Thursday, 04/30/09 Public Square


Here’s a pleasant place for a visit.  Pull up a chair and let us know what you’re thinking of, what you’d like to discuss.



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23 responses to “Thursday, 04/30/09 Public Square

  1. This email came last night:

    “Hi everyone
    Dave came home today. He’s feeling OK and looks good, he’s just really tired. We’re hoping the worst is behind us and he’s now on the path to recovery.
    He starts cardiac rehab on Monday..he’ll go three times a week for 6 weeks. He’s very determined to get back to normal and was even happy to eat tuna fish and salad for dinner!
    Thank you all SO much for all your help and support. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who surrounded us with love and prayers during this hard time. We love you all very much. I’ll keep you posted on his progress. Love, Mary”

  2. iggydonnelly

    Thanks for the update.

    How do you get text to “wrap around” – be off to the right of – your photos? Email me, if that would be the better way. Thanks in advance.

    • Insert your photo in the place indicating to the left, and don’t hit the return (or throw the carriage so to speak). Start your first word without a return or a space… Am I confusing or helping?

  3. wicked

    fnord, that’s a beeoooootiful photo! Do you know where it was taken? I want to go there and sit, sipping whatever strikes my fancy. And now that I’ve gotten so caught up in the picture, I’ve forgotten what I was going to post. LOLOLOLOLOL

    • I don’t know where it was taken. When I find a pic from Kansas I note that, but elsewhere is just … not in Kansas. I did think it was an inviting looking place, whether it be to sit alone with your thoughts, or sharing conversation with others.

  4. wicked

    Has anyone noticed that Douglas & Main hasn’t been updated for over a week? I sent a request to add a blog to the list and have seen and heard nothing. A bit disheartening.

  5. lilacluvr

    fnord – good to hear about Dave and Mary. Give them my best, as well, and tell them I am still sending positive energy thoughts and prayers their way.

    BTW – how is 6176? Give him my best too the next time you talk to him. I haven’t noticed his posting lately.

    It’s good to know there is a blog site one can come to and sit and talk, discuss and find out something new without having the fear of being ‘attacked’.

    I see where we have passed the 11,000 blog hits mark – that is quite an achievement. See, quality does bring out the best in people – doesn’t it?

  6. I’m so pleased and contented to find adults who are civilized and interesting, I hadn’t looked at the stats and proof of success.

    6176 still has no use of his right arm or leg, but is working hard! His spirits are high and he has a can do attitude. At minimum he is increasing the strength in his left leg and the prognosis is good! It will take some time, it was a serious stroke (he called it a BIG BLEED and has pictures which prove the existence of the brain and show the size of that bleed). His daughter hasn’t been well and hasn’t brought the laptop. I think she is so totally stressed — she lost her Mother less than five months ago and now Dad… But I think soon he will have the laptop and blogging will become part of his therapy.

  7. wicked

    Okay, I didn’t know about 6, so I just had an “oh shit” moment. I’ll definitely keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. If anyone wants to call or visit him, just email me for the details.

  9. By the way, when he shows his pictures, he makes a big deal out of that proof there is a brain — like we needed any proof. 😉 Honestly, I haven’t detected any change to either his speech or cognitive abilities.

  10. lilacluvr

    Not to change the subject, but has any one else seen the news that Tom Etheredge of Wild West World fame has been arrested for securitities fraud in Texas and is awaiting extradition to Kansas?

    When all the bankruptcy news hit about the Wild West World and Ethredge, I remember reading how the Rev Terry Fox was outraged about being bilked out of his money. Hey, this may be one time I’m on the side of the con man – if he can make Terry Fox squirm – now that was mean of me to say, wasn’t it?

  11. Let’s just say it sounds like Terry Fox and Tom Etheredge deserve one another. 😉 I like it when I see proof of karma.

  12. lilacluvr

    Agreed…karma is sweet.

  13. Trip to the Outhouse

    I guess I need phonics, but I just now have realized how to pronounce someone’s nickname on here. I was confusing a “person who is an admirer of a certain springtime-flowering bush” with a “diminutive person who enjoys staying inside during the hot, summer months”. 🙂

    I guess I get that from my mom. She pronounced “sesame”–“see same” and “silverado”–“silver a do”.

  14. Trip, I had to have her name spelled out for me too. Once she told me it was that sweet smelling flowering bush I wondered how I didn’t see that. 😉

  15. wicked


    My kids had a dog named Penelope. My mom thought it was pronounced Penny Lope. There was another she always pronounced wrong, but I can’t remember what it was.

    I need a nap. Desperately.

  16. lilacluvr

    Sorry for the confusion about my nic, but it just goes to show how different people see something different from the very same information.

    Kinda like politics, huh? Different viewpoints, different ways of saying something but always the possibility of learning something – if we only choose to see it from a different perspective.

  17. lilacluvr

    side note – I was going to use ‘lilacsluver’ but somehow it just didn’t look right. Don’t you agree?

  18. Now it’s impossible for me to see anything but that sweet smelling flowering bush whether it is one or more than one. I can’t tell you if the ‘s’ would have made a difference when I was seeing your nic as lil ac luvr.

  19. wicked

    lil acs luvr

    Hmmmm, would that mean she loved axes, but wasn’t a real hot speller? 🙂

    Lizzy Borden, reincarnated. LOLOLOL

  20. lilacluvr

    that’s a good one wicked – kinda what I was thinking – somehow the ‘acs’ just didn’t look right.

    Oh well, isn’t it fun to find out how people see things differently?

  21. lilacluvr

    Rachel Maddow has just announced that Supreme Court Justice David Souter has signaled his intention to retire. I figured it would be Ruth Ginsberg.

    I can just see the fumes coming now from the Radical Right Republicans when they think that their beloved Sarah Palin was somehow ‘cheated’ out of her rightful place in power to help pack that Supreme Court with her choice for the Court.

    You do realize that the liberal media was the only reason Obama won the election, don’t you? That and the fact the blacks voted for Obama just because he is black. Hey, everybody has one vote and they can vote for whoever they want, for whatever reason they want. That’s called a democracy.