Sarah, Limbaugh and the Republican Listening Tour

rebranding20the20gop1-499x332Behaving in an even more ridiculous way than we’ve grown to expect, Rush Limbaugh has declared that Former Governors Jeb Bush (FL) and Mitt Romney (MA) are embarrassed by Sarah Palin.  He went on to say Bush and Romney “hate” and “despise” the Alaska Governor and former running-mate of John McCain.

Limbaugh defended Palin and heralded her as the “most prominent and articulate voice” for conservatism.

Yep, he said she is articulate.

So have the drugs finally destroyed his last brain cell?  Is he being paid by the Democratic National Committee as an ambassador for the Democratic Party?  Is it possible he can’t see ridiculing his own party and leaders make the party and himself look even worse?  Does he simply say whatever may create the greatest controversy and gain the most listeners?  If that is so, then we must consider the mentality of those people who hold him in awe.



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16 responses to “Sarah, Limbaugh and the Republican Listening Tour

  1. iggydonnelly

    Man, the fnord is on fire tonight!

    I think that thanks to the GOP’s over-reach with GWB, Rove, et al. that they are in the political wilderness for a long, long, but not long enough, time… They know it, too – which is why they are acting soooo…. psychotic.

  2. lilacluvr

    Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin or the Republican Party.

  3. frigginloon

    You betcha!

  4. frigginloon

    I was going to Freudian slip that one too 🙂

  5. I remember when the Democrats had pretty much formed a circular firing squad and were shooting at each other. It didn’t last long at all, but between Newt Gingrich’s “Contract With America” in 1994 and the 2006 elections, they did some wandering in that political wilderness too.

    Thanks in large part to bush the lesser (because no one could ignore how badly a screw up he and his were) everything Republican became tainted and stinky. I think cute catch phrases like Contract With America and Mission Accomplished have also grown thin and most people can see they are just nice words that mean nothing.

    Do you think President Obama’s success, or lack thereof, will determine whether the Republican Party can regroup?

  6. Bad Biker

    Ah, remember to never forget, friends that just a few short years ago, the Republicans held both Houses and the Presidency and were talking about gaining a permanent majority. The Democrats were viewed in the same light as Republicans are now.

    The Pubs may be moving in the wrong direction compared to the rest of the country, but the political landscape can change very quickly.

    Yes, our man won the presidency in an electoral landslide. Yes, the Democrats hold the Senate with a near filibuster proof Sixty (including Franken) votes. Yes, the House is firmly under the control of Speaker Pelosi.

    Let’s not blow it like the Republicans did in 2006.

    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a Democratic trademark – we can’t do it again.

  7. I see no one in the Republican Party currently on the radar that could win a national election. I’ve heard some talk that their party leader hasn’t yet been identified (can’t remember how they put it). But I’ll predict IF a person not yet recognized appears — then that person without national exposure, probably also without much political experience, will be praised with the same thoughts / words they used to criticize Obama. i.e., President Obama’s lack of experience was a negative, but their guys (or gals) won’t be. Pick any of their catch phrase criticisms and substitute bad for good and that’s what they will be saying.

    They’ll flip and flop too fast for the naked eye to see. The worst part is that they won’t recognize this is what they’re doing. I don’t know what sort of ‘reality’ one must live in to forget the past so completely and easily.

  8. One thing we know for sure is the Republican Party does not have numbers adequate to win a national election. Unless they attract new people they remain irrelevant. Yet they don’t seem to be able to agree on what they stand for, what might improve their chances of growing their numbers. All the while their oldest are dying off and they’re offering intolerance to youth who have learned to be tolerant.

  9. lilacluvr

    The Republicans remind me of the old Keystone Cops – they’re all running around, falling down and not knowing where they are going or what they are doing. And, they are funny to watch.

    Seriously, though, these Evangelical Christians are on their high-holy horse and they are digging in their heels. I don’t see anything happening in the GOP until the battle of exactly who runs the party is fought from within.

    If the Evangelical Christians win out, then the GOP will probably go the way of the Whig Party – in my opinion.

    • tosmarttobegop

      My opinion too, the R.R. has so damaged the GOP. As long as the standing points are abortion and gay marriage. There is no chance to gain again. Unless they soften the stance and refocus to a more general stance.
      They lose those like me and the average Republicans.

  10. Karma! The Republican Party sought out, cultivated the support of the religious right. Now they’ve got them. Can’t win with them, can’t win without them. A conundrum they deserve!

    I want to make very clear here that I am not against any religion or any religious person! I simply don’t want morals legislated and know that what belongs in church doesn’t have a place in civil law. Christianity is one religion in our country and all should be afforded the same rights and liberties.

    Theologies are the enemies the religious right think justify war while at the same time they want one of their own. And, again, they don’t see this hypocrisy.

    • tosmarttobegop

      In part the collaboration came from the Neo-Conservatives as they had the political knowledge but not the political numbers. So they formed an alliance with the Religious Right who had the numbers but not the political knowledge. The funny thing is that the Neo-Conservatives does not hold Religious beliefs as they see them as a weakening force. Morality and religious beliefs are limiting forces that get in the way of what you must do to get what you want done.

  11. Whatever the repubs are doing, they need to ‘stay the course’. It’s working for us.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    Boy I sure must have missed that Sarah Palin speech that Rush refers to, that was something I kept asking her supporters. Just did she say you agreed with? No one could sight one thing other then she spoke for God? Yet I heard President Obama mention Jesus and God far more then I heard Palin mention either one.

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