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  1. I’ll be gone today doing my secret government work — catch you all this evening.

    As you go through your day remember some of our friends who need more than the usual helpings of good thoughts headed their way.

    6176 has started his road to recovery and his spirits and drive are strong — he is ahead of the game, but has some hard work ahead of him and needs to know he’s supported with good thoughts.

    Dave is back in the hospital — 2nd time back since his release after surgery. Mary says, “Dave was readmitted to Coronary Intensive Care on Sunday. He has an abnormal heart rhythm that is hard to control. They had to shock him two times yesterday to get it back to normal. He is being seen by a specialist today in cardiac electrophysiology and we’ll see what needs to be done. He will also have another heart cath this week to see if there is a problem with the grafts to his heart. He is getting pretty discouraged and I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s really hard.
    His sister is still here and that’s been a blessing to us both. I’m trying to work with everything that’s going on.
    Please keep us in your thoughts and pray extra hard that we have a good outcome…We both really appreciate all your support and love. Mary”

    Give me a lot to read this evening! Have a great day!

  2. Bad Biker

    God, and I bitch and moan about my re-mod project. This situation with our friends makes my petty issues look tiny in comparison.

    God bless, 6176, Mary and Dave………………….. as always, in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. frigginloon

    Hope all is well with the Prairie P&P’s good vibes and prayers from the Loon down under.

  4. lilacluvr

    6176 and Mary & Dave – add my positive energy, thoughts and prayers that are being sent your way. With love and support of family and friends, we are never truly alone.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    Arlen Specter has announced he is switching party from Republican to Democratic.

  6. lilacluvr

    What do you think of Specter switching toosmart?

    I see why he is doing it when he faces such opposition from the Republicans in his own state but I’ve heard PA has steadily been changing from Republican to Democrat the last few years.

    I’ve also heard a few talking heads speak to the fact that maybe Democrats won’t trust Specter but I don’t see that happening. Specter has been in politics a long time and he has always been a moderate, hasn’t he?

    Bottom line to me is the stage is set in PA to see whether the GOP clinging to their hard-right stance will win out over the moderate Republican turned Democrat.

    It will be interesting to watch.

    • tosmarttobegop

      LOL I was just going after a Con for what he was saying about it on the con’s blog.
      Specter stated it correctly, the party abandoned him there really is nothing much left of the Republican party and as I have been saying all morning. Its time the party changed its name of the Republican party to the Conservatives party. It is self relegating itself to the stance of one more marginal hate groups.
      Lost in the delusional ideology and partisan bickering that is no longer has any real meaning to it.
      It only planks left for it is as stated “Guns, Gays and abortion”.

      It is becoming another wacky third party group and soon will be fighting over the other third party voters.
      I have been seriously thinking of going independent as more often then not lately I am feeling like I am in the group standing in a 1930’s bar hall in Germany

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Beer hall

  8. lilacluvr

    I am a registered Independent because I don’t like feeling I am beholding to any party. If I like the candidate then I’ll go with that party. The last few elections, it has been my feeling that I am taking the lesser of two evils.

    I’ve been called a ‘nobody’ by several Cons on the other blog for not taking a stande for any specific party. But you know what, both parties eventually have to come to the Independents to win the general election – don’t they?

    As for Obama, I am hoping he can change the way Washington DC works – but it is going to be a hard, uphill battle the whole way – on both sides of the aisle.

    I tell the Cons all the time that if I wanted to live in a theocracy – I would have joined the convent.

    They fail to see the humor.

  9. Hi blogger friends! We got out early today.

    Lilac, when you’re registered Independent who do they allow you to vote for at primary elections? Only a candidate running on the Independent ticket? I’m asking because I will change my voter registration in order to vote on the Tiahrt / Moran race and if I can be Independent and still vote for Moran, I would prefer it to registering Republican. But if I have to register Republican in order to vote against Tiahrt, I will!

