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  1. Good morning Wichita area bloggers, looks like a little wet and nasty weather moving through today. May as well feed the blog monster.

  2. Morning Sekan! I’m only up because of the pets — they have clocks in the tummies. Must get coffee. Find the paper, see if my eyes will open wider.

    I’m planning to go visit 6176 today. When he asks how everyone is doing, is there anything special you want me to tell him?

  3. jammer5

    Mornin’ folks. I’m up because I got noisy neighbors. Coffee brewing. I do love thunderstorms. I just hope no tornadoes.

    Tell 6176 Hi and get better and we need him back here.

  4. prairiepond

    Hi Y’all.

    Summer gets me up by the tummy clock too. Or maybe it’s the bladder clock? I know mine is definately the bladder clock. My tummy clock doesnt wake up until almost noon.

    Please tell 617 we are thinking of him and rooting for him to get back here soon.

    I’m glad you’re going to see him today, Fnord. You do so many good things!

  5. Tell 6176 howdy. I think I’m going to put on my public personna and venture out into the county.

  6. David B

    P.P. – Native Americans would drink large quantities of water the night before they wanted to wake up early, for instance, if they were to launch an early morning raid on a another band’s campsite.

    Of course, as they got older, they raided more and more neighboring tribes. ;->

  7. prairiepond

    Hehehe David B. I’d be raiding every morning at three a.m.!

  8. I’d be there at the early morning hour but ‘raiding’ around here involves the refrigerator…

    Pond, it’s pretty easy to take time to visit when you’re a bum. When I was reading the newspaper this morning, I thought of ‘6176,’ and remembered him saying he is a morning newspaper reader. I imagine just that would prove problematic with one working arm. 😦 Probably a hundred other things I take for granted.

    It’s raining in Wichita.

  9. prairiepond

    Ha! Fnord! Raiding around here involves racoons. I had a dead one in my barn this week that I had to deal with along with the other usual menagerie.

    And the chickens are finally here. Three of them got trampled/smothered on Friday night when it was cold. I guess all 100 tried to crowd under the two heat lamps all at one time. Poor little fellas. But yet another mess of dead critters I had to clean up.

    It’s raining a little here, and rained during the night sometime. The sidewalks and steps were wet when we got up today. Summer is napping on her sofa 🙂 Because ya know, big, tough, farm dogish Weims dont like wet feet….

    And ya know, Fnord, some folks have lots of time and still dont visit friends, so dont shirk the credit this time. I’m hoping the use of his right side comes back quickly, but it will likely involve lots of PT. And I HATE PT!!!

    617 likely has a better attitude about it. I hope he is as comfortable as possible and gets home soon.

  10. prairiepond

    Summer has also decided she wants to be an engineer when she grows up. She has “engineered” her wire kennel so she can get out anytime. Broken wires and welds, then bent wires, and now she has figured out how to unhook the back of the kennel and climb out the back since I “mama engineered” the front to keep her in.

    Then yesterday, when I was coming back from taking care of the neighbor’s dog, I met Summer RUNNING DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!

    Goddammit!!!!!!! She has no sense of danger, but she is one Houdini dog when it comes to getting out. Upon investigation back at home, it seems she “engineered” the wire fence by taking it apart at the bottom, bending the wires up, and scooting out through the ensuing hole. I saw one similar on the other side of the yard a week ago, and I “fixed” that one.

    Looks like I’m going to have to “mama engineer” this damn hole too. I guess I need to weave barbed wire through the holes to keep her in.

    So she can make another hole somewhere else in said fence….

    DAMMIT! Houdini dog strikes again!

  11. You mean in the chain-link fence around the house? Oh, scary stuff that running down the middle of the road. She probably saw Mom go there and that’s where she wanted to be.

    I suppose it’s easier to have a well-mannered dog if you’re there all the time. Mine is so spoiled she acts up when I’m gone longer than a quick trip to the grocery store. Thunderchild was here a couple of days last week and he can tell you how close an eye Ginger keeps on me.

  12. Bad Biker

    Random thoughts on a rainy Sunday morning……

    For the 502nd straight week, I have managed to stay out of church (except for funerals) on Sunday.

    Just ‘cuz I haven’t mentioned it, I am happy to be here on Pop Blog and to share with my secret girlfriends Ms. Pond and the talented Mrs. Fnord.

