Thursday, 05/07/09 Public Square


Something tells me we aren’t in Kansas anymore!  Anyone have an idea of where the above Public Square might be located?  Let’s make it our place for today while we talk about whatever we choose.



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  1. Be awed by the odd

    Thursday, 5/7/9. Three consecutive odd numbers make up the date only six times in a century. This day marks the half-way point in this parade of Odd Days which began with 1/3/5. The previous stretch of six dates like this started with 1/3/1905—13 months after the Wright Brothers’ flight.

  2. I’m odd.
    It must be my day.
    My very own odd day.

  3. frigginloon

    Hmm, I thought it was St Petersburg or Berlin but it doesn’t have the Quadriga on the building! It’s the mountains that make it confusing…Rome has seven hills….Oh I give up …spill it Fnord! Hmm, I watched American Idol today 😦 .Yes sadly I watch it every year and sadly I always get left with the feeling it is deliberately rigged. I use to enjoy Greta Van Susteren but I didn’t like how she used and abused the Holloway case (sitting on info because of the US elections and ratings). Did you know she is a Scientologist? I am so a news junkie. I occasionally watch O’Reilly to get my blood circulating…friggin popinjay! A sufficient rant for today…have a bright and sunny one….and be kind to snails!

  4. The Zócalo is the main plaza or square in the heart of the historic center of Mexico City. The plaza used to be known simply as the “Main Square” or “Arms Square,” and today its formal name is “Constitution Square.”

    It has been a gathering place for Mexicans since Aztec times, having been the site of Mexica ceremonies, the swearing in of viceroys, royal proclamations, military parades, Independence ceremonies and modern religious events such as the festivals of Holy Week and Corpus Christi. It has received foreign heads of state and is the main venue for both national celebration and national protest.

  5. frigginloon

    Oh dear I was well and truly off. I must admit Mexico City is not my forte.

  6. lilacluvr

    I just read on the Huffington Blog that Time Magazine is reporting that Joe the Plumber is quitting the GOP.

    • tosmarttobegop

      What there was finally a opening in the American Nazi party? Joe the plumber was such a joke. But the question is whether the joke was on him or the gullible? I can dress up in scrubs and wear a sterile mask.
      But do not ever believe I am a surgeon! The Conservatives really do think the American people are a bunch of fools. There is no need to be real just roll out the likes of Palin or Joe the plumber’s helper and the flocks will run to follow!

      • lilacluvr

        How pathetic is it when even Joe the Plumber doesn’t want to be in your group?

        I’m waiting for the Cons to come out and say Joe was just a RINO.

  7. Trip to the Outhouse

    Oh, I wanted to guess the zocalo, but too late. Looks a little different these days, though.

  8. For fun —

    Be sure you look to the right and see

    “Related Articles


    Click there too.

    The world thinks Wichita Kansas is as big a hicksville as there can be.