    • frigginloon

      Down under we have two major parties, Liberal and Labor (both suk evenly). It is compulsory in Australia to vote (big whopping fine if you don’t). On one election I decided I hated both parties equally so I thought I would try my luck with an Independent. On my ballot I just ticked the most interesting name I could find. Hmm, turns out I was one of only 54 people who voted for this dude. Reason? He was racist, homophobic, Nazi loving, sexist pig who had been a suspect in a fire bombing of a Chinese restaurant. End of my rebellious voting days.

  10. xom203

    This is sekan doing a test for a buddy.

  11. wicked

    I was originally registered as a Republican, but I’ll be honest and admit that at the time, I didn’t know there was a difference. After a few years, I switched to the Dem party, basically because the Jerk and I decided it would be good to vote both parties in the primaries. He did vote for Dems and I probably did vote for Reps in general elections. I’ve forgotten most of who I voted for. 😉

    As a registered Democrat, I still don’t feel that I MUST vote for every Democrat on the ticket. If I don’t feel the Dem candidate is the best, I’ll vote for the Republican.

    I think that’s what Spector was trying to say. He voted for what he thought would be best for the people he represented OR what they expected him to vote. Obviously, he made the Republicans VERY angry. (and a tee hee hee to that). That’s life in politics, folks.

    And isn’t it great that Sebelius is the new HHS? Now let’s get this swine flu crap taken care of and get some people insured!!

  12. How you’re registered makes absolutely no difference except in the primary battles. Maybe I should just go register as a Republican and stay that way since I live in Kansas and most contested races will be in that party. Shoot, in Kansas if the Democrats can get one qualified candidate for each office they are doing great, so they seldom see a primary battle. No matter how I’m registered I can vote as I choose in the general elections.

    Then again, thinking back on that night in February of 2008 when I went out in the snowstorm to participate in the Democratic caucus — I tell you, I wouldn’t have missed that magical night for anything! To be among hundreds of Kansas Democrats was uplifting!

  13. iggydonnelly

    To vote in the Moran/Tiahrt race, you’d have to be registered as a Republican. I have done that in order to vote against Susan Wagle. I go re-register the day after the primary. I do have to take a lot of showers on the day of the election, just to feel not too dirty.

    I have sent some of you an email. I am wanting to find a “signer” to briefly interview and take a photo of. Signers are people who have cardboard signs asking for money. I saw one who looked like a candidate at the Seneca and Kellogg offramp last night, but couldn’t find him there today. If I were channeling J.M. I’d say “Just like a panhandler to not show up for work”. I am going to only ask them 4 or 5 questions and would be willing to pay them for their time. Does anyone know where I might reliably find someone meeting this description? Thanks.

    • Bad Biker

      “Signers are people who have cardboard signs asking for money.”

      That pretty much describes me, Iggy……………

  14. Bad Biker

    Ha! The Republikhans on that “other” blog are just about creaming their plaid golf pants over Specter leaving the Repub Party for the Democratic majority.

    The usual suspects are just full of piss and vinegar, bellowing at the top of their lungs that Arlen is a self-serving traitor that doesn’t want to face his “constituency” as if only the GOP voters are a “constituency”

    God, wait until Al Franken takes the oath – they might all have a collective conniption fit.

  15. lilacluvr

    fnord – I don’t vote in the primaries because I am an Independent. But I am like you, I plan to change my party affiliation for the Moran/Tiarht primary to get rid of Tiarht. That is the problem the shortest route to get rid of the guy.

    I don’t even think there has been a contested independent primary, has there?

    But like I said, the only reason I am registered Independent is because of my own personal feeling about voting. I kinda like the idea that both parties will eventually have to persuade me to vote for their candidate.

    There have been some Republicans that I like and I have voted for them in the past. But they have been moderate Republicans. Ever since the Radical Right Wingers have taken over the Republican Party, there have been fewer and fewer moderate choices on their side of the voting booth.

  16. Bad Biker

    My Dear Mrs. Fnord – please send me an e-mail – I lost your addy.