    In a moment of weakness, I agreed to groom my daughter’s spaniel this weekend. They let her fur (the dog’s, not my daughter’s) grow over the winter and now it’s about four-five inches long. I normally groom her to about 5/16″. This is going to be torture for me and Cookie. I wonder if Cheney has heard of this particular technique of interrogation…

    Have you ever used “cat-proof” screening to make screens? It sucks and it is only “cat-resistant.” I made two for my daughter yesterday and I am still PO’ed. Not cat proof but damned near razor proof.

    Who is responsible for this crappy weather? I have YARD work to do!

    Did I mention that I absolutely love my dog?

    I got a heads up about my re-mod project this morning – I did a little mudding, skim coating, yesterday so that I could prime on Monday, given that %^* %#@& grandson finished his tiny portion.

    It ain’t done yet, and he is nowhere to be found.

    Feces will be hitting the AC unit tomorrow.

    Oh, well, life is too short to whine and cry………….


    • Thank you, Biker!

      One of the things I like the very most is that here at PrairiePops females are treated like we are real people with thoughts and opinions that matter. I’m betting you PrairiePops gentlemen have (or maybe had) women in your lives — wives, Mothers, daughters, granddaughters, friends — who are wonderful females.

  13. tosmarttobegop

    I had an outside dog like that pond, for sometime I thought someone was actually cutting a hole in the fence.
    About twice a week I would find him out of the pen and wandering the neighborhood. I finally started staking out in the garage to catch who ever was doing it. It was Titus! I watched as he walked up to the fence. Looked to see if I was out in the yard, than opened his mouth and bite down bending the wire till a hole large enough for him to slip through.

    The puppy has such a strong bite it took adding two more layers before he could not bend it!

  14. prairiepond

    HA! I havent been anyone’s secret girlfriend for a looooong time. hehehehheheheehheeh. Wink, wink. I’ll keep the secret.

    Yeah Fnord, she took APART about a two foot section of the fence around the house. And yeah, she was coming down the road to look for me. She is such a little siht. She has a way of always getting what she wants. She was happy as a little brown clam when we were reunited on the sofa.

    She wants her Mama time, and by god, she’s gonna get it!

  15. prairiepond

    Heheheh TooSmart. I was thinking Summer has a pair of side cutters, er wire snips, hidden somewhere she could get to easily.

    Nope. Just tenacity. She pushed the bottom horizontal wire down until it breaks the weld, then she bends the vertical wires to suit her. And slips out through the resulting hole.

    I imagine if I fix this hole, she’s just make another one that’s harder to find. I have to figure out a solution before tomorrow morning.

    It’s humiliating to be outsmarted by a dog…

    • Bad Biker

      “It’s humiliating to be outsmarted by a dog…”

      I had a conversation with my late Golden, Rocky, regarding this subject – according to him, ALL dogs are way smarter than humans, they just play dumb so that we feed, water and walk them.

      Dogs could rule the world if they so desired.

      My present Golden, Rufus, has convinced me that Rocky was correct in his assessment. I swear that he has been on the computer, blogging and visiting sites like “”

      Humans only think that they have superior intelligence – most animals are far more advanced than our species.

    • I think Biker is absolutely correct!

      Think about what a dog’s life (when they have a caring human) is. Yeah, dog’s life — we should all be so lucky! 😉

  16. Bad Biker

    Another thought……..

    Bea Arthur………….. you made me laugh. You will be missed.

  17. Thunderchild

    My best to 6. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  18. David B

    Someone stop me before I go to the garden center today… recession recession recession… LOL! and i thought the Bushites scared me with terrorism threats… they really got to me with the economic truck bomb.

    I was raised by a child of the Great Depression and those wounds run deep.


  19. David, We’re all libs who think you should make your own decisions and whatever one you make we accept. 😉 I am confident you know what is best for you! We aren’t above telling you we think you were a dumb shit, but we accept dumb shits. One of those things that will never be understood clearly unless it is felt (it’s a feelie thing we evil liberals are all about). We don’t expect any two people to be the same, refuse to undermine our own worth by comparing ourselves with others, and actually think our differences are what makes each of us special.

  20. jammer5

    I’m at West and Kellogg, very near the tornado warning area. I can hear warnings going off east of me. If your close to that area, seek shelter. The rain here is so heavy, I can’t see the tower a couple of miles from me. Be safe, people.

