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  1. Good morning!

    The weather forecast indicates we should get our mowing and outdoor work done today as rain is predicted for every day next week. It’s the pits when you mow and get the outside spruced up and then can’t enjoy it because it’s raining!

    tstb, we also have some problems with water in the basement when it rains too much. It has rained too much! Not fun!

    My two oldest grandsons arrive home today from their colleges on the west coast. They will be pall bearers in their grandfathers funeral Monday. Home for just a few days, then back to finish the school term.

    What time do you all think is an appropriate time to start noisy work like mowing on a weekend morning? I usually wait until I hear someone else start it first. I think by 9 even those who sleep in shouldn’t be too upset.

  2. Trip to the Outhouse

    I think that depends if it’s already hot outside; if the heats bearing down, get it done before it gets any hotter. And if it’s that hot, people need to be rollin’ themselves out of bed anyway. A few revs not too far from the bedroom window should help motivate them to get up and get a move on.

    Don’t overdo it, and get those liquids goin’. I’ve already got my chores done, even the dog bathed before 9:00.

    Are there any peonies going to be ready for Memorial Day? They are one of my favorites, and they just don’t do well down here. Guess they need that colder winter.

    Everyone, have a great Saturday!

  3. Good morning, Trip! You’ve been an eager and busy guy this morning! Do you get to enjoy the balance of the day in a fun way?

    I didn’t start until 8:30ish. Still have some to do, but I take frequent breaks.

    Speaking of colder weather — this morning is very cool in Wichita! Low 50s, didn’t even get hot pushing that mower. Tired tho.

    When I was a working person (ya know before I became a bum) hubby and I split the chores pretty much inside and outside. We both helped each other with the bigger chores, but he took care of outside and I the inside.

    When I retired I decided I could pick up more of the outside chores so we would both have more free time than before. Gotta earn my keep now that I’m a kept woman. 😉

    A new lawnmower was needed as I couldn’t even get the old relic started! I knew nothing about mowers. Wayne asked if I wanted a self-propelled mower and I thought that would be a silly thing, taking away the benefits of the exercise…

    I’ve been trying to kill this damn push mower ever since! If anyone is in the market for a mower, I can tell you Snapper makes one that lives on and on and on. 😦

  4. wicked

    I need a new spark plug on my mower, so I’m switching out the one from the old mower. But first I have to get the plug puller thingy from my son-in-law. I’m hoping I can still find the mower by that time. There’s a small ray of sunshine (clouded over) with the grass though. What used to grow high and tall last year has this year turned to clover, which will probably cause a much trouble as the high stuff because it’s so thick.

    None of that will be done until later today. We’re all off to the Art & Book Fair at RiverFest, planning to arrive about noon. Tradition had us doing it on Sunday (Mother’s Day) until last year, but by then the books are more picked over, so we moved it up to Saturday. Great buys, if you have the patience to look through everything. I even picked up the video of Shirley Temple’s Heidi (unopened) for a buck last year.

  5. frigginloon

    Hey morning Fnord you are up bright and chirpy. Lawn mowers 🙂 . You know I hate having to go to the gas station to get fuel for the damn thing. Everyone looks at you like you are a terrorist. Urgh and we have so many laws and regulations regarding the container it must be transported in. If it wasn’t so far away I would wheel the friggin mower to the bowser! I usually bring out the mower on special occasions , mainly when the neighbors have had a loud, noisy party that has kept me up all night. Nothing like revving it at the crack of dawn! LOL

  6. Bad Biker

    Remember your mailbox today – put your non-perishable food donation by the mailbox and the mailman (or woman, in my case) will pick them up for the Food Bank.

    Thanks to the Bush Depression, your donations are needed more than ever.

    Besides, it’s a good time to clean out the pantry of those items you bought that you thought you needed.

    I kicked in some Spaghetti – O’s, Beef – A – Roni and some cans of soup I bought months ago.

    They can’t have my Saurkraut. I’m saving that!

    • wicked

      mailman (or woman, in my case)


      As in National Association of Letter Carriers. My mom was a member…and a letter carrier here in Wichita for many years.

