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  1. Yesterday was Sekanblogger’s birthday! So sorry we missed it, Sek. Let’s start all over and make today your special day.

    Hope you have a day as special as you are and it’s the beginning of your best year yet!

    HaPpY bIrThDaY to youuuuu, hApPy BiRtHdAy to you! And maaaannnny moorrrre.

  2. prairiepond

    Hi Y’all. Cold and rainy here, so maybe I can blog today without needing to be in the garden, the chicken coop, or at the newspaper.

    I’m following up on the May Day conversation on yesterday’s open thread. Thanks to Wicked for the reference to Beltane.

    We have our own celebration of the Festival O’ Beltane, right here in Trego county. It’s really something to see, the fires and night and dancing and drinking and feasting. The Highland Games are world class. And yeah, they do a May Pole thing.

    I’m with David though, on the pole dancing I like!

    Anyway, here’s a link to the festivities going on near Cedar Bluff today. Check out the history links. I think you’ll like them!

    And Happy Bday to SEKB.

    And Fnord, good luck with the wrecking, er, moving crew….

  3. prairiepond


    Ok, I hate these forwarded emails, but this one had me ROLLING on the floor laughing. I hope you enjoy it too!

  4. wicked

    Oh, prairiepond, I like what they’ve done with The Gatherin’s May Tree! They must have a great time at the Festival O’ Beltane. Good that they look back to their roots and celebrate.

  5. Good morning, Pond! I’ve really missed you. Wish there was some way to help, but takin’ a shift at feeding and watering isn’t as easy at this distance.

    I have two meals to prepare for movers today and two brothers-in-law to house tonight. My daughter and I are going over to Mother’s new place soon to put in new shelf lining, make sure the place is ready, put the necessities in the fridge… The day didn’t dawn bright and sunny and the prospects don’t look great for improvement. Oh well. This is THE DAY, no matter what Mother Nature gives us.

  6. wicked

    Happy (belated) B-Day, Sekan!! Glad to hear you took the family out to celebrate it. 🙂 You’re a good ‘un.

    Fnord, has mom arrived yet? I wish the rain would stop. For heaven’s sake, first we don’t have enough, then we get deluge after deluge. From personal experience, moving in the rain is not fun.

  7. And good morning, wicked!

    Off to the day. See all of you on the flip flop. That will probably be sometime tomorrow. 😉

  8. wicked, the truck (actually a three car caravan is en route now). The weather will slow them down but they should arrive early afternoon. I have some things to do before they arrive. We couldn’t get access to her new apartment until today.

  9. prairiepond

    Heh Wicked, you would LOVE Th’ Gatherin’.

    Here’s an invitation for ALL of you to come up here and attend the Festival O’ Beltane. It’s free, and you can stay here if you dont mind the small space.

    I dont know why I didnt think to invite you all sooner. I’ve been writing stories about it for two weeks, but didnt think about invitations. Sorry. So… I’ll get a jump on next year!

    And yeah, even though the Festival is in its 13th year, the local fundies still get their panties in a wad about the WITCHCRAFT and PAGANISM going on out there. Hee hee hee.

    BIG F’n EYE ROLL!!!!!!

    Especially since the first few festivals had a deer head in a pentagram as the logo… Heheh. HAHAHAHAHA.

  10. prairiepond

    Fnord, really, good luck with the move. I know it’s going to change life for you.

    heheheh. Maybe a shift out here for watering and feeding (and weeding!) is in order for your escape?

    I could have fried chicken ready by noon…. With extra potato salad for Jammer!

  11. prairiepond

    …and if lilacluvr is reading…

    With all the rain we’ve had, my lilacs are blooming like crazy this year! Maybe the old girls dont need to be dug up anyway.

  12. wicked

    Especially since the first few festivals had a deer head in a pentagram as the logo… Heheh. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Classic!! And the first laugh of my day. You know, even the deer (stag) head is pagan symbolism. 🙂

    Yes, I’m sure I’d love the festival! I’ve been going to the Renaissance Fair here in Wichita since my girls were in grade school, back when it was held at Newman. We missed the Spring one a couple of weeks ago, but we’ll probably go in the Fall. I’d love to hit the one near KC someday, but getting away has become something to dream about. We’re kind of hoping for a trip to World’s of Fun this summer, but I only count on my fingers and toes. I so wanted to go to DC for the biggie writers conference–not for the conference, but to see more of DC than I did in 2000–but just couldn’t swing the big bucks it would take. Knowing I’m not the only one helps some.

    My dream U.S. vacation? Getting on the train back East and traveling to PA, Boston, NYC, and NY. I’d like to take my youngest. I think I could hook her on history if we went. 😉

  13. wicked

    Interesting find for Susan Boyle watchers.

    A tape of her singing at age 22. Not bad looking, at all. Poor choice of song for her voice, though.