  17. lilacluvr

    And with the current crop of Radical Right Wingers’ arrogance leading the way, I don’t see the Republican Party growing very much.

    Maybe we are seeing the implosion of the Republican Party or do you think the moderates will get some backbone and undertake a revolution and throw these religious bums out?

    • tosmarttobegop

      lil I am becoming convinced that the moderates have lost the fight for the GOP.
      The Cons have went so far away from both the party ideas and the realms of reality.
      This is the third time today I have said this, the conservatives are relegating the GOP to the status of being one more marginal hate group .

  18. tosmarttobegop

    Now that I think about it, I might wait to declare until after the primary I too want to help get toddy out and stop him from being a Senator. It is the only real draw back to be a independent you can not vote in the primaries. Back in 2004 I switched from R to D to vote for Kerry through I would have rather gotten Edwards.

  19. wicked


    I didn’t get an email, but I have seen a young pregnant woman standing at the off ramp of K96 on the west side of Rock Rd. She wasn’t there today, but I’ve seen her several times. I go by there twice a day, M-F.

  20. Bad Biker

    Changing the subject……………………. this story may qualify as “way too much information” for some of you.

    Now, I am a pretty safety conscientious individual, as that was my responsibility in several of my positions in my former life. Also, I am still fairly athletic despite the fact that I am pushing Sixty.

    Each afternoon when I get home from my re-mod project, I sit on my porch, take off my Doc’s and socks and have a few beers and play with my dog. I have these trees around me, and they scatter these green seedlings, about a half inch long. These little things are sticky and Hell and stain like Rit Dye.

    The bottoms of my feet were covered with sticky green things that turned my feet a nice hue of chartreuse.

    Well, last night I took a shower before dinner, and wanted to get the green off my feet. After shampooing my mop of hair and soaping down with Irish Spring, I turned my attention to my feet. First I scrubbed my left foot, then turned to the right. While scrubbing the foot, my left foot slipped. I stuck my hand out to brace myself, but it was covered in soap. My hand slipped off the wall of the shower and my feet shot out from under me.

    I fell through the double shower curtain and landed between the wall and the vanity. I remember – in slow motion – watching myself fall between the commode, the vanity and the wall. I tried to get up, but my feet were tangled in the shower curtains.

    There I was – stark naked, covered in soap with a head full of shampoo and not knowing if I had hurt myself or not.


    Finally, I freed myself from the curtains and was able to get up and access the damages. Fortunately, the only serious injury I had was to my pride. I have a minor bruise on my right hip, but that’s about it.

    I climbed back into the shower after a minute or two and finished my shower – bruised but wiser.

    (I swear I heard Rufus laughing at me!)

    Anyway, the next time I have green sticky stuff on my feet, I am going to SIT down in the shower to clean them off.

    (At this point, feel free to join with Rufus in laughing at me – I deserve it!)



  21. Remember that piece I posted within the last week or so that said during the primary battle between Senators Clinton and Obama many moderate Republicans in Pennsylvania registered with the Democratic Party to vote in that race?

    It also said Arlen Spector’s opponent in the 2010 Republican primary is someone those who are left in that state’s Republican Party would vote for — a true right wing nut job — for guns, against gays, for war and against abortion, a Christian who holds himself up as being better than most other people… This right wing nut job has little to no chance of winning in the general, even tho he would beat Spector in the primary.

    Seems all those moderate Republicans that have elected and then reelected Spector for all these years are now registered Democrats who will be sure a right-wing nut job isn’t elected. So this seems a wise move for Spector. We know all politicians first and most important job is getting elected! I wonder who the opponent on the Democratic side is and how strong, how well known? Guess as far as electing a Democrat to the seat in 2010 it seems a lock — whether it be Spector or the someone who opposes him.

