr

      Maybe we should all try ignoring Mike W for awhile? Maybe if there is no fight here, then he’ll go looking somewhere else?

  5. frigginloon

    Ahh Fnord big ol’ hug from the Loon. You just got to remember it’s just one person and you are the Prairie P&P’s . No one puts the Prairie P&P’s in a corner!!!! I should unleash Ann onto him 🙂 . Australia banned guns years ago and gun related deaths plummeted . Gun owners didn’t complain about tough laws in fact they welcomed it. Only farmers and people who use gun for sport should have them, otherwise what is the difference between that and war?

  6. lilacluvr

    I sometimes wonder if the NRA does not want gun control in the USA because then where is their money and power going to come from?

    Australia banned guns and the England police don’t carry guns (or has that changed now) and they seem to have better statistics than the USA. They also have universal health care (but that’s another thread topic).

    • yup, they have less “gun violence” but predictably violent crime has increased exponentially. What good is a gun ban if you see half as many gun deaths but 10x as many deaths via stabbing?

      Lila – I believe I heard that the current mission to fix Hubble will only sustain it for 5 years. I hope that we continue to keep it operational after that time.

      • lilacluvr

        So, you’re logic is to keep guns unregulated because stabbing to death would be the next choice of murder?

        Your logic was tried on Wall Street – no regulations and see where that got us? Same thing with guns – Greed and corruption.

        Please -reread my post. I said nothing about the 20-30 years of the Hubble being sustained – I simply said imagine the next 20-30 years with the knowledge we have gained from the Hubble.

      • jammer5

        I’m afraid Mike’s correct on the violent crime in other, gun banning, countries:

        Law enforcement and anti-crime activists regularly claim that the United States tops the charts in most crime-rate categories, but a new international study says that America’s former master — Great Britain — has much higher levels of crime.

        The International Crime Victims Survey, conducted by Leiden University in Holland, found that England and Wales ranked second overall in violent crime among industrialized nations.

        Twenty-six percent of English citizens — roughly one-quarter of the population — have been victimized by violent crime. Australia led the list with more than 30 percent of its population victimized.

        The United States didn’t even make the “top 10” list of industrialized nations whose citizens were victimized by crime.

        While I support owning a gun, I still believe every gun sale should be done under federal regulations. It wouldn’t bother me if DNA samples were required with each gun purchase. As you have stated many times, Mike, guns don’t kill people, people do, ergo, make damn sure the gun owners are legitimate and legal. Put the onus on the owner, after all, they would be the ones pulling the trigger.

        The Hubble will be allowed to fall out of orbit at the end of its life, in approximately five years. It has outlived its usefulness. The Webb, being sent up in 2013, will orbit outside the orbit of the moon, and is supposed to be able to detect earth sized planets and photograph them, although not in the way were used to. It will do so using special telescopes in the infrared, ultraviolet, and other specific ranges. It should also be able to see all the way back to the big bang, over 13.5 billion years ago. I really hope I’m around to see those results.

  7. jammer5

    The final 11 day service mission to the Hubble Telescope is safely under way. When one contemplates the universe Hubble brought us in its long life, one comes to the conclusion we are indeed a sand pebble in a majestic, dangerous, awesome, beautiful universe. I hope I’m still around when the Webb is in place and operating.

  8. I want all peaceful bloggers to understand that no one will come into our home and be allowed to be disruptive. We are the Prairie P & P’s, we are tolerant of others, and no one is superior to another. We are hosts and we have the responsibility to set the tone, to treat others as we expect to be treated.

    Absolutely the best way to end a discussion is to stop participating. There is never a need of a rebuttal. If you are criticized that is someone’s opinion of you, not who you are!

    If stopping participation in disruptive behavior doesn’t end the controversy, further steps will be taken. Please know that arguments won’t ever be allowed to get out of hand, and to continue unabated.

  9. lilacluvr

    With all the wonderful knowledge the Hubble has brought us, I have to wonder what the next 20-30 years will bring us. Just imagine the possibilties.

    Maybe with all the scientific knowledge, man will finally learn how to live in peace or will we continue the wars and just move them to space?

  10. 6176746f6c6c65

    A quick post: things continue to go better than I deserve. My room was changed today to a different room; my new “roomie” was having problems, and it was decided I should go to minimum custody. 🙂 Two more weeks; that’s what they tell me.

  11. lilacluvr

    6176 – Great news!!

  12. Debs914s

    Hi everyone…I finally made it by. It’s good to recognize a few familiar voices. : ) I’ll try to drop by now and again. Hope you are all well.

  13. Great to see you (w i c h i w o m n!). Welcome!

    I’m home for a short time between funeral and gathering afterward. See you all later.

  14. debs914?
    Wow, somebody I actually met.
    George Carlin….

  15. tosmarttobegop

    Right now in the area you live there are 2, 000 people having mad and passionate sex!
    600 are passionately kissing now and another four hundred are having amazing foreplay.
    The other 1,000 are in engaged in mad monkey sex! Then there the lone poor soul who is reading blog postings…. Hang in there your day will come!

    • frigginloon

      It depends which area you live in Sekan! Personally I think monkey sex is too primate for me and my arms get tired!