    • tosmarttobegop

      I was blown away as much as Simon was the first time I heard her. After watching the video I think she improved with age. Though the video production may not be the best either. Something that amazed me and I realized when I first started hanging out with a chance to play along with others who played the guitar.
      Was just the amazing level of playing other had, they had a real talent for it that never gets recognized.
      I have found that with some singers too, they have the voice and range to be super stars yet never are seen.
      Me I do not think I will ever get it right, even with a bucket I can not carry a tune or a rhythm.
      LOL that is why I think the only future for me in music it to sale the instruments! My poor six string has been setting on its stand for over a week now with out me striking a note.

  14. wicked

    Well, dang on the lilac bushes, PP. If I could plant them, I’d come get a cutting. But as I don’t plan to stay in the place forever, it’d be a waste. 😦

  15. Bad Biker

    Random thoughts on a funky Saturday morning……..

    I blew off my project yesterday – didn’t go in at all. I will spare you the details, but I left Thursday ticked off and woke up Friday seriously PO’d. The fuse on my temper is much longer than it used to be, but the explosions are just as scary. Unfortunately, I look like a homicidal maniac when angry, so I try to avoid those situation, hence, no work yesterday.

    I am dog sitting for Cookie this weekend. My oldest granddaughter is having her birthday party sleep over tonight, so the spaniel is banished. She tends to nip when too many people are around.

    Have I mentioned that my Riley is PERFECT?

    In an effort to be stylish, I bought a pair of rimless glasses last year. (Granted, it will take way more than glasses to make this old bastard stylish.) Anyway, given that I can see Sixty from here, I tend to absentmindedly put them down any old place. Then the problem begins: they are damned near invisible! I wish I had a nickel for every time I wandered around the house looking for them – I’d be rich.

    I wish I could head out to Trego and join Ms. Pond at the Festival, but I am spoken for today.

    Best wishes out to Mary and her man and our friend 6176.

    Coffee is kickin’ in – maybe I can get something done this morning.

    Later, Pop Bloggers!

  16. wicked

    Hey, Biker, when you find a way to stop losing the specs, let me know. Mine are for reading, so I tend to put them on top of my head. That means that at those odd times I put them somewhere else, like yours, they vanish.

    Off to take the new pooch out…and she hates the wet. What a waste! And I could’ve used that $$ to go to DC, but the youngest has wanted a dog for since we left the farm. I finally gave in.

  17. prairiepond

    HA! Biker and Wicked! I lose my damn specs too. Gettin’ older aint for sissies, now is it?

    I’m issuing Th’ Gatherin’ invitation a year in advance so’s all you Prairie Pops can make plans. It’s better than the Renaissance Festivals. I used to go annually to the one outside Houston, which is HUGE! It’s a good one too.

    Th’ Gatherin’ doesnt have The Society for Creative Anachronisms, but the locals and visitors do a pretty good job of bringing back the Celts and all their characters. And did I mention, in the Feasting and Boasting Hall, no eating utensils other than knives are allowed? That pissed off the locals too. heheheheh.

    Th’ Gatherin’ is always held the first weekend in May. So mark your reminders for next year. This pub is always open for guests!

  18. prairiepond

    Hee hee hee heeeeee….

    Maybe we can have our own Clan next year? The Clan MacBlogger? hee hee hee heeeeeee!

    Oh heck, Donnally HAS to be Irish, dont ya think? Maybe we’ll just be the Clan Donnally?

    Heh. I’m gettin’ excited already.

  19. Hi bloggers.

    Doing better than I have any right to do; getting spoiled by the staff; and the Physical and Occupational “Terrorists” are doing their best to permanently put me into positions that I didn’t know were possible. Right leg slowly (very slowly) beginning to come back; right arm, not so much (yet). Will be here about 4 weeks.

    Will “type” more later, but for now, have a good day. Fnord, stay dry.

  20. prairiepond

    …puttin’ the turkey legs on the grill…. Gettin’ ready for the arrival of my Clan!

    And did I mention the beer hall, known as the Rampant Lion Pub?

    heheheh. HAHAHAHAHA!

  21. Bad Biker

    All the best to you 6176! Hang in there, defeat the “terrorists!”

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  22. prairiepond

    Hi ya 617!!!!!! Dude!

    Good to hear from you, to virtually “see” you again. I hope they are treating you well. You DO deserve it!

    I’m glad to hear the right leg is coming back, and hopefully, the right arm wont be far behind. Yeah, PT is a biotch. The people who work with you are good at heart, but that’s kind of hard to remember when they accompany you into the Chamber of Tortures.

    I used to yell so loud when the PT folks came to my home to work on my knees, that my dog Concha had to come stand over me and glare at the PT people.

    She… and they… were not amused.

    I hope you are doing ok, 617. You have a lot of folks who care about you, so if caring made you well, you’d be out and about very soon.

  23. wicked

    ah, 6, so good to “see” you and know you’re being taken care of. Sending some of that positive energy your way (aka prayers). 🙂

  24. Bad Biker

    I have been summoned – have to help get my daughter’s house ready for the big party this afternoon. So much for “my” chores.

    A few more thoughts……………………….

    Kentucky Derby today! I don’t following horse racing much, and I don’t bet, but the Derby is something else – those horses in full gallop are absolutely beautiful. When they hit that last turn and head down the stretch for the finish line, I can’t help but get excited – majestic. It must be that “Kentucky blood” running through my veins.

