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  1. iggydonnelly

    Greetings all. My 16 yr old son hit a pick up truck Sunday night near an intersection in town that is the number one location for DUI arrests in Wichita. The guy he hit appeared to be Hispanic according to my son and he had a grade school aged kid in the passenger seat of the pick-up. I think the other driver would have been at fault, but I am not sure of that. This guy did not even stop and kept driving off. So, I am getting a $2K bill (I am estimating) for this event.

    We took my son’s car (formerly my Honda civic) to a mechanic to help temporarily fix the radiator so we can get the car to the body shop. A clerk at the shop said that “drive offs” from accidents like ours are becoming more frequent. I had not heard about this, but maybe this would be another symptom of an ailing economy. My son did not get a tag number, so our police alternatives are limited and maybe would not have mattered any way. It seems to me one would have to be pretty desperate, in some way, to drive off from an accident.

    Maybe the times are changing – and not necessarily for the better here in DooDah.

  2. Ouch! And higher insurance premiums no doubt. I think you have an accurate conclusion of the situation — if the guy drove off there were facts he preferred not to share with officials. So you’re stuck with all the consequences. Scary that this happens more often.

  3. wicked

    iggy, I’m so sorry about your son’s accident. Even sorrier that it’s turned into such a mess.

    I sold my mom’s old car a couple of years ago to a junk car dealer. Found the number in the newspaper and didn’t get the guy’s name. He paid me in cash, which was fine. Most do. I signed the registration, and off he went. One problem: I’d forgotten to remove my license tag.

    Several months later, a police officer came to my door, ask me if I owned a specific color and model of truck. Uh, no, not ever. She took me out to the patrol car and showed me the computer, which listed my name and linked it to the mentioned vehicle. Apparently, someone had “stolen” my license plate and put it on another vehicle that had been involved in a hit and run accident. Somebody must have gotten the tag number.

    I later spoke with the police (I called them) and gave them the phone number I’d used to call about selling the car. I spoke with another officer a third time.

    I received a bill from the insurance company of the other driver, called them, told them I wasn’t the owner of the car, but they said I had to fill out a report with the police or I WAS responsible. I told the guy I HAD spoken with the police and ignored the next bill I received. They finally left me alone. I guess they talked to the police, after all.

    Yes, my car was insured at the time I owned it.

  4. David B

    In keeping with my fascination of European society…

    Imagine an income tax rate of 52%… but, as I like to say, it’s not how much tax you pay that is important. What’s important is what you get in return for the tax contribution.

    Here’s an essay by an American in Holland:

  5. tosmarttobegop

    My parents sold a car on payments to a co-worker that got laid-off. Almost every weekend they got a call from the authorities about either finding the car abandoned and the final straw was a call from the Oklahoma Highway patrol they found the car out of gas and attached to a stolen car with a tow rope! Dad went to the guy’s house and informed him that he wanted the car back. Or he would personally take the man to get the car taken out of dad’s name. Dad was 6’5” and seldom did I really see him mad and threatening. But that day he left the man no misunderstanding as to what would happen if neither was made to be.

  6. Iggy. glad your son is OK.

    The odds are very high the other driver has no liability policy in effect. The odds are good that there were other violations of statutes, too; e.g., the lack of insurance had resulted in the cancellation of the tags on the vehicle, or the registration had expired, etc.

    And it is not without the realm of probability the driver was/is an illegal. So, much to speculate upon as to why the other driver fled.

  7. Bad Biker

    Proof that the British are still more civilized than Americans…….

    “Fred Phelps on Britain’s list of people banned from entry”


    Michael Savage is also on the list.

    This is not fair! We should be allowed to ban them from OUR country.

  8. Bad Biker

    PS: Iggy, I’m glad your son is okay.

    Today. my ex was driving her van with two of my grandkids and my daughter in the vehicle. Some idiot cut her off and she had to swerve to avoid him, hitting a curb. Despite the fact that Eli was in a car seat, he went flying and has two boo-boo’s on his forehead.

    The idiot driver took off.

    My daughter is trying to figure out why Eli was tossed from the car seat. He has a really bad habit of unbuckling his seat belts.

  9. Bad Biker

    Good bye, Dom, you made us all laugh.”

    Dom DeLuise, actor, comedian and chef, dies at 75″