  21. tosmarttobegop

    Biker you have great taste in Girlfriends and Fnord all women truly are that way. But I hate what society causes to happen with women. They stop expressing themselves or face being labeled. Even at a young age I noticed it, up till sixth grade girls were some of the smartest and most bright in my class. Then I am not sure if something switched off because of puberty or they just decided that the smart girls did not seem to get the boys.

    Women are real human beings and I often prefer the company of a woman over a man when discussing things in general. All my on-line friends are female I like to get their POV it is an insight that may differ from that which I see. We the sexes do perceive thing differently, men tend to focus on one aspect at a time.
    While women tend to see the big picture all together, so between the two you can get a well rounded view.

  22. tosmarttobegop

    Jammer thanks for the heads up.
    I am East of Wichita and the thunder is growing. The cable is out so I got on the puter I need to turn on the radio I guess.

  23. tosmarttobegop

    Ok it seems to be passing North of me.

  24. East of Wichita is where it’s headed. But northeast it looks like. When the sirens went off we finally googled up the radar — those people in the center of the state (west of Wichita) have been hammered all day long! A long line of storms that just keeps freight training.

    My youngest sister works open-wheel races for ESPN, ABC and Versus. She lives in Charlotte, but spends half the year traveling to race tracks. They’re racing in Kansas City this weekend. Well, they were supposed to race, but they’re dodging storms. Looks like they won’t get to race today. The IRL race used to be held at the Kansas Speedway in July and the heat caused all kinds of problems, so they moved it to spring. Yeah, now they’ve witnessed the second kind of extreme weather in this state.

  25. I was wrong! I turned on Versus and they are racing. I’m not sure, looking at the radar and the fact they’re only on lap 62 of 200, they’ll git it finished…

  26. I don’t know if anyone here watches auto racing, but that was quite a finish to the Cup race!

  27. Bad Biker

    Damn! Monday thru Friday is okay for rain, thunder-boomers, etc., but for God’s sake, give me my WEEKEND!

    My kitty-rats don’t care much for the weather, Rufus wants to go outside but I am afraid he’ll drown in the lake that used to be my yard and I had to cut short my grooming session with Cookie. Fortunately, I got her groomed to a passable stage before the rains came.

    Alice and Ginger (the above mentioned kitty-rats) get kinda freaky in severe weather. Ginger is hiding on the top shelf of my closet and Alice is following me around, mewing as if I can stop this rumbling from the Heavens.

    (BTW: Alice and Ginger are sisters, but couldn’t be anymore different.)

    As for the yard work I needed to do……………… well, let’s just say that it is at least a week away now.


    Later, Pop Bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. My big boy cat, Tigger, can’t walk when the thunder is crashing. It’s cause he’s a really cool dude and it’s hard to look cool when your knees are knockin’! My little drama queen Pita (acronym for pain in the ass) wants to be on my shoulder nursing my neck. And she is much too big and old for that! Ginger, who is dog, is fine with whatever kind of weather.

    I’m not going to update you on 6176 except to say look for him to check in here sometime this week and let you all know how he is doing. 😉 The rehab hospital has wifi and the laptop is on its way.

  29. Bad Biker

    Ah, the weekend for football junkies, mid-off season. The NFL draft just finished up. I have a serious addiction to football – a die-hard Pats fan – so these past few days have been a study in analysis for me. It’s hard to say who won and who lost in this year’s draft, but there are a lot of young men that were broke yesterday and are millionaires today.

    I have to say, a lot of these young guys are truly success stories. I am happy for all of them, until they turn into Ryan Leaf’s and Plaxico Burress’s.

    I wish them all well – especially if they play for the Patriots.

    (I am TRYING to ignore the rain, but it ain’t working.)

  30. Just checking. Sounds like ya’ll got missed by the nado. Looks like it’s some slow moving heavy stuff and won’t be here till after midnight.
    And it’s gonna rain all week, I shooda mowed.

  31. Thunderchild

    I left a job around 3 for home and stopped by Dillons on the way.

    Their power was out. A real experience walking around a grocery store with no power. It showed me how we used to construct our buildings with no use of natural light. A clerk told me that they had only one hour of emergency power for a few lights and the registers.

    Even the power for the little conveyor belts was out. Amazing the things we don’t notice until we don’t have them. Maybe we should have more of that to teach us appreciation and conservation.

    The power was out at home too. It may be my proximity to the store that got us our power back in about an hour.

  32. Our reliance on electricity is scary. One minor cosmic event and whoosh! Goodbye modernity.