      And fire(wo)men are


      Just had one tell me that last weekend. 😉

  7. frigginloon

    Hey Fnord, now is the time to donate that whole chicken in a can!

  8. This is an inside joke, folks. I went to Loon’s place and while visiting found a rant about something previously unknown and absolutely astounding to the Loon — whole chickens in a can. No one could have done the rant more justice than the Loon — it was an unthinkable thing, an unimaginable… the Loon did carry on about this.

    Then I admitted I had one of those right in my kitchen. Just think! The Loon knows someone who would buy… NO! The whole thing is unthinkable!

  9. wicked

    The problem with those whole chickens in a can is the feathers.

  10. wicked,

    You’re just giving the Loon more fuel for the rant! I don’t think Loon knew about the feathers.

  11. wicked

    Same with the beaks and the feet, although chicken feet must be a delicacy for some. I see them packaged in the store. My girls were certain they were used for voodoo.

  12. Do Loons have feathers?

    Here’s an article you won’t want to miss! Good stuff!

    –snips —

    “Former Vice President Cheney (that “former” part never gets old, does it?) has some excellent advice for the Republicans: don’t moderate. Don’t stand for change. Defend the status quo. Stay the Bush-Cheney course.

    — and —

    “Cheney gave his party this advice in an interview with an AM radio talk show host in North Dakota. I am not making this up. Cheney has gone from ordering invasions, wiretaps and torture to calling up AM 1100 in Fargo and saying, “Hey, Scott, Dick here. First time caller, longtime listener!”

    — and —

    “That’s right, Republicans. Listen to former Vice President Cheney. Don’t come up with new ideas. Don’t move to the center as America shifts to the center-left. Don’t appeal to young voters—you only lost them by 34 points! Don’t appeal to Hispanics—you only lost them by 36 points! Don’t appeal to African-Americans—you only lost them by 90 points! Women? Who cares, you only lost them by 14 points.

    Listen to Mr. Cheney, Republicans. Don’t appeal to the majority. No, continue to craft your message exclusively for old white guys who voted in Congress against equal rights for women, against a resolution calling on the apartheid regime in South Africa to free Nelson Mandela, and against Head Start, against the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, against reauthorizing the Clean Water Act, and for bringing back slavery. (Okay, I made up the one about slavery, but the rest are all true.)”

  13. wicked

    The feathers are for roughage. 😉

  14. tosmarttobegop

    I have never been fawn of Door jam, it taste bad and is hard to spread on toast!

  15. tosmarttobegop

    I will give some credit to granny from the other blog and yes it could be just me. But at least when she addresses one of my posts. It is actually addressing the post and not just name calling and belittling my statement. It has been so fun going after their holly cows and debating them in the last two days.
    I need to see if she saw my post to her this morning, wonder how she will respond to me saying in part it is her desire that her country in not guilty of war crimes.

    Who would Jesus torture brought out one of the oddest things about the subject. those claim Christian values and supporting torture is an oxymoron. It kind of like standing against child molestation except when it comes to your cute little niece! That’s different and being a loving relative not molestation.

  16. wicked

    I was over there reading last night, and before I finally gave it up, my jaw had dropped to the floor at the amount of hate and venom that was being spewed. I know the CONS are angry, but I wasn’t aware it was that bad.

    The thing is, it seems to be a kind of self-hate, which makes it that much worse. Yes, they hate the Libs, but their party is imploding, and they know it’s not the Libs’ fault. It’s their party and their party leaders.

    James Carville put his finger on it last night on Bill Maher when he said that when the Dems are on the losing end, they tend to sit down and quietly bemoan their position and lick their wounds. When the Cons are on the losing end, they turn on and eat each other.

    It must really suck to be a CON right now and know deep in your heart that the economic situation is the fault of your former leader(s), and not a damn person in your party has any idea of what to do to fix it. The party (both nouns) is over folks, and it may be a looooong time before they pull themselves together and are able to do anything as a group, other than this continuous sniping like a spoiled rotten child.

    It’s funny how “non”-Christian liberals tend to understand Jesus better than a large portion of his followers do.