    Wings 3 – Ducks 2, Nikki scored the winner with less than a minute to go on an end to end, length of the ice rush. Life is good in Hockeytown.

  25. prairiepond

    Heeeee Biker. I managed to score some FRESH mint today. I intend to “muddle” it with some sugar and then mix in the Makers Mark. An old dyke in Austin had an annual Derby Day party for more than forty years.

    If you’ve never seen hundreds of lesbians of all ages drinking bourbon while wearing outrageous hats, well…

    … you just havent lived!

    Sigh. God, I miss Austin sometimes.


  26. So good to see you 6176! You type good with one hand, or did you get that bionic arm?

    That first weekend in May 2010 — it’s a date! But don’t expect that to be the next time I see you, Pond.

  27. prairiepond

    “That first weekend in May 2010 — it’s a date! But don’t expect that to be the next time I see you, Pond.”


  28. tosmarttobegop

    If you’ve never seen hundreds of lesbians of all ages drinking bourbon while wearing outrageous hats, well…

    I thought I was attending one of those but it turned out to be a Rotary club meeting!
    Or was that the time I watch a Shiners parade? A Red hat meeting? It could have been just one of those straight man dreams we have? Oh well Lesbians always seem to have the best gatherings. Always surrounded by women and no men!

    I think I will try to come next year… Now where did I put my outrageous hat? Oh yeah its on my head along with my eye glasses!

    • tosmarttobegop

      Oh God now I continuing to think about gay and lesbian meetings. Off the top of my head I do not remember who it was that told me. But her parents had a little diner along side of a lake in Oklahoma.
      She told me of a couple of times a year there would be a two gatherings one for Gay men and one for Lesbians. The Lesbians seem to be rather reserved when ever they came around the diner but the Gay men were wild and at least once a gathering some would be walking around naked and painted from head to toes.
      After the first couple of time she had to wait on some drunk, naked and painted green or blue man it lost its surprise. It kind of made me wonder if J.L. and his friends would have attended it sounded like them.
      Another story for a fireside chat…..

  29. prairiepond

    Heheheh. We can party like knaves at the Festival O’ Beltane, then come back to the farm, don our bonnets, andsip some juleps while watching the Derby.

    And turn the turkey legs….

  30. fnord, it’s still one-handed for now.

    The ladies, a/k/a the “terrorists”, have me using the stimulating appliance on my right hand at least 30 min./day. It’s really interesting to watch the fingers extend and contract,for example, as the machine does its thing. My forearm is a bit “too long” but it works. I had to shave my right forearm so the electrodes would make better contact with my skin (hair is growing back already and it itches) to help out.

  31. You can kinda tell how long I’m capable of working without a break. 😉 It’s a waiting game at this point. I think I have everything ready, and the caravan isn’t here yet.

  32. David B

    I need a stimulating appliance, too … grrrrrrrr ;->

  33. That would indeed be interesting. I’ll have to see if I can get a NIH grant…….

  34. Bad Biker

    Mind That Bird – 50 to 1. What a race, what a stretch run, underdogs rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. tosmarttobegop

    OK two rants, 1 is I just left the blog that shall not be named and the open thread.
    I know I am not a Conservative because I have a heart and a measure of decency.
    I know I am not a Conservative because I do not see illegal Mexicans the same way that Nazis saw the Jews in a 1930’s beer hall. I know I am not a Conservative because I believe the Government should try its best to stay out of the citizens private life. And consider the choice of having ac child or not is up to the woman.
    And that if two adults want to get married it is their private life. And the government or anyone else does not and should not have a say in the matter.

    Ok 2, I am watching the great mystic Republicans who will lead the party out of the funk and back to being a majority Political party. AND realize these morons are just as clueless as the rest of the morons that drugged the party down in the first place! Meaningless catch phrases and hollow words that say there is no change of policies. Otherwise saying THEY ARE CONSERVATIVES not Republicans. I now know what was in the eyes of the last dinosaur as the flames of the great meteor lit up the sky. There is a deep sigh and I look away…

    Am I right and JimJohnson is Joe Williamson? I am pretty sure I am right and that Johnson is in desperate need of medication.

  36. David B

    Oops… my careless Googling.. that’s a Williams not a Williamson

  37. David B

    Maybe with some promised sun tomorrow, I can get some plants in the ground … I built two raised 5 X 5 planting beds – as much to eliminate grass to mow any any other reason.

    But I’m calling them my Obama Victory Garden…

  38. lilacluvr

    PP – just sat down to catch up on everyone’s thoughts today and read where your lilacs are going crazy with all this rain.

    Good to hear……lilacs really are special to me as they bring back some very good memories.

  39. prairiepond

    Yep Lilacluvr, the lilacs are beautiful, but the blooms are dying off now. It’s so nice to see them arrive, and they leave in all too short time.

    TSTBGOP, I feel for republicans like you. It must be hard watching what is happening to your party. Like watching a favorite child go astray.