Monday, 05/04/09 Public Square


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  1. prairiepond

    Good Morning Prairie Pals!

    I hope everyone survived the weekend. It rained off and on both days so I’m even further behind outdoors than I was on Friday. I’ve gotta find time and energy in the evenings to mow this big yard.

    I’m wishing you all a good week, since it will likely be Thursday before I can get back here.

    Six, do as you are told! heheheh. Easy for me to say….

  2. prairiepond

    Oh, and nice May Tree, btw!

  3. frigginloon

    Morning Prairie P&P’s , hope the day finds you bright and chirpy like the licorice allsorts tree. Watched the most depressingly inspiring movie over the weekend. The Dive Bell and the Butterfly. OK, it is French, but originally Johnny Depp was suppose to play the role in English. It is about the French editor of Elle magazine who had a massive stroke at the age of 43 leaving him with Lock-In Syndrome. He was paralyzed from head to toe, couldn’t speak but was mentally fine. But here is the killer…he managed to write a book blinking with one eye. It’s a true story. I don’t think I have ever been so deflated and yet inspired at the same time.

  4. Morning, this is my standard apology for being absent. No rain today. Off to work. Lots of flooding, I got pics but no time to post them.

  5. iggydonnelly


    Thanks for the film review. I don’t think I will be up for the emotional challenge of that film for a while.

    Bad News: I linked to an _American Spectator_ article that I thought was interesting which outlined some of my personal & growing doubts about bin Laden and the war on terror. The preceding is not the bad news because I think reading stuff in places that I don’t agree with usually isn’t too harmful to me. Welllll…. the AmSpectorBlog linked back to us. Which means that we might have guests who are ideologically like those folk at the blogthatshallnotbenamed, but smarter (a wonderful combination). I will increase my vigilance and will deal with any problems since I am responsible for this unintended “reaching out” error.

    My personal philosophy is: If you find yourself arguing with a brain-dead ideologue, that is God’s [or, Mother Nature’s] way of telling you – ‘you have too much time on your hands.’

    My son had a car wreck last night. He was uninjured, but I will need to be away to take care of issues related to that. I will be back later.

    Oh, I have learned my lesson on whom I link to – I promise.

  6. frigginloon

    Oh dear Iggy what have you done! OK, I have my boomerang ready and my thongs to slap them if they even attempt to out smart the Prairie P&P’s. LOL, they are probably reading these comments as we speak 🙂 . Please don’t send them my way ahahahha LOL.

    PS: I hope that son of yours is alright. Make sure he gets his neck checked out, whiplash takes a while to detect.

  7. lilacluvr

    iggy…sorry to hear about your son’s car wreck.

    Thankfully he was not injured. But it does take time and patience to deal with the aftermath, doesn’t it?

  8. lilacluvr

    iggy and loon – and we shall know them by the fruits of their labor – hate, hate and more hate.

    Those who thrive on the blogthatshallnotbenamed are easily detected.

    I find using their own words against them usually just infuriates them and really gets their hate juices going – then their cover will be blown.

    I like a lively debate but I absolutely detest people who live to incite others or to put down others simply to make themselves feel superior

  9. jammer5

    Bring em on . . . bring em on I say . . . I’ll murderize em . . . I’ll . . .wait: wrong blog!

    Mornin’ folks. We got mostly sunny today with a slight chance of sarcasm. Winds expected to be around 6~9 mph with right wing gusts as high as EF 4.

    Getting cars fixed sucks. Glad the boy’s okay, iggy.

  10. Trip to the Outhouse

    iggy–a little tabasco sauce can spice up the guacamole. but I too have tried to insert logic after being lured into dark places via the tag surfer. it can be a learning experience, for example, “the brain-dead idealogue’s dribble” vs. “the brain-dead idealogue’s drivel”.
    Wishing y’all a sheet-whitening Monday!

  11. lilacluvr

    fnord – good to hear your mother got moved and that part of the transition is done. Are the movers gone home by now? Too bad the weather was not very cooperative during the move. But it looks like the sun is trying to come out today.

    Does your mother blog? My mother is 77 and is learning how to blog – she finds it fascinating. I like to hear how the older generation views what is going on in the political scene.

  12. I miss being here with you all!

    Iggy, sorry to hear about that accident, but really glad your son isn’t hurt.

    It has been hectic. Everyone is gone and we’ll get those boxes unpacked and everything put away, it just might be slower than we wanted.

    I haven’t been feeling well. So, I went to the doctor this morning and he decreed I have bronchitis and should take the antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine and rest. I went to Mother’s and worked a few hours but she sent me home so I’m going to take the medicine and see if I can get some of that rest. I think by tomorrow I’ll be on the mend and ready to go!

  13. David B

    mmmmm.. codeine….

  14. lilacluvr

    fnord – get some much needed rest and the codeine should help. We’ll be here when you get back to feeling better.