Monday, 4/27/09 Public Square

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  1. Five inches of rain in the rain gauge at our house, about an inch in the northeast corner of the basement. The back yard is a lake. Someone needs to mention moderation to Mother Nature!

  2. We did not get near as much here. Looking at this weeks 4 day fivecast, it’s going to be a chore trying to get 40 hours outdoors this week.

  3. I was wondering about that, Sekan. I gathered you worked yesterday and wondered if you are supposed to get in the 40 as you can or according to their schedule. Then I remembered it’s secret so can’t be discussed. 😉

  4. 4 day fivecast — you are a nut! I really like that about you!

  5. Hey thanks for shortening the post from last night.
    Do you just put the hidden part where it says excerpts?
    Yeah, I know, I wasn’t paying attention in class.

  6. David B

    Music for a rainy day:

    My roof has a hole in it, and I might drown…

    Fixing a hole where the rain comes in….

  7. David B

    grrr moderation… LOL, I don’t know the meaning of the word

  8. The census stuff is not quite that secret. Just got to be careful about what you say publicly. I just can’t give specifics about any location.
    40 hours is all that is allowed at this stage, I suppose that will change if things don’t move fast enough for Topeka.
    I can work any hours I want, as long as it’s during daylight hours. One would think that is common sense, but apparently there’s already been a problem in SEK with an employee that was working at night. (not my crew, different area)

  9. I got ya, DB. Don’t know why that was moderated.

  10. fnord, I think there’s a setting somewhere that allows you to set how many posts are on each page.
    If recent posts get bumped off the page maybe we could set the number higher?

    • Oh, now I read carefully enough to understand what you were saying! I went looking for number of links allowed in a post. I’ll now look for posts per page. I’m slow, but usually get there after some prodding. 😉

      It makes navigation easier if the front-page posts are shorter. We may not have enough scroll grease to last till the economy recovers, so we’re gonna play it safe and do some economizing.

  11. I’ll get out the book and see if I can find where that setting is located. If we carefully moderate who posts why would we also need to limit how many links they’d like to include in their posts??

  12. I didn’t shorten your post this time, must have been Iggy. It’s easy — after posting the whole darn thing, go into edit and find where you want to cut it off, put your cursor there and click on the ‘button’ that shows a sheet of paper in two pieces. That’s it.

  13. Okay. I’ve got a couple of hours, I’m going surfin’ for a little while.

  14. QnofHrts

    Well I made it to work without needing a boat. However I may need one for the drive home. Bridge just south of my town (and on the direct way to/from work) was was just a couple inches short of being inundated. May need to take the long way home.

  15. Mornin Queenie. Lovely weather huh?

    fnord, I noticed that Blog Meridian has us rolled under Wichita blogs, should we return the favor?

  16. frigginloon

    Morning Prairie P&P’s …I have been missing in action for a few days….no I didn’t get Swine Flu….though my snout’s been quite runny…just a very long weekend.Hope all is well on the prairie!

  17. Good evening, Loon. Hope your long weekend was everything you wanted and needed! Glad you’re back.

    We’re wet to the point of floating here in Kansas. Mother Nature needs a refresher course on moderation.

  18. Bad Biker

    Random thoughts……..

    Damn, that was SOME rain! My yard is an embarrassment – standing water, mud, grass that is WAAAAYYYYYYYYY over due for a mowing and piles of leaves and sticks that I raked up weeks ago.

    My daughter’s back yard is a lake now, so she put a toy boat in the middle of it. Cute.

    By the timing of my post, ya’ll can figure that I am not working my re-mod project. As mentioned, the $%^& #^&* grandson didn’t do his part, so he’s working it now (a week late) and I won’t be able to prime until tomorrow. All I did today was about an hour of final sanding.

    (Insert gratuitous cussin’ and general bitching.)

    That “other” blog seems to be the domain of the far right these days – most of them are simply frothing at the mouth over Obama – their rage is comical. I almost never post there, but I do lurk about for the laugh factor. You can almost see their neck veins bulging out as they pound the keyboard with the latest talking points from Rush O’Hannity. Ha!

    It’s so much more pleasant over here.

    Later, Pop Bloggers!

  19. iggydonnelly

    Yes, I did the trimming on SEK’s post. It is difficult to find a place that is optimal to make the cut. Ideally, one would do it after a grabber sentence, so people want to read more.

    More info on the daughter’s D.C. trip. She will be there from 06-14 to 06-18 this summer. The national organizers of the event are trying to get them into a rose garden speech that will be delivered by our president on 06-18; they won’t know if that can happen until a week before they go. That would be one once in a life-time opportunity, wouldn’t it?

    • Bad Biker

      “That would be one once in a life-time opportunity, wouldn’t it?”

      Damn, can I go, too?

      I swear, Barack Obama could read from a phone book and make it sound inspirational.

      I am officially jealous of your daughter, Iggy.

  20. Bad Biker

    “GM to cut 21,000 US factory jobs, shed Pontiac”

    This sucks. They are also planning to sell or eliminate Saturn.

    My first car was a 1965 Pontiac Catalina coupe, 389, deep blue, ran like a muscle car without the ticket-inducing look. I bought it in ’68 from my parents, but they sold it when I went off to college. (Freshmen were not allowed at that time to have a car on campus.)

    GM has a lot of work to do to become viable again, but Pontiac and Saturn were brands that appealed to the 25 – 40 year old market. What are you going to sell them now, a freakin’ Buick?


  21. tosmarttobegop

    I had to do some rear research for a post on the blog that shall not be mentioned. It brought back many feelings of the times in 2001 through 2008. The realization of the true deceptions and being torn between the feeling of pride and patriotism in my country and that of becoming aware of that it was not a simple matter of they who attacked and us who responded.

    Many of my thought while writing deal with the realm of Science fiction and “what if” futures.
    Never would I have dreamed up such a scenario as has formed between Sept. 11th, 2001 and the one that is facing me in 2009.

  22. David B

    “NEW YORK — Fox became the first broadcast network to turn down a request by President Barack Obama for time, opting to show its drama “Lie to Me” on Wednesday instead of the president’s prime-time news conference.”

    FOX viewers prefer “Lie to Me?” Is this friggin’ ironic, or what??????? -db

  23. Fox news and their viewers have no integrity. Their viewers will gladly support their decision.

  24. I saw 6176 today. He worked very hard today and was very tired. Still no laptop and as busy as they are keeping him, plus how hard he works at the homework they suggest, may not leave much time for him to use the computer as part of his rehab. He is bound and determined to be ‘rehabbed’ to the point he can go home and to work within a month.