funny-smiles-iconsFlash fiction, or really short stories of less than 1000 words . . . some love it; some hate it. Either way, it’s an interesting way of getting the most info in the least amount of words. For instance, Ernest Hemingway wrote, “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” Another is one I wrote just for something to do.

Family Matters

I had just parked my car in the only slot I could find at the local Wally-World, when a voice from the past said, “Hi, Junior.”

I knew that voice. In the first place, my name wasn’t “Junior”, and second, this was one person I did not want to see.

I turned around to face him and said, “Long time no see, Chuck.

“I just wanted to let you know you’re off the hook, Junior. Mom found the ring she thought you stole, and told me to tell you all is forgiven. She wants you to come over for dinner sometime…said to bring the wife and kids.”

“Okay, Chuck, tell Mom I’ll think about it. Better yet, tell her to call and apologize to me, my wife, and my kids. Then we might be a whole family again. She’s the one that needs to get the ball rolling, not you. And you know Mom.”

“Yeah…that I do, Junior…that I do.” My brother gave me a quick smile, turned and walked away.

I walked towards Wally-World, shoulders slumped, wondering if she would call.

Anyone interested in in joining the fun?



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  1. FOR SALE: Parachute. Like new. Never opened. One small stain.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    The voice struck to my soul and caused the sudden feeling of panic, someone has seen me doing it!
    I looked around to see who else was here…. But I was alone.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    THIS PIECE OF CRAP! Why don’t they build cars like they use to? And why oh why can’t I find a dependable battery? I really hate to jump-start the car, it’s this lack of pride in your work! No one cares if they put out a good product or not. I wish for the good old days when you could depend on…. Oh I left the lights on!

  4. You guys are good! All of you. Each one of your ‘flash fiction’ writings told a much bigger story, let my mind race to possibilities, left me hanging and wondering.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    I at first I did not recognize Sally, after all she was just one of many girls that I went to High school with.
    I did not recall one thing about her that would have made a mark on me, so her remembering me seemed odd? I did not remember one time we had talked or one word I had ever said to her.

    So it did not make sense to me how she started out the conversation. “My face has cleared up.”.
    It took me back, what ever does she mean…?. Then the image of her came flowing back to the front of my mind. Tall, face covered with pimples and boobs so small that they were the topic of discussion in the hallways. She was just another one of those kids that was an easy target, someone in the day to abuse and make fun of then walk on by. To me it was meaningless and a way to fit in with the in crowd.

    I then remember the words I had said to her, the times I had talked to her. I had always thought of myself as being a better person. Now after the recall we may share the same opinion of me though.

  6. Bad Biker

    “Hey, sweetie, how are you doing?”

    “Well, hi, Karen, how have you been?”

    “I’m good, Will, but you should know that I am pregnant.”

    “Well, I am happy for you, Karen, but why is it important for me to know that you are with child?”

    “It’s your baby, Will!”

    “Karen, it’s been four months since we had sex – how can it be mine?”

    “I am pretty sure that it is your baby, Will.”

    “It can’t be, Karen, you left me for Steve long ago – cheated on me with him – so it must be his baby. Why are you laying this on me?”

    “Steve dumped me, so I was looking for you….”

    “That doesn’t mean that the baby you are carrying is mine!”

    “But I WANT it to be yours, Will!”

    • tosmarttobegop

      OMG that is what happen to my oldest. He made his mother and I so proud the way he handled it and the way he acted toward his new wife and baby. And yes she did after several times of denial admit that the baby may not be his. It did not matter to him as his love for her and the child would not fade. She failing to get him to leave on his own. Then accused him of cheating on her.

      Now he was working sometimes fourteen hours a day. He would come straight home and fix supper then be with the baby till the wee hours of the morning while she slept. Then go to bed only to sleep a few hours till he had to go back to work.

      Just when would he have had the time to cheat? She wanted out of the marriage because she did not want to be tied down. But her parents had pressured her into marrying someone because of the pregnancy. Jen was the love of his life. The first time I saw him holding what he thought was his daughter it was like he was looking into the wonders of the universe. A boy who hardly could stand to have his hands dirty, was finding a joy in the task of changing a dirty diaper. He lost his wife, his daughter and in the end he lost the job he loved because he was late the day after she told him.

      Shakespeare wrote of great tragedies such as this….