Obama’s First 100 Days

Wednesday marks the end of the first 100 days of the Obama presidency.

Maybe I was hearing conservative leaning sources, but I distinctly recall over the last few days getting the message that the favorability ratings of a president’s first 100 days don’t really mean too much.  The comments I recall were like:  “why, George W. Bush had high favorability ratings his first 100 days” – which if this had been true, would have, indeed, countered the meaning of these statistics.

This New York Times poll indicates that Bush’s approval ratings of 56% after his first 100 days were quite a bit lower than Obama’s 68% for the same time period.  While true, Bush enjoyed extremely high favorability ratings immediately after the 9/11 attacks, his presidency will be remembered for its overall consistent low marks.

Obama’s message that he is a “change president” has taken hold, but this notion has been tempered by the recognition that there is so much to be done, the agenda may take more than four years.  Especially heartening, is the public’s perception of improved race relations as result of the Obama presidency.

Read the full report here.

Iggy Donnelly


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9 responses to “Obama’s First 100 Days

  1. frigginloon

    Hmm, as fully fledged rumor monger did you hear Obama has been tested for the Swine Flu. Evidently the tour guide, who was showing him around a museum in Mexico last week, dropped dead from flu like symptoms. Yeah OK he has been given the all clear but whew, close call!!!! If I was Michelle I’d be sleeping in the spare room for a few days!!!!


  2. iggydonnelly


    I hadn’t heard that. Thanks for sharing.


  3. lilacluvr

    I did hear where Rush Limbaugh tried to imply yesterday that Obama brought not only the swine flu to Mexico but he also caused the earthquake that happened yesterday. Typical Rush….


    Just how low in the gutter do you think Rush is going to go before the backlash starts to happen?

    But you know, Rush is like Bin Laden in the fact that even if Rush was no longer on the scene, there are several replacements just waiting in the wings to take over the Almighty Jabba the Hut Rush’s throne.

  4. lilacluvr

    As for Obama’s first 100 days – I think the man has done a great job with class and dignity. It has to be the hardest job in the world to try to knock some sense into walking clueless brains that have mouths working overtime.

    But I think if Obama keeps his calm, cool and unruffled demeanor, the majority of Americans will support him. Hopefully, this economy will start to rebound and when that happens, there will be very little ammunittion left in the Republicans’ army.

    And for the 21% who still claim to be Republicans, let them fester in their own sewer for awhile. The more they talk, the faster their 21% will go down.

  5. frigginloon

    I look at Obama’s first 100 days like this…imagine getting dumped with 5 (economy, health, education, taxes, war chest) 50,000 piece jigsaws all mixed up together. He has to go through all those pieces, separate them into the right groups and then slowly piece them together to make up 5 different pictures. Hmm and some of those pictures will not match what is on the box.
    The Bush Legacy. Shame the Swine Flu wasn’t last year …imagine 9/11, Anthrax, War on Terror, Hurricane Katrina, Economy collapse and a Swine Flu pandemic…he’s a natural and man made disaster!

  6. frigginloon

    Evening Prairie P&P’s I stumbled across this blog (via Twitter) yesterday and he seems like friendly folk. You might want to give him a drive-by and say howdy. Psst…he has even linked to the Friggin Loon 🙂 .

  7. I visited there, Loon, and you are right — interesting and friendly. Thanks for the link! I’ll go back and visit often.

    What is the etiquette of adding to our blogroll? May we add what we find interesting, or do we need to ask permission of that blog first? I am such a doofus and hate to let it show so often, but something that obvious is hard to keep disguised.

  8. frigginloon

    Hi Fnord,
    Yes the usual etiquette is to go on their “About” page and add a interesting comment, then mention you will be adding them to your blogroll. Reasoning is you want them to know you are adding them so they may reciprocate. It is even better if you spend a few days commenting first. I actually added Mark Riley to my blogroll because a) he had linked to one of my stories b) I knew my readers would enjoy what he had to say c) He responded to my comment. I am happy to send my readers to his blog.
    Note: if someone links to your story always go back and thank them,even if it isn’t complimentary ( I get that a lot 🙂 LOL)
    Some people will just outright ask you to add them to your blogroll. Urgh that is awkward especially if their blog suks but don’t feel obliged.
    In some cases (like our blogs) we should be quite precious about who we add because we are building a following. Only add blogs you regularly visit or you want your readers to follow.Try and add at least a few comments a week on each of your listed blogrolls (linking relevant stories back to you). Before you know it their readers will drive-by your blog…and if they like what they read …you have a keeper! I know many of my readers drive-by the Prairie because they have got to know you through the comments.
    Think of it this way…. Blogrolls should be like a bookmark for your readers. Oh and don’t worry if they don’t reciprocate straight away…they soon will.
    Now Twitter , Prairie P&P’s…I know, I know…you hate it but Pleeeeeeaaaase set up a Prairie P&P Twitter account. Reason…get traffic…use it like a headline grabber. It will take you a few extra minutes each day but it will be worth it. I can give you some advise on that if you like…but for now sleep tight and don’t let those bedbugs bite!

  9. I did comment on my first visit to Mark Riley’s blog because he asked a question on a post and I had an answer I wanted to give.

    I had no idea about commenting to the About page.

    I did spend some time today visiting blogs. There are so many that are very interesting and I found myself sitting and reading and reading… I don’t comment often outside our little home here where everyone knows me and is so forgiving. I often have nothing worthwhile to say — here they tolerate that well, for no better reason than it’s me. Friends are like that. Sekan was so good at this! And such a great ambassador for Prairie P&Ps! He still is, he is just very busy so doesn’t have time to commit to our blogging like he did.

    Twitter. I’ve never done that, don’t understand it… Guess I could read something about it, try to at least understand what it is and what value it might be. I trust you, but it does seem out of our safe little world of familiarity. That makes it scary, dontchaknow? 😉

    Thanks for the good advice. When I break it down it is much like the world of face to face — treating people neighborly, reciprocating kindness, minding your manners.