The Advantages of Sharing Meat: No Pun Intended

Now I’m understanding why I take the sweety to the Red Rock Canyon Grill for those anniversary dinners.  Read about the evolutionary roots of this strategy.

Iggy Donnelly


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6 responses to “The Advantages of Sharing Meat: No Pun Intended

  1. read my post tomorrow for another interesting take on “sharing meat”

  2. If more women become the bread winners (hunters and gatherers), and increase their employment numbers when compared to males, as discussed in an earlier thread, titled “Will equality for females be silver lining…”


    does that mean in order to get laid engage in sexual encounters, we females will have to pick up the tab at Red Rock Canyon Grill?

  3. QnofHrts

    I found this amusing. I met Mountain Man (hubby) at Gobi Grill for lunch today. (as many of you know I am the primary bread winner due to health issues). We each got our little bowl and filled it with pleasing concoctions. As we were eating we discussed what we got and what we’d change. I gave him a piece of steak from my bowl to taste and he gave me a bite of veggies.
    Wonder if I’ll be lucky in love tonight?

    • jammer5

      How is the MM? I haven’t heard a word since the BBQ.

      • QnofHrts

        Over all he’s good!
        Did you know about the extended hospital stay in 2007/2008?
        He went in October 2007 for a knee replacement surgery. Was in for a week then rehab for a week. Came home for a couple days and then was rushed back to the ER. Was really touch and go for several weeks. (Nurse pulled me aside and told me to make funeral arrangements). Turned out he contracted MRSA and his body went septic. Was on a respirator for almost 2 months, kidney dialysis for 3 months. We fought the MRSA (which colonized in the knee and kept reinfecting) for almost a year. Ended up having to take out the artificial knee for 3 months and an antibiotic spacer was put in. Had a ‘new’ knee put in October 2008. He came home in November 2008. So far no sign of infection but it is something we will always have to guard against.
        Yes, that is the short version. 🙂
        Thank God he was already on permanent disability and we had insurance otherwise we’d be financially ruined. Hospital/Doctor bills totaled almost $3 million.

  4. jammer5

    Glad to hear he’s doing better. Say Hi for me will ya? And tell him looking forward to another BBQ. Summer’s here . . . we should set one up. Get this clan together and eat meat 🙂