  22. I won’t laugh, Biker! I’ve been there. I’m glad you weren’t hurt! I guess we’ll all need to realize we do have to be more careful. Sucks, doesn’t it!? How did this happen? It’s not easy telling a brain that thinks it hasn’t changed that we aren’t kids any more. Or at least when we act like kids nowadays it’s best if we do it sitting or lying down. 😉

  23. wicked

    Hey, Biker, mebbe ewe shood git sum of dose purdy sticky flawers (lak in the 60’s) to put on da bottom ov da shawer. They’d match yor purdy shartroose feet. 😉

    Seriously, I’m glad it ended only in a minor bruise. Those falls can be brutal on us old folks!

  24. Bad Biker

    “dose purdy sticky flawers (lak in the 60’s) to put on da bottom ov da shawer.”

    I much prefer the little fishies and tiny whales.

    Maybe I need to visit the Wally World little fishies aisle.


  25. Some good news:

    “Dave had another heart catch this AM and the graft that went to the bottom of his heart had blocked, so they put in another stint and opened everything up again and right now he’s doing better. His arrhythmia is being controlled with the meds he’s on now and the electro physiologist is evaluating him for a possible atrial ablation next month if the arrhythmia starts to be a problem again. There is also a possibility that he may need a pacemaker. He may get to come home tomorrow if there are no more complications. He’s feeling good and looking well and was happy that he has a really young, good looking nurse taking care of him tonight…I kind of got the impression he wanted me to leave 🙂
    Anyway, Dave has never done anything the easy way, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at all the roadblocks that have been tossed in front of us.
    Thank you for all your support and love through this crazy roller coaster ride! Love, Mary”

  26. Zippy

    Good luck to Dave and everyone.

    Regarding Specter, I agree with this guy. 🙂


  27. Looks like Olympia Snowe is aware of how badly the Republican Party has left out all but the far right-wing nutjobs. She wrote this op-ed piece for The New York Times.

    We Didn’t Have to Lose Arlen Specter


  28. Zippy, that guy vaguely reminds me of someone…

  29. wicked

    Snowe has been taking some tough hits from the Republican party, herself. I like the woman. She uses her head to think and her heart to feel.

    But what the f— is this?
    “…and maximum individual liberty.”

    When was the last time anyone remembers the Republicans even vaguely allowing “individual liberty”? Or am I reading that wrong?

  30. wicked


    Please pass on to our friend Mary that the latest news is music to my ears. It appears to me that they found what’s been causing his trouble since the first surgery and took care of it. I predict he’s on his way to much better health, as long as he’s a good boy. 🙂

  31. wicked

    That and those green candles, Biker. 😉

  32. lilacluvr

    fnord – I saw where Rep. Joe (?) Sestak from PA was planning to run for Senate on Democrat ticket. When asked what he thought about Specter changing parties, he said he would wait and see what type of Democrat Specter is before he decides what to do.

    So, I guess this guy does not appear to just be willing to walk away as of right now.

    But I assume the DNC will be backing Specter?? This Rep Sestak is in his first term in the House, so I don’t know if he has already declared himself out of the running to keep his House seat or what.

    Things will be interesting up in PA for the next year.

  33. iggydonnelly

    I heard on NPR this a.m. that before defecting, Specter struck a deal where he will be the only democrat backed by the party in upcoming elections. Apparently Specter had been talking to Harry Reid the last three years about this change. Arlan’s move did not sound like an implusive one.

  34. lilacluvr

    iggy – I wondered about any deal because I’ve never known Specter to do anything on impulse – have you?

    And the time frame of three years would be just about the time most moderate Republicans were starting to see the handwriting on the wall that Radical Righties were not going anywhere but down in defeat.

    I found Olympia Snowe’s statement interesting. Basically she was agreeing with Specter and when talking about the Radical Righties and ‘their’ party. I found her choice of the word ‘their’ particularly telling. I wonder if she is also being courted by the Democrats to switch?

    What has Michael Steele come out with lately? Is Snowe and Susan Collins both on his ‘hit list’?

    But Specter is correct when he said he was there to represent the people of PA, not his party. But to the Rabid Right, those are fighting words.