  17. wicked

    Prairiepond, if you’re reading this, I do believe Jesus really is weeping.

  18. Bad Biker

    As requested by one Iggy……………………… some flash fiction for your enjoyment.


    It was a cool summer evening, and I was lounging on the porch of my farmhouse, having a few cold beers after a long day working the garden. Rufus seemed to be a bit agitated, unlike his normal pose of lying on the porch floor beside me. The sun was setting low in the West and all seemed calm in my world.

    Over the rise, off to the East, I noticed lights – blinking – something unusual out here in the country. After a while, it looked to me like the emergency flashers of a motorist in distress. Being a natural “Good Samaritan” I headed for my old pick up with Rufus to see if I could be of any assistance.

    It was puzzling when we started out because the lights seemed to come from an area where there were no roads. The lights began to dim as we closed in on the source.

    As I expected, the vehicle was stopped in an open field and I had to put my old truck in four-wheel drive to get to it. By this time, Rufus was really agitated, his Golden coat standing on end and a low growl emitting from his bared muzzle.

    The car was surprisingly fancy – a late model Mercedes – but the lights were dimming due to a dying battery and the passenger door was wide open. There was no one around.

    I grabbed my flashlight from my toolbox as I let Rufus out to investigate. Much to my surprise, my fearless dog soon jumped back into the cab of the pick up, seemingly frightened. There was an odd metallic smell in the air and the air seemed smoky.

    With my flashlight, I spotted footprints on the ground around the Mercedes, some looked human but others were absolutely huge and obviously not from a normal being.

    All was quiet, Rufus was whimpering in the cab of the truck, when I heard a rustling in the woods a few dozen yards from me, making the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

    With trepidation, I turned my light towards the sounds, frightened by what I might or might not find.

    As my light found it’s target, I was horrified to see………..

  19. Bad Biker

    Okay, one more bit of flash fiction before I call it a night………


    Well, I was in a foul mood when I left the shop on a Friday evening. Customers were cranky – the bills were piling up – and there just wasn’t enough money coming in compared to the money going out.

    Instead of going home, I headed out to the lake for a little fishing, a.k.a. an excuse for beer drinking.

    The lake was calm and the prospects looked good but I couldn’t get even one bite for the entire night. Now, I am not a great fisherman, but not getting a single bite in four hours was the low point of my fishing career.

    Disgusted, I pulled my rowboat up on the bank, hoping to have better luck another day. As I turned away, I saw, there at my feet, an old lure, still attached to a leader. It was an old-fashioned wooden minnow, three parts, designed to wiggle like a real minnow, with a treble hook at it’s tail.

    Amused, I tossed the bait into to tackle box and headed home.

    The next morning, I went out again, determined to avenge my poor showing from the previous night, but to my dismay, I still could not get a bite. Frustrated, I threw my lures into my tackle box and began to row back to shore. Not wanting to be a complete loser at this game, I decided to give it one more try.

    I had plenty of fancy lures in my box, but when I reached for bait to tie on my leader, the old wooden minnow that I had found the previous night seemed to call to me.

    “Why not give it a chance?” I said to myself as I tied off the line.

    As soon as my first cast hit the water, a small blue gill hit the bait. With my second cast, a large mouth bass took a hit. With the third try, a Northern Pike hit and gave me a fight for eight or ten minutes before I reeled him in.

    “Ha!” I said to myself, “this bait is the answer to my fishing problems – the perfect lure!”

    Invigorated, I decided to fish a while longer – I still had a cooler full of beer and no work tomorrow.

    My next cast was immediately hit on. It took me nearly half an hour to pull the fish in. Much to my surprise, it was the crown jewel of Michigan fishing – a Muskie.

    Muskie are the bigger and much meaner cousins of Northern Pike – rare and much prized by fisherman in the North country.

    This was an awesome fish! With great effort, I removed the bait from his mouth and strung him on a stringer. This was one fish that was going to hit my frying pan!

    With a big smile on my face, I stood up in the boat and cast my line, hoping for another huge catch. As the sun began to set, my pole dipped as yet another fish hit the bait…………

  20. wicked

    Good stuff, Biker!