Dick Cheney and Deep-Sixing Torture Memos

Dick Cheney: ” Torture?  It never happened.”

“Care to join me for a work out?!”

David Addington:  “Torture?  I don’t remember, but  what does that word mean???”

Phillip Zelikow, serving as counsel to Condi Rice, suggests that his memos questioning the legal arguments for enhanced interrogations disappeared and he is blaming Cheney for the cover up.

Read more here for the Mother Jones report.

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16 responses to “Dick Cheney and Deep-Sixing Torture Memos

  1. An op-ed piece in today’s Wichita Eagle starts out with this succinct and accurate statement:

    “We don’t torture,” President Bush told the American people. It turns out he was doing to the truth what U.S. agents were doing to terror suspects.


  2. g-stir

    Water boarding can’t be much worse than sitting through a Bush press conference and trying to make sense of it !

  3. But most people knew there was no sense to be made when bush the lesser spoke; those who were waterboarded didn’t know what the outcome might be.

  4. Did members of bush the lesser’s staff and administration have their memories wiped clean or did he just luck out with people who had the poorest memories in history?

  5. lilacluvr

    Condi Rice’s counsel is blaming Cheney for a cover-up? Oh no, that cannot possibly be true, can it?

    (of course you all know this is sarcasm, right?)

    As long as we still have people who believe torturing is okay (if done by us and not the other guy), Bush and Cheney will get away with it.

  6. lilacluvr

    Maybe the first picture of Cheney in his leather explains the real deep-rooted reason Cheney likes torture?

  7. frigginloon

    Morning Prairie P&P’s…….What gets me about waterboarding is the Government claims they can get the truth out of someone in 3 minute. So why have they been waterboarding people 454545647489420320 times? And whatever happened to that document which Bush supposedly forged about the weapons of mass destruction? That carpet is getting awfully lumpy, might have to stop sweeping and get the vacuum cleaner out.

  8. The Hoover?
    evening loon.

    I believe you are referring to the infamous ‘White Papers’.
    That’s gotta be another post.

  9. While traveling every county road in the county, at least I got to listen to NPR.
    According to their reporting, the FBI says that the only valuable info they got from suspects was, for the most part, obtained well before any torture began. Interrogations were successful before the rough stuff started. When the CIA began torture, the FBI dissented and ‘bowed out’.

  10. iggydonnelly

    But, but, but… if you read in “upsidedownworld” (i.e., the other blog) we never tortured, and besides that, there were doctors there if needed.

    Torture, or not? It is the new litmus test for conservative insanity.

    I am so glad reality is my friend… It is not something to be afraid of.

  11. Now why would there be doctors present?
    Because it was more like abuse?

    Is there any LE agency that has a doc on stand-by just to question suspects?

  12. lilacluvr

    Maybe I missed something a few years back, but was the fact there was a doctor present at these waterboarding incidents ever mentioned before the last few months?

    Or is this is being used as a means of CYA by the Cons?

    No doubt their rebranding Committee came up with that idea.

  13. frigginloon

    The White Papers..thanks Sekan…whatever??? Make that a Hoover and a spreader!!!

    Hmm, according to Miss Universe they have an “unbelievable” beach for waterboarding at Guantanamo!


  14. frigginloon

    whoops I mean shredder…could that have been a Freudian slip ?

  15. I don’t know about Freudian slip, but I know it was a really good laugh!

  16. iggydonnelly

    “spreader” vs. “shedder” – sometimes that evil unconscious just slips in some truth, even if we don’t want it to.

    That was very funny!