Poetry . . . That wonderful world where anything goes!


Budding poets rejoice. You now have a thread devoted to you and you alone. Written any poems or sonnets? Let us read them. Poetry can be about anything, anytime or anybody. Don’t be shy. Make us laugh, cry or smell something wonderful.

I wrote this after Katrina smacked down New Orleans:

New Orleans

This world around me’s changed;

My youth’s been lost in pain.

What I thought sweet and righteous;

Was washed away by rain.

The reign of evil sordid men;

Looking only for their kind.

While innocence begged them stop;

It lay twisted and maligned.

“Stand up,” I shrieked aloud;

My legs collapsed in vain.

Still they gathered all around me;

and laughed with sheer disdain.

I sat there lonely, empty;

feeling myself turn to rust.

The colors that ran through me;

had slowly turned to dust.

I feel anger growing;

Within this body mine.

But can I overcome my fear;

and let my colors shine.



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4 responses to “Poetry . . . That wonderful world where anything goes!

  1. I wrote this in the mid 70s, before I knew anything about computers, internet, world wide web… I was a single mom, never enough money, never enough time, the kind of loneliness that doesn’t go away even tho you’re surrounded by people.

    Wayne and I married in 1980 and life has been more enjoyable and less a daily challenge since he and I share the journey. I’m not even sure if I would be capable of writing happy words! I wrote because it was an outlet for emotions that hurt; happiness doesn’t require an outlet — you just live it, enjoy it, let it out!

    the web

    today has been
    an unusual day.
    i spoke to no one,
    and no one spoke to me.

    i stared into people’s eyes,
    but they looked away,
    i wondered what they had to hide.

    sins or ugliness?
    no one wanted to tell me.
    no one wanted to come out
    of their web.

    like spiders, people hide
    in their webs of darkest suspicion.
    protecting them from
    unforeseen evil.

    but i was curious,
    so i rattled a web.
    and asked,

    i was given stony
    stares of silence.
    now i too
    am spinning a web.

  2. frigginloon

    Hi, morning each and all. I lived in Japan for several years which was hilarious considering I broke every rule of the land, jay walked, put my chopsticks in the rice, caused mayhem and basically did everything I shouldn’t. But I managed to win them over with my sense of humor which is ironic because they aren’t noted for having one…and mine is lame at the best of times. But I have carried a poem around with me for nearly 2 decades which was given to me by a wise old Japanese man a few days after arriving.

    Amidst the raging storms of life
    Never flinch, o heart of man
    No more than the wind tossed pine
    Deep rooted in the rock.

    This was written by Emperor Meiji.

  3. Bad Biker

    Well, anyone that has read my ramblings in the Blog World knows that I am a seriously messed up SOB, but I am what I am. One of the great contradictions of my life is that I absolutely LOVE music, while having absolutely NO musical talent. I couldn’t keep a beat in a glass jar and I couldn’t rhyme for a dime.

    My tastes in music are quite diverse, ranging from classic Motown to Celtic to Blues to Rock ‘n’ Roll.

    Imagine the strange confluence of cosmic forces that merged several months ago while Rufus was walking me – a full-blown blues number appeared in my head. It just happened. Here it is:


    Woke up this mornin’, shoulda had the blues
    Woke up this mornin’, coulda had the blues
    Then I remembered, ain’t got no reason for missing you

    Woke up this mornin’, saw the writing on the wall
    Woke up this mornin’, read the writing on the wall
    You’re a no good tramp woman, ain’t no good at all

    You know I caught you, messin’ ’round with my best friend
    You know I caught you, messin’ ’round with a lowlife friend
    Ain’t got no use for you, ain’t got no use for him

    Pack your things, faithless lady and hit that back door
    Pack your things cheatin’ lady and hit that back door
    My dog and I have no use for you, ain’t got no use no more

    Hit that back door door woman, you gotta be gone by noon
    Hit that damn door woman, you gotta be gone by noon
    Your sister’s comin’ over, she’ll comin’ over soon

    Your sister’s a fine lookin’ woman, she’ll feed my dog and me
    Your sister’s a damn fly woman, she’ll feed my dog and me
    My dog’ll love the puppy chow, guess what sis will be feeding me

    Woke up this mornin, mighta had the blues
    Woke up this mornin’, didn’t have the blues
    Thanked God I remembered, I ain’t got no reason for missin’ you

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I walked pass the mirror today, it was not the best to have looked that way. My age does not show in my ways. But in the mirror it showed today, I could not tell from the waist up or so I think anyway.
    But in that cursed mirror I did see the lower half of me. To my shock and disbelief I did see, the old man’s butt that was following me!