Osama bin Elvis..

Angelo Codevilla thinks that the chances of an earthly presence of Elvis Presley are greater than the likelihood of the same cosmic address for Osama bin Laden.  Codevilla provides opinion and evidence from a variety of experts on the data we have about bin Laden since December, 2001 as well as the history of accurate intelligence [sic] from the CIA.  Some of what we think of  as being true in the war on terror doesn’t even pass the nonsense test.

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  1. wicked

    Well, I read the article, or most of it anyway. It’s not all black and white. Do the CONS really think OBL is going to come out of hiding, stand up and say, “Hey, it’s me!!” ‘Course not.

    And now I have to go take a shower. I feel all icky after visiting that website.

  2. iggydonnelly

    Yes, it is an interesting publication.

    There have been problems with videos of OBL. There have been cosistent and sometimes credible sounding rumors that he is dead.

    I thought this guy’s take that Al Qada was a second rate terrorist organization was interesting, too.

    I have to wonder, could OBL have hidden as successfully as he has for going on eight years?

  3. wicked

    Sure he could have, iggy. All it takes are funds and the right people. Look at Howard Hughes.

    But in the end, does it really matter? With or without OBL, Al Qaeda is growing.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    It really is a problem with accepting the outlandish as the reality. Once it is done then that opens up the possibility that every other outlandish thought is possibility reality too. So then what is the reality?
    I do firmly believe and it took about a year to finally accept that it was the only logical truth that the U.S. Government had fell victim to a small group of Ideologs that were totally delusional.

    Over the years I had came across such thoughts about Bin Laden and A-Qaeda from the thought that before the trial of the 93 world trade center bombers. That there was no such group as Al-Qaeda, the government wanted to tie Bin Laden under the Reico act but in order to do so they need a organization name.
    The paid federal witness that was key to the prosecution of the bombers actually made up the name Al-Qaeda and tied OBL to this and other acts at the feds insistence.

    I could go off into the theory that the Bush administration needed an enemy big enough to be a real threat to the American people. Both to allow them the excuse they needed to go after Saddam and to enact their social designs. But also these cold war hawks just could not imagine an enemy less the power and size of the Soviet Union. So if faced with an enemy they would have a need to build them up to be a threat as large as the Soviets in order to comprehend it. Otherwise they just could not perceive an enemy as a threat to the last super power on earth as they perceived it.

  5. wicked


    You should have watched Bill Maher last night. Good disussion about Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, and the whole bunch. Bill does have some great, knowledgable guests each week.

  6. tosmarttobegop

    I wish I had, those there is some validity to the old saying about ignorance being bliss.
    Like this article that calls into question many of the perceived truths about who and what happened.
    The more thought and knowledge that is given or gained. The more it make one wonder what there is to believe in.

    It gets to that level of questioning if the woman you remember kissing the boo-boos away and put a band-aid on was really the woman you called mother? It is that deep and concerning, like the Cons and their opinions.

    It is easier to be the victim then to grasp the thought of being the fool. Easier to believe it is all about the liberals are amoral liars and everything about the wrong doings of the Bush administration is nothing more then partisan spin and lies.

    We stood our best hope with Afghanistan right after the action was taken. Though in a odd twist of fate the action worked out for the better almost solely because the Administration did not want to sidetrack their plans for Iraq with being involved to greatly with Afghanistan. The actual number of boots on the ground in Afghanistan was around one hundred. We bolstered and aided the enemy of the Taliban to over throw the Taliban and to route Bin Laden. But when it came time for us to actually fight our own fight instead the administration move on to Saddam and let Bin Laden escape.

    We could have chase him clear across Pakistan without Pakistan saying boo. They would not have wanted to get in our way. Now we have two tar-babies with Afghanistan and Pakistan and the ghost of Iraq will be hunting us for the foreseeable future. In the end Iraq will work out better then we could ever hope for with Afghanistan or Pakistan.

  7. jammer5

    The whole concept of the article seems to follow the Bush doctrine of OBL not being important anymore, even though he vowed to “get” him after 9/11. Just another example of the Bush cronies not being able to finish anything they start, and his 28%ers following along like good little doggies.

    • tosmarttobegop

      But look at the alternative though, to not believe in what they have been told. Would mean to accept that everything is a lie and to accept that when we had been attacked our president ignore those who attacked us to go off on a personal vendetta. It is unthinkable, denial is not just a river in Egypt!

  8. Oh I thought you said Obama.


  9. iggydonnelly

    Actually in the original draft of this topic I did mis-title this with Obama’s name – I’m sure that was no Freudian slip.

    I still can’t help but think that with the resources of the richest country in the world, we ought to be able to find OBL. A book that is awaiting my attention which was a Christmas gift is entitled _Legacy of Ashes: The History of the CIA_. This book is an 800 page indictment of the CIA.

    I’m still not thinking we are getting our money’s worth on this war on terra thing.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    Though it has came out there is even a thought that they have OBL height wrong. That he may not actually be something like 6-5 but rather 5-7 or average height. When one of the rumors of his slipping across the boarder dressed as a woman. I jokingly said I could picture it now one boarder guard turning to the other and saying “MAN that was the tallest woman I have ever seen!”. His buddy replied “yeah and ugly too!”.